The whole truth about the Russian business, oligarchs and officials


Chemezov's children fell for Rostec contracts


How Chemezov's sons make billions from a state corporation.

Rostourism will send Russians in the footsteps of Putin


A route will be developed along the places of the president's rest. It is planned that it will be several regions of Siberia.

The investigator covered the losses in Finiko with material evidence


15 million rubles were stolen from the ICR department.

Billionaire Arzhanov will pay for light with fish


The persons involved in the TNS energo case want to be accused of organizing a criminal community.

Auditor Loss offended Tereshkova's daughter


Elena Loss was put on the wanted list for fraud.

Sobyanin goes into eternity


Which of the governors is being saved from resignation by a new bill.

Marina Rakova inherited in Valencia


What became famous for the former Deputy Minister of Education and Vice President of Sberbank Marina Rakova. Traces of it have been found in Cyprus and Spain.

Crypto launchers from Moscow City


How the business of the Suex exchanger, which fell under the sanctions, works.

Marina Rakova escaped


Marina Rakova, the vice-president of Sberbank and ex-minister of the Ministry of Education, suspected of embezzling 50 million rubles, did not appear for questioning.

"Rusnano" God will help


The main innovative state holding "Rusnano" and the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) have agreed on a partnership.

One yacht is not enough for Dmitry Pumpyansky


The second yacht, named My Bro, will be able to sail with the businessman's main yacht, the 72-meter Axioma. My Bro will have a helipad, court and mini submarine.

Wildberries are ripe for strike


Employees of the points of issue of orders on the marketplace demanded that Tatyana Bakalchuk pay them extra for their work, revise the KPI and remuneration system and introduce a break schedule.

Litvinenko was killed by the Russian authorities


The Russian authorities did not provide sufficient evidence of their innocence in the death of Alexander Litvinenko. This is the conclusion reached by the European Court of Human Rights.

Cryoconservators share business and clients' bodies


A business conflict has broken out in the first Russian firm to freeze the bodies of clients for future resurrection. How does he threaten the frozen people themselves and their families?

Shadow cashier Myazin repented


One of the largest shadow financiers, Ivan Myazin, got ready to go free.

"Inteko" Baturina went under the hammer


The full block of shares of the company was estimated at almost 30 billion rubles, the rights of claims of the Trust Bank against the company in the amount of 7.8 billion rubles were also put up for auction.

Prince Charles squeezed the money of the Russian banker


As the ex-owner of the collapsed Zapadny bank, Dmitry Leus buys UK citizenship from Prince Charles.

How Ukrainians blew up Beirut


The owners of the saltpeter that exploded in the port of Beirut were Ukrainian businessmen. And that's how they tried to cover their tracks.

Ismailov moves out of a French villa


The billionaire is robbed of assets around the world.

Funding Available for Kharkiv: Entrepreneur Nikita Evgenenko Wanted for Stealing


In Kharkiv, Ukraine, a local businessman is allegedly involved in a corruption scheme.

Yandex spied on someone else


The AllMyBlog service has filed a lawsuit against Yandex, accusing the company of using his idea in the development of technology for an automatic video translator.

Sergei Sopchuk's gold was taken away


The deputy's gold mining was confiscated.

Russian company tried to buy Guatemalan president


A mining company with ties to Russia tried to bribe the president. We are talking about the Mayaniquel company, which wanted to obtain the right to work in one of the largest ports in the country.

The investigation dumped on Ananyev


Former owner of Promsvyazbank Alexei Ananyev commented on the fraud charge.

A billion dollar fine has been settled in Booking


The antitrust proceedings against the hotel booking service, which began in 2019, ended with a turnover fine of 1.3 billion rubles.

Navalny is tortured with TV


Alexei Navalny gave his first interview from the colony. He talked about the forced viewing of films about the war for 8 hours a day and shared how he sees Russia without him.

Andrey Patrushev brought Aurora to NOVATEK


A businessman structure buys a large contractor of a gas company.

On "Roscosmos" ricocheted "Bulava"


The corporation collected a penalty for financial failures from the subsidiary. The partner of the state-owned enterprises went into bankruptcy.