The whole truth about the Russian business, oligarchs and officials


Maria Butina fell victim to "the medieval Inquisition"


Russian woman admitted to collusion against the United States.

The ex-wife of billionaire Farhad Akhmedov sued a helicopter from her husband


Tatyana Akhmedova managed to confiscate and sell Eurocopter EC155 within the framework of the divorce process. The representative of her ex-husband, billionaire Farhad Akhmedov, said that in comparison with her expenses on the courts, the price of the helicopter is "negligible."

Miller will inflate "Lakhta Center" with gas


The giant office center in St. Petersburg was built with the money of Gazprom’s subsidiary Gazprom Neft.

Roman Abramovich will be allowed on the rails ahead of the locomotive


Evraz Roman Abramovich and TMH Andrei Bokarev discuss participation in the financing of the high-speed highway Moscow - Kazan worth 1.7 trillion rubles. But the authorities have not yet decided on the need to implement this project.

Michelson crushed Norway "Yamal LNG"


However, there is no real pressure from outside on the project, according to experts polled by Forbes.

UK closes from Usmanov, Sechin, Deripaska and Rothenberg


Roman Abramovich, Igor Sechin, Alisher Usmanov, Oleg Deripaska, Arkady and Boris Rotenberg were blacklisted by Russian oligarchs in the UK.

German Gref climbed into Uralkali


For 25.7 billion rubles, the State Bank has acquired a 10% stake in a friend of Dmitry Mazepin.

Black PR manager Alexander Ustinov poured out tears of Yevgeny Kuvaishev


In the Urals, the founder of a number of media and Telegram channels was arrested, extorting millions of rubles.

How Hogan Lovells made millions on runaway Sergey Pugachev


The DIA has already paid lawyers almost half of Mezhprombank's bankruptcy estate.

Boston consulting group poorly painted the future of “Victory”


Pobeda Airlines was not satisfied with the business strategy proposed by the consultants.

Oleg Deripaska becomes accustomed to the state


The government will purchase 50 billion tons of primary aluminum from Rusal to the Rosrezerv for 10 billion rubles. Oleg Deripaska had previously offered to purchase up to 1 million tons of metal at public expense.

Andrei Kostin distributed loans to Cypriots


VTB corrected reporting on the distribution of debts among borrowers from different countries. The debt assigned to the Central African Republic has been transferred to Cyprus. The debt of its residents to VTB exceeded 1 trillion rubles.

Mukhtar Ablyazov sentenced to life in absentia


Scandalous banker sentenced in Kazakhstan.

Andrey Kostin was kicked in Ukraine


The National Bank of Ukraine introduced a temporary administration in the Ukrainian subsidiary of VTB.

Evgeny Giner beat off lawsuit "Rosgossrah" on 150 billion rubles


The insurance company lost the lawsuit Capital Life.

Roman Abramovich will throw a bone in the Russian cinema


The oligarch will create a fund with investments of up to 1 billion rubles in the Russian film industry. Expecting an improvement in the quality of the films is not worth it: the Ministry of Culture spends 6 times more annually, but no sense.

Russian Agricultural Bank can not recover after Dmitry Patrushev


The bank will not be able to complete the year 2019 without a loss.

Zagorsky Pipe Plant of Nikolai Egorov and Denis Safin burst from the orders of Gazprom


Powerful administrative support has turned the company, to which generous orders of the gas monopoly have fallen, into a reseller of large diameter pipes from other manufacturers in Russia.

Brothers Magomedov draw responsibility for 17 billion rubles


A duet of status businessmen will drown in the claims of the temporary managers of their former companies.

Dmitry Rogozin upset Egypt


Roskosmos and RSC Energia have shifted the launch of the EgyptSat-A satellite by three months to the displeasure of Cairo. The previous Egyptian apparatus due to the fault of the Russian side was killed in 2015.

Golden rain poured on Suleiman Kerimov


The businessman got rich for half a day by 300 million dollars on the growth of the shares of the largest gold miner.

Prosecutor General’s Office considered William Browder a malicious poisoner


The founder of Hermitage Capital was called the organizer of the OPS and poisoning of Russian citizens.

Nissan Carlos Ghosn who arrested was arrested


Carlos Ghosn will be removed from his post.

Rustam Tariko will be brazing Russians brandy


The scandalous businessman is trying to get into the second largest segment of the Russian alcohol market after vodka.

US court approved the indictment in the case of the "factory of trolls" Eugene Prigogine


The District of Columbia Federal Court rejected the petition of Concord Management and Consulting, a Russian company, to drop the charges that Special Prosecutor Robert Muller presented to her, investigating Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with the Kremlin.

The arrest of Sergey Khachaturov declared illegal


The court will reconsider the question of the arrest of the former co-owner of "Rosgosstrakh". While Sergey Khachaturov remains in custody.

CEFC paid QIA and Glencore only $ 225 million for disrupting the transaction on Rosneft shares


The Swiss trader and the Qatari fund expected to receive $ 400 million for the termination of the transaction to acquire a 14.2% stake in Russia's largest oil company.

Moscow has determined the conditions for the transfer of Japan Southern Kurils


The Russian Federation is ready to transfer to Japan the island of Shikotan and the Habomai range on the condition that American soldiers are not placed on them.