The whole truth about the Russian business, oligarchs and officials


The company New Stream has become a victim of raids Sberbank


The company of the arrested Dmitry Mazurov believes that Sberbank is using security officials to put pressure on a businessman.

Shell promised Vladimir Putin a full tank


The Anglo-Dutch company will open 260 gas stations within five years.

Transmashholding is asking for fire


Transmashholding may buy the manufacturer Gradov and Smerchey.

Roskomnadzor fined Google 700,000 rubles


The search engine does not remove links to prohibited sites in Russia.

Contaminated oil from pipeline "Friendship" will process Russian plants


For this it is mixed with pure oil.

Friendship of Sergei Sobyanin and Vladimir Yevtushenkov was supported in 700 million rubles


The city administration overpays at exorbitant prices for flights of officials on VIP jets.

Pavel Te will build huts in Moscow


The Capital Group built a monstrous project on cyclopean supports threatens to destroy the architecture of the Badayevsky plant.

Chinese buyers imitate Vladimir Putin


President Vladimir Putin has to appear in public with some subject, as visitors to the Chinese IT giant Alibaba begin to look for exactly the same.

The cost of the icebreaker "Viktor Chernomyrdin" increased by 1.5 times


The cost of the world's largest non-nuclear icebreaker has reached 12 billion rubles.

Emin Agalarov said "OK!"


Forbes owner Magomed Musayev needed almost a year to find a buyer for the glossy weekly OK !. Its new owner was the first vice-president of the Crocus Group and singer Emin Agalarov.

Experts do not expect the aircraft carrier "Admiral Kuznetsov" before 2023 in the ranks


Repairing a new dry dock can take up to 3 years.

Roman Trotsenko will be engaged in gold


He bought the share of Kenes Rakishev in Petropavlovsk.

Dmitry Mazurov considers himself a victim of the struggle for the shares of Antipinsky Oil Refinery


The founder of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery explained his criminal prosecution.

In Russia, a new fake aircraft carrier was invented


Billions will be meaninglessly spent on the creation of a Russian aircraft carrier.

Russian oil is contaminated with chlorine


An increased concentration of chlorides was recorded in the Transneft system even before the situation with the pollution of the Druzhba pipeline in mid-April.

Rosneft asked for money for the development of oil fields in the Arctic


In return, he will invest up to 8.5 trillion in the Arctic region.

Russian GLONASS became a victim of US sanctions


"Roskosmos" disrupted the program of building satellites.

Former owner of Antipinsky Oil Refinery Dmitry Mazurov was arrested


The criminal case against Mazurov may be related to a loan from Sberbank.

Deadly batteries Rosnano


A lithium battery that exploded on the Losharik submarine and killed 14 officers was produced by the Liotech company controlled by Anatoly Chubais. Its products are installed on trolley buses throughout Russia.

Victor Vekselberg and Leonard Blavatnik won 2 billion dollars from the former senator


The New York court rejected the ex-Senator Leonid Lebedev’s lawsuit against billionaires Viktor Vekselberg and Leonard Blavatnik.

Dmitry Rybolovlev earned on the sale of the Trump's estate


A businessman bought an estate in Palm Beach in 2008 for $ 95 million. Dividing it into three parts and selling them separately, he earned about 13 million.

Viktor Vekselberg flies from the old Rostov airport


“Airports of the Regions” propose to take the first step towards the liquidation of OJSC Rostov-on-Don Airport

Elena Platon told how to withdraw a billion dollars from Russia


A participant in the “Moldovan scheme” pleaded guilty and testified to his accomplices.

Yaroslavsky banker Sergey Dovidenko was allowed to go home after a year in jail


The Prosecutor’s Office did not agree with the accusation against the ex-co-owner of Bulgar-Bank.

The ex-mayor of Vladivostok, Igor Pushkarev, spoke about life in the detention center


In April of this year, the former mayor of Vladivostok, Igor Pushkarev, was sentenced to 15 years in a high security prison and fined 500 million rubles.

Transneft quarreled with Igor Sechin


Rosneft is "singing along" with Deutsche Welle and Reuters publications, say Transneft.

Dmitry Medvedev gave the "Silk Road" to an old friend of Gazprom


Former top manager of the gas monopolist Alexander Ryazanov will build a private highway from China to Europe.

Makhlaev's family was arrested in absentia in Russia


Former company executives convicted of multi-billion dollar embezzlement.