The whole truth about the Russian business, oligarchs and officials

Gazprom sets records


The company is increasing supplies to Europe faster than its competitors.

Financial hole in Jugra Bank quadrupled to 31 billion rubles


The DIA ordered a bank deprived of a license to create additional reserves worth 24 billion rubles.

How poor deputy Alexander Babakov became the richest Russian senator


Alexander Babakov manages to conduct business in Ukraine, being a Russian senator.

Promsvyazbank is going to develop its business in Africa


Promsvyazbank has set its sights on developing business in 10-15 African countries. Despite the existence of points of economic growth in this region, analysts point to the risks associated with an unstable political situation.

The court declined the request of Jugra Bank


It refused to involve the Prosecutor General's Office in the suit of Jugra Bank against the Central Bank and consider the bank's rescue plan.

Alfa Capital named risky banks


It warned the clients about the problems of FC Otkritie, MKB and Promsvyazbank.

Abramovich's Canadian plants are going to stage a strike


Workers of two Canadian plants of Evraz failed to reach agreement with the company's management on raising wages and plan a strike at the beginning of September. But the company will still make concessions, an expert believes.

ONEKSIM says goodbye to Rusal


Mikhail Prokhorov may abandon the ranks of the company's shareholders by November.

Alexey Khotin is waiting for a prince


The owner of Jugra Bank called for an investor from Saudi Arabia.

Sberbank claims potassium


It has bought 20% of Verkhnekamsk Potash Company from Vnesheconombank.

Viktor Vekselberg and his partners acquired 7% of UC Rusal


Perhaps now they will seek to sell the blocking stake in Norilsk Nickel.

Special services tighten their grip on Kazakhstan


In Kazakhstan, special services have been given direct control over all communications, the Internet and television and radio broadcasting.

How fares the family of the Russian President's Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov


As befits the elites of the Putin era, the children of Dmitry Peskov live mainly abroad, in the UK and France, and have never learned what need is. 

Abramovich's fortune will increase by $125 million after Evraz pays its dividents


In total, members of the Russian Forbes list will receive dividends from one of the Russia's largest metallurgical and mining companies worth more than $300 million.

Russian Platinum with Chinese accent


China Gold can join the projects in Taimyr and Kyrgyzstan.

Mikhail Prokhorov hands out aluminum


The businessman sold 7% of Rusal to Viktor Vekselberg.

Scandalous developer Andrey Birzhin tries to hide behind China


The last refuge of the Russian businessman is telling stories about mythical Chinese investors.

Tolyattiazot lost port in Taman


A large ammonia producer from the Samara Region, TogliattiAzot, will soon have to put an end to the construction of a transshipment terminal in the port of Taman. This may lead to strangulation of the enterprise in the future.

Mikhail Yurevich began withdrawing his assets to offshores


Investigative bodies of Russia aren't even trying to stop the activities of the ex-governor of the Chelyabinsk region, who is currently on the wanted list. 

Gazprom has filled the Opal pipeline


The monopoly company announced export records.

Russia's non-oil exports cannot keep up with oil


Foreign trade statistics for six months has not been improved.

Euroset is going to merge with Svyaznoy


The merged company may become the second largest in the number of stores.

HSBC has to pay almost 2 billion rubles for the debts of William Browder's Kalmyk company


Such a court decision creates a dangerous precedent for international companies.

Magnit and Norilsk Nickel entered the Forbes list of the world's most innovative companies


The companies achieved such positions due to the "innovative premium", the difference between the capitalization and the discounted cash flow from the existing business.

Loans without the US: why the role of the dollar in the Russian external debt decreases


According to the Central Bank statistics, the share of the dollar in Russia's external debt was 60%, which is the minimum value since 2014. Borrowing in dollars becomes less profitable with the sanctions taking their toll, the experts say.

Alexey Navalny found the Rotenbergs' real estate in Russia and Italy


The Anti-Corruption Foundation of Alexey Navalny has published an investigation into the "business" activities of the brothers Boris and Arkady Rotenberg, as well as other members of this family.

Yandex and Sberbank will trade together


They will create a joint venture on the basis of Yandex.Market.

AB InBev and Efes merge in Russia


The merged company will take about a quarter of the domestic beer market.