The whole truth about the Russian business, oligarchs and officials

Gazprom accelerated the construction of the Turkish Stream


Russia's gas company quietly began constructing the second string of the gas pipeline for the transit of gas to Europe.

Alexey Khotin left the Russian Federation


While the shareholders of Jugra Bank, where external management is introduced, declare their ability to independently turnaround the financial and credit institution, the media reported unconfirmed information that the main owner of the bank, Alexey Khotin, allegedly had already left the Russian Federation. The businessman is planning to live in Switzerland and other countries of the world.

Polymetal collects gold


The company can consolidate the Nezhdaninskoye gold field.

Pavel Maslovsky left Petropavlovsk


The co-founder of the company left its top management.

Journalist Rinat Sagdiyev received news from Rosneft


The journalist was threatened with reprisals for publications about helicopters of the oil company.

AFK Sistema announced a technical default


The company explained the impossibility of fulfilling credit obligations worth 3.9 billion rubles by seizure of assets by decision of the Arbitration Court of Bashkortostan.

Siemens might leave Russia


Because of the scandal with the supply of turbines to the Crimea, the company is considering the option to withdraw from two joint ventures in Russia.

Rosneft is among Russia's largest owners of luxury helicopters


The company spends about 10 billion rubles a year to pay for flights.

Radium Institute in St. Petersburg has radiation leaks


For five years, the St. Petersburg nuclear scientists have been hiding radioactive leaks.

Girl and death in Uzbekistan


Instead of Karimov's daughter, Swiss investigators slipped her double.

Russia cuts out its forests for China's sake


The forests of Siberia and the Far East are cut down mercilessly for the sake of timber exports to China.

Tour operators scrape up Russia


Their programs have declined because of low demand.

Dmitry Rybolovlev failed to sell the canvas by El Greco at a discount of 88%


In total, the billionaire invested about $2 billion in art works, having purchased 38 works, including paintings by Picasso and Leonardo da Vinci.

The devil is in the details: why Russia's coal industry has no encouraging prospects


Government's pride that Russia produces, as a typical third-world country, more coal, and carries it in ever larger quantities for ever greater distances, looks rather strange in modern conditions.

Yandex will gobble up its competitor for taxi services


The end of the war between Yandex.Taxi and Uber will lead to higher prices for the Russian passengers.

Nemtsov's murderer was convicted for 20 years


A verdict was pronounced to Zaur Dadaev and his accomplices.

Aeroflot wants to reintroduce serfdom for pilots


The Russian airline company is obviously dissatisfied with the outflow of the most qualified pilots to the Asian countries. But it can not or does not want to offer them a competitive salary.

Russia's Promsvyazbank accused of fraud in Cyprus


According to the prosecution, the Russian bank entered into an agreement with the local company.

The Moscow authorities decided to build 10 million square meters of real estate around the Moscow Ring Road


10 mln square meters of real estate will be built on the lands adjacent to the Moscow Ring Road. This could be the largest construction project in the capital after the renovation project. Profitability of the project is low, experts warn.

Yandex established control over Uber


The companies are uniting the taxi services in Russia and neighboring countries.

The general director of "Power Machines" was detained for disclosure of state secrets


Roman Filippov, General Director of Power Machines, was detained in St. Petersburg by officers of the Federal Security Service. The date and circumstances of the detention are not yet specified.

Neither in Moscow nor in Surrey: Peter Aven wants to create his own museum


He also hopes to exhibit a collection of his porcelain in the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Magomedov brothers' Summa Group carves up state budgets


Instead of the promised investments in their native Dagestan, the Magomedov oligarchs are mastering republican funds.

MegaFon will interconnect Euroset


The mobile operator is ready to consolidate 100% of the retailer.

Security villa of Dmitry Kostigin


The property of co-founder of Russia's Internet retailer Ulmart was arrested in Saint-Tropez.

Russian Arctic programs are in jeopardy


The strategic program for the development of the North has been cut by the Russian government by 17 times. At the same time it turned out that the construction of nuclear icebreakers "Arktika", "Siberia" and "Ural" was disrupted because of technical problems that arose after the "annexation" of the subtropical Crimea.

Who got loans from Alexey Khotin's bank


The share of affiliated of loans affiliated with the bank's owners can greatly surprise the regulator.

Polonsky: guilty and free


Sergey Polonsky was released from punishment.