The whole truth about the Russian business, oligarchs and officials


The European Union lifted sanctions on Russian oligarchs


Farkhad Akhmedov and Grigory Berezkin never benefited from working for Vladimir Putin’s regime, European bureaucrats believed.

Putin is recruiting mercenaries for the war against Ukraine in Cuba


17 recruiters were arrested on Freedom Island.

Ukraine declares Mars and PepsiCo "war sponsors"


These corporations support the Putin regime with their tax payments.

Aras Agalarov did not drown in the sea of sanctions


A controversial Russian billionaire close to Vladimir Putin accused of meddling in US elections has escaped sanctions and taken his family to the US.

How Europe turns a blind eye to Russia smuggling dual-use microchips


In spite of sanctions, microchips from U.S. companies Texas Instruments and Analog Devices continue to be imported into Russia, where they have military applications. These violations are hiding in plain sight, in registered customs data.

Alisher Usmanov was recognized as Vladimir Putin's unloved oligarch


The Hamburg court considered the opposite to be slander.

Yevgeny Prigozhin flew away


In the Tver region, air defense missiles shot down a business jet, on board which allegedly was the leadership of the Wagner PMC, headed by Yevgeny Prigozhin and Dmitry Utkin.

Yevgeny Shvidler will remain under sanctions


On August 18, the High Court of London refused to exclude Yevgeny Shvidler, a citizen of Great Britain and the United States and the former head of the Sibneft company, from the British sanctions list.

Alisher Usmanov wrote a slander to a German court


Russian-Uzbek oligarch has filed a lawsuit over a search on the Dilbar yacht.

Putin's oligarch Alisher Usmanov complained about the sanctions


The founder and co-owner of the USM holding, Alisher Usmanov, said that he was hurt by the sanctions that Italy imposed against him after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Alexei Navalny's prison term increased


The oppositionist was sentenced to 19 years in a special regime colony in the case of extremism.

Russian oligarchs Mikhelson, Gutseriev, Timchenko and Deripaska finance the war against Ukraine


Oleg Deripaska, Leonid Mikhelson, Sergei Gordeev, Mikhail Gutseriev and other businessmen hire volunteers who go to war against Ukraine. At the same time, their companies, through which all this is done - Rusal, Novatek, PIK, Mospromstroy - happily avoid Western sanctions.

UK government trains Russian oligarchs Aven and Fridman


The British authorities allowed Friedman and Aven to receive £1 million a year.

Russian IT developer jailed for treason


Group-IB founder Ilya Sachkov was sentenced to 14 years in a strict regime colony.

Putin's bankers earn on the war


Russian banks earned a record 1.7 trillion rubles in the first half of the year.

Russian IT tycoon dies at 40


On Saturday, July 22, at the age of 40, the founder of the esports organization ESforce and the head of ICS Holding, a well-known technology entrepreneur Anton Cherepennikov, died suddenly.

Swedish Essity sold its business in Russia


The company produced Zewa toilet paper, Libresse feminine pads, and Libero diapers.

Vagit Alekperov earned the most


Vagit Alekperov topped the ranking of the richest Russians in terms of dividends for 2022.

UMMC left for Uzbekistan


The son of the former Foreign Minister of Uzbekistan, Daniyar Kamilov, became the new beneficial owner of UMMC.

Journalist Elena Milashina had her fingers broken and her hair shaved in Chechnya


In Chechnya, Novaya Gazeta journalist Yelena Milashina and lawyer Alexander Nemov were attacked, both seriously beaten.

Ingka Group wants to sell all real estate in Russia


The Swedish Ingka Group, which owns the IKEA chain and Mega shopping centers, is looking for buyers for its real estate in Russia.

Billionaire Viktor Kharitonin is buying up German airports


The aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and sanctions against Russian business do not prevent the scandalous oligarch from buying Frankfurt-Hahn Airport.

Roman Rotenberg helps his father circumvent sanctions


Finnish police blocked the funds that Roman Rotenberg, the son of EU-sanctioned Boris Rotenberg, paid as hotel tax. It belongs to a company whose assets are also frozen.

Abramovich didn't get a penny from Chelsea


Roman Abramovich, after the sale of Chelsea, never received money for the club: they are managed by the British government, and the billionaire does not participate in their distribution, the businessman's press office said.

Decathlon is looking for good hands


Decathlon, one of the world's largest sporting goods retailers, has put its business in Russia up for sale. The chain suspended deliveries of goods to the Russian market and closed all local stores in 2022.

Oleg Deripaska recruited FBI agents


US authorities have arrested former high-ranking FBI official Charles McGonigal on charges of working for Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska, who is under US sanctions. The official involved in the investigations against Russian oligarchs established contacts with Deripaska's employee during his time in the FBI, and then began working directly on his behalf, trying to get the sanctions lifted.

Abramovich has new yachts


Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich owns more yachts than previously reported.

Potanin fails to be amicable with his wife


The English judge suggested that Vladimir Potanin try to negotiate with his ex-wife demanding the division of property, taking into account "extremely turbulent times." The dispute of the former spouses was in limbo after the billionaire came under British sanctions.