The whole truth about the Russian business, oligarchs and officials


Who saws the "military trillion"


Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Deputy Prime Minister Yuri Borisov choose a candidate for the head of the VSK, which received contracts for special construction in Russia.

Alexander Lebedev said goodbye to money


The state transport leasing company acquired 76.27% of the National Reserve Bank, which was almost 80% owned by Alexander Lebedev, the amount of his package in different years was estimated from 4 to 8 billion rubles.

Patriarch Kirill used the VTB offshore jet as a workhorse


The list of aircraft passengers from Andrey Kostin was replenished by clergy and plenipotentiaries.

Berlin killer Krasikov served in special forces of FSB Vympel


Vadim Krasikov, also known as Vadim Sokolov, was arrested in Germany for the murder of Zelimkhan Hangoshvili

Undefeated Sanctions Ten


The company magazine identified the largest business structures that benefited from Western sanctions against Russia.

Former Sugar King Valery Korotkov was selling a nonexistent Gram


A lawsuit against $ 159 million was filed against a businessman in a London court.

Aleksey Bazhenov stole 12 billion rubles from the budget and fled to London


Will the former subordinate of ex-Minister of Agriculture Elena Skrynnik return to Russia.

Viktor Sadovnichy will be the rector of Moscow State University until the end of his life


How and why he became an indispensable rector of the country's main university.

Fighter with foreign agents Leonid Levin owns billions with Cyprus offshore


State Duma deputy, author of the law on foreign agents, makes money to serve the presidential administration.

Svetlana Medvedeva arranged a ride on the state business jet


The prime minister’s wife found a personal plane that could not afford either for her or for Medvedev himself.

Billionaire Oleg Tinkov built the world's first private icebreaker


The Damen shipyard in the Netherlands is equipping the new Oleg Tinkoff La Datcha yacht, a billionaire plans to lease it for 740,000 euros per week for travel to Antarctica and Alaska.

Boris Mints lost $ 1 billion due to Zadornov’s hostility


Boris Mintz said in the High Court of London about the damage due to the actions of the top management of the Discovery and the Trust, as well as their shareholder, the Central Bank. website is shared by shareholders


Philip Ilyin-Adaev complained about the attempt of an investor - the American fund Russia Partners - to take away the project from him.

Robert Schlegel from Putin's Komsomolets became a citizen of Germany


The ex-deputy of the State Duma said what is the reason for his decision to obtain German citizenship.

Nikolay Kovalenko hid from creditors and police in Italy


The property of the head of the Krasnoyarsk construction company "Restoration" will be put up for auction.

Naila Asker-Zade received a plane, yacht and a beautiful life from the head of VTB Bank Andrei Kostin


Favorable connection of the journalist of the state VGTRK with the state VTB.

VTB CEO Andrei Kostin spends millions of dollars on his mistress


Journalist Naila Asker-zadeh reacted to the investigation of the Anti-Corruption Fund dedicated to her, comparing it with “native advertising”.

Elvira Nabiullina is afraid to show the Asia-Pacific Bank to investors


The bank preparing for sale has not come out of losses.

Interpol returned a fugitive banker to Russia


Ruslan Barkovsky was extradited from Poland, suspected of passing through him hundreds of billions of rubles “laundered” in the Master Bank.

Dmitry Zakharchenko will beat European Court of Human Rights


A former billionaire policeman seeks justice without delay.

Galina Marchenko is asked to return from Austria


The lady-banker who exposed Dmitry Zakharchenko, they want to accuse of fraud.

Andrei Chernyakov no longer live in his villa in Tuscany


In Italy, the property of the former head of the Cosmos NGO was sold for 7.2 million euros.

Court in London considers Artyom Avetisyan’s business habits unfair


A London court refused to ban Vostochny from conducting proceedings in Russia against Michael Calvey, but found the Finvision methods, which gained control of the bank, to be dishonest.

Sergei Sobyanin fed the deputies with free cottages


Activists found a secret village where the city hall contains United Russia members from MHD on full state support /

Deripaska, Stolyarenko and Bondarenko deprived of citizenship of Cyprus


In addition to the owner of Rusal, former managers of Eurofinance Mosnarbank may also remain without passports.

SEB Bank could launder Russian money


Part of the transaction may be related to the Magnitsky case.

Eduard Limonov fell from Strasbourg 195 thousand euros


The ECHR awarded Eduard Limonov compensation for the fine in the suit of Yuri Luzhkov.

Chelyabinvestbank was accused of conspiring with Yuri Karlikanov


Hundreds of millions of lost rubles are sought in the bankruptcy case of ChelSI.