The whole truth about the Russian business, oligarchs and officials


Alexey Hotin told how the FSB paid for the protection


The indictment against the head of the banking department of the FSB, Kirill Cherkalin, was given by the former owner of Ugra, Alexey Khotin, who said that he had paid the officer for patronage for several years.

Azamat Ibatullin staked "Red Square"


The dispute with Rospatent over the trademark ended in favor of the Bashkir businessman.

Poland and Germany hanged on the "Friendship" castle


Pumping through the pipeline cannot be started - Germany still does not understand where to put the polluted oil.

Alexandra Ter-Ovanesova and Timur Ivanov tied to the Arctic


Strategic construction in the Arctic was twice paid from the budget.

Patriarch Kirill will build up in Pushkin for a budget account


The head of the Russian Orthodox Church will have a personal residence near St. Petersburg, worth 2.8 billion rubles.

George Bedzhamov will show what lives on


Georgy Bedzhamov, the co-owner of the collapsed Vneshprombank, will have to disclose the sources of their spending to the High Court of England and Wales.

Viktor Vekselberg cheated with "T plus"


Renova did not agree with the assessment of its energy company.

Kommersant stumbled over Valentina Matvienko


The full publication policy department resigned because of an article about the speaker of the Federation Council.

Alex Hotin incriminated 240 billion


About 240 billion rubles were withdrawn from the bank “Ugra”, says the DIA.

Sergey Shoigu is not afraid of the new Spetsstroy


What was silent in an interview with Timur Ivanov.

Oleg Belozerov will pay in kind with the state


Dividends to the state of Russian Railways will be paid by cars and real estate.

Nikolay Ulanov became disillusioned with SSJ 100


Rusline will not buy aircraft after the crash.

At the Eastern Cosmodrome, the investigators caught two Wolfhound


A relative of the cosmodrome builder Yury Volkodav was arrested.

Rambler found his niche in the pocket of German Gref


The history of Rambler - from the largest company of the Russian Internet to the Sberbank showcase.

Brothers Linnik became the largest Russian latifundists


The land bank of the Miratorg company is estimated for the first time at 1 million hectares.

Igor Altushkin and Andrei Kozitsyn laid out the road to the temple by protesters


Sponsors of the temple in Yekaterinburg, because of which there were massive clashes.

The company of Eugene Giner went from a billion taxes


A criminal case on tax evasion of more than 1 billion rubles was filed against an energy company connected with the president of CSKA and entrepreneur Eugene Giner.

Rosatom Turks crack


The Turkish Atomic Energy Agency in the summer of 2018 found cracks in the foundation of the Akkuyu station.

Michael Calvi reached for Artem Avetisyan


Baring Vostok Fund wants to oblige Vostochny Bank to hold an extraordinary meeting of shareholders and elect a new board of directors.

Yevgeny Prigogine continues to master the Crimea


Associated with “Putin’s cook,” the firm won contracts for the reconstruction of the communal infrastructure of the peninsula out of the competition.

Stress resistance was useful for work in the European Parliament of Peskov's daughter


Elizaveta Peskova admitted that after an internship at the office of a deputy of the European Parliament she intends to return to Russia.

Abramovich, Usmanov and Friedman are among the ten richest people in Britain


Their cumulative fortune The Sunday Times newspaper is estimated at 33.5 billion pounds.

Dmitry Mazurov's assets frozen under the decision of the London court


The largest independent refiner, Antipinsky Oil Refinery, is facing bankruptcy.

As a bank "Ugra" Alexei Khotin fused its assets in Cyprus offshore


FTS and Rosfinmonitoring dismember the schemes around UBR-1 Nizhnevartovsk. Tax and DIA revealed questionable transactions worth billions of rubles in the oil industry.

Maxim Iskanov said searches in the Mash edition


According to the chief editor of Mash, searches are held in the office of the Telegram channel. The reason for the visit of law enforcement officers to the editor, he did not specify

Usmanov - in Sardinia, Vekselberg - in Oman


Where the Russian billionaires flew on the May holidays.

Victor and Alexander Linniki bit into jamon


Why do owners of “Miratorg” moveton have sanction products in Russia?

Vladimir Korolev was drained from the fleet


The commander-in-chief of the Russian Navy, Admiral Vladimir Korolev, was dismissed because he could not solve the problems of commissioning and repairing warships, experts say. Vladimir Korolev transferred to the United Shipbuilding Company, his place is taken by the Commander of the Northern Fleet Nikolai Evmenov.