The whole truth about the Russian business, oligarchs and officials


Alexander Bastrykin sat tightly on the "T-platform"


The case of abuses in the supply of equipment for the Ministry of Internal Affairs has been completed.

Stepdaughter Chemezova passed Abramovich’s mansion for half a billion


The income of a relative of the head of Rostec can reach 24 million rubles a month.

"Power of Siberia" hit coronavirus


In March, the Power of Siberia gas pipeline export to China will be stopped for equipment prevention. Only three months have passed since its launch.

Samvel Karapetyan refused all Italian


The Tashir group has replaced the park's contractor at VDNH.

Andrei Belousov squeezed into the carriage to Russian Railways


The government is increasing its presence on the board of directors of a state corporation.

The FBI took Kirill Firsov for the gills


The head of the Russian marketplace was arrested in the United States.

Kogalymavia demands from Egypt $ 200 million for negligence


Kogalymavia Airlines, which is in the stage of bankruptcy after the attack, and the Turkish tour operator Prince Group filed lawsuits against Egypt, demanding compensation of almost $ 200 million.

Oleg Tinkov sniffed $ 1 billion from American tax officials


US Department of Justice revealed claims to the billionaire. At the time of his release from US citizenship in 2013, Tinkov was the owner of TCS shares for more than $ 1 billion, but the US tax authorities reported on the status of only $ 300,000.

Alexey Mordashov will give all the best to his children


Mordashov is faced with a non-trivial task - how to transfer a fortune to children without harming a huge business, a billionaire is already developing a plan for how his children will inherit his fortune.

Oleg Tinkov will wait for trial in London


US Internal Revenue Service requires extradition of Oleg Tinkov.

Tinkov will not be taken to the USA voluntarily


The US prosecutor’s office allegedly issued a preliminary arrest warrant for the founder and owner of Tinkoff Bank Oleg Tinkov, who is conducting legal proceedings with the US tax service.

Dmitry Ananiev did not regret 1.3 billion for his wife


A new scheme of frauds of the former head of Promsvyazbank is revealed.

GAZ rolled off Oleg Deripaska


Ural and a number of other assets of the group were bought by Dmitry Strezhnev.

Katerina Tikhonova will add artificial intelligence IQ


Katerina Tikhonova, whom Reuters and Bloomberg called the “daughter of Vladimir Putin,” led the Institute of Artificial Intelligence, created on the basis of Moscow State University, Putin called the center “one of the most important elements” of the national strategy.

Putin prefers to keep his personal collection of wines in Moldova


The wine cellars in Moldovan Cricova are among the largest in the world, they store rare wines of more than a hundred years old, the remains of Goering’s extensive collection, as well as the wines of the Russian president.

Shadow banker Alexei Kulikov requested freedom


Kulikov filed a petition for parole, he did not spend a day in the colony from a ten-year term.

What connects Mikhail Mishustin with 6 apartments in New York


This is the husband of the prime minister’s sister, Alexander Udodov.

Andrey Kostin will flush toxic assets


VTB takes the toxic assets of the developer.

Igor Shuvalov will save Superjet to Aeroflot at a budget expense


VEB.RF appealed to the government with a request for additional capitalization of 70 billion rubles in order to finance the supply of SSJ100 to Aeroflot.

The Crimean bridge to Rosavtodor is not the limit


Federal budget spending on roads to Crimea will exceed 500 billion rubles.

Scandalous posts in social networks for the grandson of Nazarbayev wrote a fugitive banker


In Kazakhstan, Mukhtar Ablyazov is accused of murder.

Vladimir Yevtushenkov is ashamed to make money on VIP-guests


The hotel chain Cosmos Hotel Group of the main owner of AFK Sistema Vladimir Yevtushenkov announces expansion, while the business does not bring big profit to the billionaire.

Promsvyazbank's VIP depositors sent to Cyprus


The judge considered that it was better for them to seek compensation from the bank and Dmitry Ananyev in Russia and Cyprus, and not in London.

Investbank top executives realized jail for three


The leadership of the bankrupt Investbank was arrested.

German Gref Pile Up on a Scooter


A joint venture between Sberbank and Group may buy a stake in Samokat, one of the largest express delivery services, within a month, Forbes sources say, the parties to the potential deal do not comment on a possible partnership.

Elena Baturina is evicted from a hotel in Dublin


The richest woman in Russia, Elena Baturina, plans to sell a hotel in the center of Dublin for an amount from 80 million euros to 85 million euros, the deal could bring the entrepreneur a yield of 165%.

Yukos shareholders declare a hunt for foreign property of Russia


Former Yukos shareholders after winning the court of appeal in The Hague intend to seek the seizure of Russian property abroad, Forbes Leonid Nevzlin said. According to him, Russia's attempts to challenge the arrests will only lead to a drag on time.

Alexander Vinnik was left in a French prison


And the trial itself was almost made closed.