The whole truth about the Russian business, oligarchs and officials


Ingka Group wants to sell all real estate in Russia


The Swedish Ingka Group, which owns the IKEA chain and Mega shopping centers, is looking for buyers for its real estate in Russia.

Billionaire Viktor Kharitonin is buying up German airports


The aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and sanctions against Russian business do not prevent the scandalous oligarch from buying Frankfurt-Hahn Airport.

Roman Rotenberg helps his father circumvent sanctions


Finnish police blocked the funds that Roman Rotenberg, the son of EU-sanctioned Boris Rotenberg, paid as hotel tax. It belongs to a company whose assets are also frozen.

Abramovich didn't get a penny from Chelsea


Roman Abramovich, after the sale of Chelsea, never received money for the club: they are managed by the British government, and the billionaire does not participate in their distribution, the businessman's press office said.

Decathlon is looking for good hands


Decathlon, one of the world's largest sporting goods retailers, has put its business in Russia up for sale. The chain suspended deliveries of goods to the Russian market and closed all local stores in 2022.

Oleg Deripaska recruited FBI agents


US authorities have arrested former high-ranking FBI official Charles McGonigal on charges of working for Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska, who is under US sanctions. The official involved in the investigations against Russian oligarchs established contacts with Deripaska's employee during his time in the FBI, and then began working directly on his behalf, trying to get the sanctions lifted.

Abramovich has new yachts


Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich owns more yachts than previously reported.

Potanin fails to be amicable with his wife


The English judge suggested that Vladimir Potanin try to negotiate with his ex-wife demanding the division of property, taking into account "extremely turbulent times." The dispute of the former spouses was in limbo after the billionaire came under British sanctions.

Gazprombank is dumping Swiss assets


Gazprombank began looking for buyers for its business in Switzerland. The organization is exploring options for selling both individual assets and the entire business as a whole.

Magomed Musaev's Russian Forbes is taken away


The bankruptcy trustee of one of the companies of the former owner of Forbes asks the court to invalidate the deal for the sale of the magazine in 2018: the publication was paid below the market.

Michelin tires in Russia do not roll


Michelin has made the decision to hand over the business to local management due to supply issues and "conditions of general uncertainty".

Roman Abramovich left Tesla


Billionaire Roman Abramovich has ceased to be an investor in firms that supply Tesla electric cars in Russia.

Putin's yachts moored to the sanctions


Today, the United States expanded the list of blocking sanctions on Russia. It hit 17 Russians, 16 companies, 7 yachts and three aircraft.

Volkswagen left Deripaska


GAZ will lose a partner in Volkswagen.

Sobyanin takes off all the masks


Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin announced a "covid amnesty".

Aven and Friedman ran to the European Court


Миллиардеры Петр Авен и Михаил Фридман, в отношении которых Брюссель ввел персональные санкции, подали иски в Европейский суд общей юрисдикции. 

Vladimir Litvinenko gave his best to his wife


Vladimir Litvinenko gave his wife a 20.60% share, reducing it to 0.39%. Litvinenko is the rector of the St. Petersburg Mining University, where Vladimir Putin defended himself.

Vladislav Doronin was not given the green light in Colorado


Developer Vladislav Doronin purchased a plot for the construction of a luxury hotel in Colorado for $76.25 million, but faced criticism from the local press.

McDonald's from Russia has indigestion


McDonald's has decided to leave Russia for good. The company's business in the country will be sold, representatives of the American network said.

Said Kerimov handed over Russian gold to Islamists


In April, Kerimov had already sold 29.99% of Polyus's securities, ceasing to be the controlling shareholder. Now the businessman has no "economic interest or ownership interest in the company."

Kabaeva and other beloved women of Putin came under sanctions


The UK is imposing sanctions on the "inner circle" of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Foreign Minister Liz Truss has announced.

Russian Reebok fled to the Turks


About 100 stores of the network were transferred to the Turkish holding.

Fortum leaves Russia without turning off the lights


The Finnish energy company urgently sells all business in Russia.

Russian billionaires nest in Turkey


Turkey has become the most popular haven for the yachts of Russian oligarchs. Billionaires are actively investing in local resort real estate.

Britain knocked out the computer "Baikal" brains


Russian processors are deprived of access to technology.

Lenovo and Xiaomi go to sleep


Chinese companies are reducing sales of goods to Russia under pressure from US authorities and suppliers. They do not make statements about leaving or limiting their activities in Russia.

The daughter of the oligarch Timchenko was on the sanctions list


Britain has expanded sanctions against Russia - 63 new names have been added to the list. Among them are the top management of Otkritie and Sovcombank, the founder of Hoff and the daughter of billionaire Gennady Timchenko.

Finland does not need Russian atom


Nuclear power plants with Rosatom will not be built in the country. The state corporation said that the initiative to terminate the contract was not discussed with the shareholders.