The whole truth about the Russian business, oligarchs and officials


Valerian Mazaraki is building a palace in Barvikha for 2.5 billion next to the generals of the FSB


What is owned by relatives of Valerian Mazaraki - the person involved in the investigations of journalist Ivan Golunov.

Nikolai Tokarev can make money on dirty oil


In the export pipe of Transneft, contaminated oil was again detected.

Michael Calvi moved to Artyom Avetisyan queen


Bank "Vostochny" could withdraw assets.

Judgment Day for Andrey Borodin and Dmitry Akulinin will be held in absentia


The fugitive managers of the Bank of Moscow were not taken to a Russian court from the UK.

Igor Mavlyanov will not be able to hide in Israel


Sberbank is allowed to pursue the co-owner of Yashma Gold at the place of its new citizenship.

Vladimir Kogan died


The owner of the bank "Uralsib" died at the age of 56 years.

Roman Starodubets ventured to return to Russia


Entrepreneur Roman Starodubets, accused of fraudulent loans from contractors of the Bovanenkovo-Ukhta gas pipeline, returned from New York to St. Petersburg. Businessman - the eighth person involved in the London list of Titov, who returned to Russia.

How sons of Vladimir Kogan rule the fatherly empire


At the 57th year of life, businessman Vladimir Kogan died. His sons Eugene and Efim had to take over the management of a family empire worth $ 750 million a year ago.

The company Igor Chaika power overwhelmed with garbage


The state began to non-publicly select the first draft of the reform of the garbage.

Artem Avetisyan climbed onto Vostochny Bank with difficulty


Baring Vostok considered it senseless to try a new board of directors and a meeting of shareholders.

Andrei Melnichenko will lead the Far Eastern Energy Company into the Bermuda Triangle


Well-known businessman Andrei Melnichenko can easily get attractive energy assets in the Primorye Territory.

Sergey Sobyanin breathes unevenly to Sergey Gordeev


The mayor of the capital retains an unusual loyalty to the head of the PIK Group of Companies.

CEO of Gazprom Neft has argued with Igor Sechin because of taxes


According to the general director of Gazprom Neft, the company pays one of the highest taxes in the industry in Western Siberia.

The family of the security officer Marat Medoev was deeply entrenched in Europe


European real estate and business relatives of Chekist Medoev, who is mentioned in a story with provocation against journalist Ivan Golunov

Auchan found that from Viktor Surkov


The trading network demanded over 3 billion rubles from the Moskovsky shopping and entertainment center.

Nikita Mikhalkov gave all the best housing to their children


The Moscow Department of Culture did not publish the declaration of Nikita Mikhalkov. Meanwhile, the director should report on his incomes, as he works as artistic director of the State Theater of Film Actor.

Utair can part with a helicopter daughter


Russia's largest helicopter operator is estimated at 30 billion rubles.

Petr Aven will look for president on Khachaturov


The Moscow Arbitration Court rejects claims for the recovery of funds from the former owners of Rosgosstrakh, the co-owner of Alfa Bank wrote.

German Gref could not defeat Alexey Miller in waste


State companies and regional budgets have spent more than 1.5 billion rubles to participate in the St. Petersburg Economic Forum.

Employees of "Transneft" boarded the "Friendship"


In the case of dirty oil in the "Friendship" appeared four new defendants. In Transneft reported that they all worked in the "daughter" of the company.

FSIN checks "Butyrku"


In the SIZO, entrepreneurs were kept with murderers.

Dmitry Zakharchenko said goodbye to freedom, billions and the rank of colonel


The court sentenced to 13 years in prison and a fine of 117 million rubles to Colonel Dmitry Zakharchenko of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who became widely known because of the 8.5 billion rubles found in him and his close friends. He was also deprived of the rank of police colonel.

Vyacheslav Gaizer will be in jail half the time


The ex-governor of Komi and his associates have escaped conviction for the OPS.

Andrei Kostin advised Mikhail Zadornov not to wave his arms


VTB and one of its largest shareholders, Otkritie Bank, have diverged in estimates of dividends for 2018. Zadornov believes that the bank could pay dividends above the calculations made. Kostin called the dividend issue "resolved."

Co-owner of "Magnit" wants to sell pharmaceutical plants to Sistema


Yevtushenkov Corporation continues to create a drug giant.

Sergei Sobyanin will not let everyone earn on renovation


How is the most ambitious project of the capital's mayor.

Alexey Hotin told how the FSB paid for the protection


The indictment against the head of the banking department of the FSB, Kirill Cherkalin, was given by the former owner of Ugra, Alexey Khotin, who said that he had paid the officer for patronage for several years.

Azamat Ibatullin staked "Red Square"


The dispute with Rospatent over the trademark ended in favor of the Bashkir businessman.