The whole truth about the Russian business, oligarchs and officials


Industry does not see government support yet


In October, the annual growth rate of industrial production slowed to 3% from 2.6% in September, according to Rosstat.

Sberbank has increased its stake in Group


Sberbank has agreed to redeem a stake in MF Technologies from Gazprombank and Rostec, which will give it more than 20% of the voting stake in Group.

Millions were cut into letters: everyone criticizes the new logo of St. Petersburg


The new logo of St. Petersburg has been criticized by users of social networks and specialists, some of them suggest returning the old logo created by Artemy Lebedev for 1 ruble.

Sergey Sobyanin has changed his construction wallet


The metropolitan mayor has launched in the construction "nursery" of new personally bred "piranhas."

Dmitry Rogozin found switchmen in the case of FondServisbank


The search for billions lost by the bank, Roscosmos began with the leadership of STK Soyuz, and now it appoints the head of the AHO and an ordinary lawyer.

Vadim Vaneev smells bad at the house


The entrepreneur is suspected of non-payment of salaries to employees of LLC Donstar.

Russian investors abandoned European real estate


Political risks and the growing attractiveness of real estate investments in Russia forced investors to temporarily abandon the purchase of assets in Europe.

Ministry of Defense demands money from spy satellite manufacturers


The lawsuit against the Soyuz rocket manufacturer was filed by the department in an arbitration court on November 15.

Yulmart will be poured into the Petersburg terminal


The conflict of shareholders of the online retailer may end with its sale to the creditor.

The oligarch Trotsenko scatters in Saransk


How Roman Trotsenko got his hands on another regional airport and whether omnipotent Igor Sechin can stand behind it.

Boris Mazo stayed in Vienna


A former official of the Ministry of Culture, not extradited to Spain, was requested to Moscow.

Nastya Rybka gathered in deputies


How they live after a scandal and imprisonment in a Thai prison Nastya Rybka and Alex Leslie.

Status Russians do not pay their fines


A list of VIP debtors who are being sought by bailiffs has been published.

What is fed in Russian prisons


Who does the dog food business for the FSIN.

Sergey Khachaturov's brother got into a criminal case


Danil Khachaturov spoke about the criminal cases surrounding the transactions of Rosgosstrakh.

Natalia Potanina planted a pig to the wives of Russian billionaires


The case-law of Judge Jonathan Cohen on the lawsuit of Natalia Potanina against her ex-husband can put an end to the "divorce tourism" of Russians in the UK.

Igor Sechin pumps oil from Venezuela


Venezuela secretly exports millions of barrels of oil abroad, transferring them to the balance of Rosneft.

Mikhail Fridman reaches out to Abyzov's Singaporean assets


Alfa-Bank, famous for its reputation as a ruthless lender, is pursuing former Minister Mikhail Abyzov not only in Russia but also abroad.

Rolf leaves the family


The company, controlled by the family of businessman Sergei Petrov, is for sale.

Intourist sold to the Turks


An Intourist, the Russian “daughter” of the ruined British tourist holding Thomas Cook, will go to Anex Tourism, this Turkish group is associated with the Russian tour operator Anex Tour.

Adidas received a red card from the players


An international manufacturer flipped the flag of Russia on the form of the football team, which caused the anger of athletes and the RFU.

Dmitry Mazurov's flow dried up


New Stream has lost its last refinery, the Mari Oil Refinery.

Andrey Strukov delegated his deputy to the prison


Russtroybank’s board of directors who escaped to the US in jail will be represented by his deputy Makim Belyakov.

Andrey Melnichenko knocks out 2 billion rubles


Billionaire Andrei Melnichenko filed a lawsuit against the state institution Reserve-Supply: the oligarch demands more than 2 billion rubles for “working” with such entities as the LPR and the DPR.

VIM-Avia leaders land in court


the general director and chief accountant of the airline are accused of fraud with loans and the withdrawal of currency.

Cheap oil runs out in Russia


Experts at the Saudi company Saudi Aramco have estimated that oil production in Russia is more expensive than in the Middle East or Latin America.

Andrey Melnichenko will lose yachts for supporting LDNR


The coal-chemical oligarch decided to risk his fortune and fall under Western sanctions because of his greed.

Alexei Burkov could be in an American prison for 80 years


The US Department of Justice accuses him of cyber fraud, identity theft and money laundering.