The whole truth about the Russian business, oligarchs and officials


Co-owner of "VIM-Avia" flew away from the investigation


Svetlana Mursekaeva was put on the international wanted list. She left Russia in 2017 with her husband and airline co-owner Rashid Mursekaev.

Who bathes in luxury Alina Kabaeva


How many oligarchs close to Putin pay the unrecognized first lady.

Deripaska needs to be silent


Deripaska unsuccessfully tried to refute an article by the Finnish magazine Mega about the withdrawal of funds through charitable foundations.

Galina Klein beer hit in the head


A criminal case has been initiated against the spouse of the Tomsk mayor.

Roman Putin is looking for a platform


The president's nephew has conceived the third party project in a year.

Why does Gref need an Indian confessor


Why German Gref is the most eccentric businessman.

How Telegram bots are leaking information about Russians


From the point of view of the law, administrators and clients of large Telegram bots are criminals in terms of "breaking through".

Kerimov found "Vedomosti" accomplice in social networks


This allowed the senator to appeal to the Basmanny Court of Moscow.

The Khrunichev Center was surrounded by 120 million of invited lawyers and accountants


In the case of fraud and embezzlement, the accused is the ex-general director of the enterprise.

Khotin will be imprisoned in the mansion again


The ex-owner of the Yugra bank, Aleksey Khotin, who was placed under house arrest in 2019, has achieved a mitigation of the preventive measure. But the appeal overturned the decision at the request of the investigator.

The owner of "Rinvestbank" was recorded in the organized criminal group


The ICR has charged the management of Rininvestbank with embezzling 1.3 billion rubles.

Karina Turcan will be introduced to the scout


After hearing the testimony of the former deputy minister, the espionage court decided to interrogate the agent who had revealed the top manager of Inter RAO.

How Sobyanin drains billions into "golden toilets"


Offshore owners and serial bankrupts, fake foreigners and Russian corrupt officials ... How the “toilet mafia” of Moscow works.

Abyzov revealed himself to the wrong


The Gagarin court explained why it was withdrawing 33 billion rubles from the ex-minister.

Natalia Rotenberg's legs will not be in the English mansion


The mansion for $ 36 million was bought through an offshore company associated with Arkady Rotenberg. Lawyers argue that the house did not belong to him, so he should not participate in the division of property.

Hot Finnish guys Katenev and Timchenko


We continue to talk about “foreign agents” within the government, who are fighting in words with foreign influence on Russian politics, but in fact are buying real estate in Europe. This time it's about Finland.

And the wife of the Kenyan ambassador: a customs general got burned while carrying cash


Alexander Kizlyk is charged with abuse of office.

FTS got drilled into "Zarechnaya"


The tax authorities are collecting 3.5 billion rubles from the management of the mine.

A peaceful atom will come to the Far East port of FESCO


Rosatom will receive control over the Vladivostok Commercial Sea Port - the main asset of the FESCO group.

The whole plant was stolen from the daughter of Vladimir Shamanov


Svetlana Shamanova got only 5% of the company's shares.

Former director of "VSMPO-Avisma" got a golden parachute pierced


The corporation explains the refusal of the initial claims against Voevodin for 4 billion rubles by the fact that he does not have property for such an amount, and 2 billion can be obtained immediately.

Mazurov will serve a year and a half in an offshore


The ex-owner of the Antipinsky Oil Refinery Dmitry Mazurov was sentenced to imprisonment in the Virgin Islands.

Yuri Kovalchuk is eager to sip "Massandra"


"Massandra" is being sold in Crimea.

The bullet flew to Andrey Petrov from across the river


What happens at the scene of the murder of "the owner of Vyborg" and what route the killer could have taken.

Citylink was left without owners


The court arrested the co-owners of the IT-distributor Merlion, which is developing the Citylink network of online stores. They are accused of destruction of property, resulting in the death of a person, as well as murder by prior agreement.

Rostelecom never put Sputnik into orbit


How the state lost 3 billion rubles trying to regulate Runet.

Chubais will be sent to the North


The head of Rusnano, Anatoly Chubais, may leave his post and "take up the Arctic," while the state corporation claims that "he does not see himself as a polar explorer."

Nikolai Sarkisov was enclosed in Paris for half a million euros


In Paris, unknown persons entered the apartment of a member of the Forbes list, Nikolai Sarkisov. According to Le Parisien's sources, they stole a Rolex watch, jewelry and other items worth at least 500,000 euros.