The whole truth about the Russian business, oligarchs and officials


Dunkvert's assistant was charged with bribes and a girl


Former assistant to the head of Rosselkhoznadzor Dmitry Natarov placed under house arrest.

Andrei Grudin wanted to sell Pioneer Group of Companies to Moscow Credit Bank


Yesterday, July 1, in St. Petersburg, the funeral of the co-owner of Pioneer Group of Companies Andrei Grudin took place, and the day before - a farewell to a businessman in Moscow.

Raiders who encroached on the assets of Alexander Mineev will be charged


An investigation into an attempt to raider seize the property of the founder of the party company was completed.

Petropavlovsk doesn’t have all the gold that the director


The gold mining company again has a conflict of shareholders with management.

Emin Agalarov got down from the wheels


Emin Agalarov, vice president of Crocus Group and son of billionaire Araz Agalarov, said that he had to sell personal cars to help the business in crisis.

Russian billionaires have bred heirs on a grand scale


Russian oligarchs were able to make fortunes that would be enough for a comfortable life of several generations.

Ramzan Kadyrov's apartment for 50 million was littered in Moscow


The Kadyrov’s family apartment in Moscow was discovered in which at the beginning of the 2000s the head of Chechnya was registered. It is not indicated in the declaration.

Chemezov - to Basel, Sechin - to Vienna: where the heads of state corporations fly to a pandemic


Russian elites ignore the ban on international flights.

Kostin was left under sanctions


The European Court found the introduction of EU sanctions against VTB justified. The bank fell under restrictions in August 2014, after which it repeatedly tried to appeal the court decision.

Aeroflot carries passengers to Nice by cargo flights


International flights for all airlines are prohibited by the government at the end of March.

Olga Mirimskaya crunches with American chips


The owner of BKF-bank Olga Mirimskaya rescues the assets of Russian Product, as she no longer hopes for the bank.

Volozh divorces Gref


Yandex and Sberbank will complete the partnership in joint projects. The IT company will get Yandex.Market, the bank - Yandex.Money. The new shareholders of Yandex will be the structure of VTB and Roman Abramovich.

Rosoboronexport inherited in London


Foreigners attributed to "Rostec" Sergei Chemezov a billion pound store in London?

Rotenberg and Timchenko share proven personnel with Gazprom


The concern took the contractors to the leadership of its new subsidiary.

The legacy of billionaire Dmitry Bosov went to Roman Trotsenko


The heirs of Dmitry Bosov, who died in early May, sold a coal project in the Arctic to businessman Roman Trotsenko. As a result of the transaction, Bosov’s relatives consolidated 100% of the Pechora LNG gas project.

The son of billionaire Akhmedov chose dad


The British court revealed the essence of the claims of ex-wife Farhad Akhmedov Tatyana to their common son Temur. According to his mother, he helped his father hide assets so that he could not pay her 453 million pounds.

Yevgeny Giner breaks off Rosgosstrakh brand


The Presidium of the Supreme Court sided with Rosgosstrakh in a dispute of 150 billion rubles.

Mikhail Prokhorov waved his hand at his stadium in New York


Structures of Mikhail Prokhorov plan to close the New York stadium Nassau Coliseum for an indefinite period and look for new investors. The venue where hockey matches and rock concerts usually take place is idle due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Rotenberg moored to the Crimean cottage Matvienko


In the luxurious residence on Cape Aya, which is associated with Yuri Kovalchuk and Valentina Matvienko, a berth for hundred-meter yachts appeared. And off the coast of Crimea for the first time was seen the yacht Rahil, attributed to Arkady Rotenberg.

Putin's colleagues occupied 126 cottages


Cottages in the Moscow region, previously on the balance of the KGB, were transferred to senior FSB officers.

Alexander Mamut tightly clings to Nginx


What is imputed to one of the most successful IT companies from Russia.

From antiques to seven-bankers: what Friedman’s self-sufficiency is based on


From what “bedside table” did the owner of Alfa Group Mikhail Fridman get his capital.

Suleiman Kerimov flees from the raider past


The scandalous businessman filed a lawsuit against the old article of the Vedomosti newspaper about the seizure of the Razvitie construction company. Then the office of the organization's organization was defeated by 200 young men, armed with bats and steel bars.

Top managers of Trust Bank caught up with VTB


In terms of remuneration of top managers, Trust caught up with VTB and Alfa Bank.

Mamut from Cyprus gets new Nginx owners


The dispute over the rights to the largest Nginx web server, founded by immigrants from Rambler, went beyond Russia. The Cyprus company Lynwood, associated with Alexander Mamut, has sued the startup owner, its founders and investors.

Andrei Kostin chained to a bank steering wheel


That allows Kostin to steadily lead VTB for 18 years.

The weapon barons of Russia: Kalenov, Isaev, Mikheikin


The export of Russian weapons brings billions not only to the treasury, but also to state sales managers.

The creator of vodka "Dovgan" flooded the entire financial pyramid


The police intend to absenteeize a measure of restraint to German Lillevyali.