The whole truth about the Russian business, oligarchs and officials


Interior Ministry is preparing to massively hack smartphones of Russians


The agency has announced the largest tenders for the supply of systems for hacking smartphones and reading correspondence in Skype, WhatsApp and Facebook, including hidden and deleted data.

Abramovich calls in the Moskvoretskaya floodplain


Environmental activists have filed a lawsuit against Roman Abramovich's company for the construction of a parking lot on a site that used to be part of the Moskvoretsky park. They claim that the site was removed from the protected area illegally.

Senator Timchenko's secret palace


As United Russia member Vyacheslav Timchenko hid his mansion from declaring.

Telman Ismailov sits out in Cannes while they are looking for him all over the world


The former owner of the capital's Cherkizon is being chased by the prosecutor of Zurich, the International Bank of Azerbaijan, bailiffs of the state of Nevada, our VTB, Turkish and Russian security forces.

Son of Matvienko and son of Borisov will jointly insert pipes for Gazprom


The son of the Speaker of the Federation Council, Sergei Matvienko, and the son of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Alexander Borisov, became co-owners of one of the largest contractors of Gazprom - Construction Company Podvodtruboprovodstroy.

Rosoboronexport prevents Venezuelans from shooting with a Kalashnikov assault rifle


The case of fraud in the construction of arms factories in Venezuela has been completed.

The palace of Putin-Rotenberg in Gelendzhik was struck by mold


The builders who worked in the "palace" on the Black Sea told the BBC that the building had to be "stripped to concrete" due to the fact that it was completely affected by mold.

Innsbruck court is ready to collect from Baturina for 13 billion rubles


In the case of Viktor Baturin against his sister Elena Baturina, an unexpected turn may occur.

Oleg Kan choked on a crab


The RF IC announced the involvement of the Moneron and Kuril Universal Complex companies in the smuggling of crab to China and the control of these companies by the “crab king” Oleg Kan.

Billionaire Rybolovlev flies by yacht


Businessman Dmitry Rybolovlev cannot sell the boat to Anna I for a long time. This time he had to tune the boat and reduce the price.

Merlion owners wont be released from jail


The arrests were extended to three persons involved in the high-profile assassination attempt, and one was left in reserve.

Billionaire Mazepin will no longer be able to pump money out of the air


And his son, Formula 1 racer Nikita Mazepin, will likely not be able to take part in the next racing season.

Semyon Slepakov sang expensively for VTB


A VTB state contract for an advertising campaign was discovered, in which the producer, songwriter Semyon Slepakov has been soloing since September 2020. The total amount of the order is 750 million rubles.

Arkady Rotenberg spread the palace intrigues


Why Arkady Rotenberg's confession does not refute Navalny's investigation.

Swiss prosecutors gave a damn about Rybolovlev


The Geneva prosecutor notified businessman and art dealer Yves Bouvier that the investigation into the fraud case was closed. Rybolovlev estimates his damage at $ 1 billion.

Olga Egorova dreamed of a chair in the Supreme Court


The ex-head of the Moscow City Court is trying to protect himself from responsibility for past sins.

Mazepin was accused of using gangster methods


The ongoing corporate conflict between Sergei Makhlai's Togliattiazot and his minority shareholder Uralkhim, Dmitry Mazepin, flared up with renewed vigor.

Russian cosmonauts starved on the ISS


American astronauts on the International Space Station handed over several containers of food to two Russian colleagues who had run out of food.

Rocketbank landed


Rocketbank announced its final closure. The company Qiwi, which owned it, tried to sell the asset due to losses, but did not find a suitable buyer.

Viktor Vekselberg knocked on the egg


Is it possible that the scandal with the allegedly fake Faberge eggs in the Hermitage was organized by the oligarch Viktor Vekselberg to "strike" the Piotrovsky family?

Rybolovlev will lure tourists with a VIP resort on his island of Skorpios


The Greek authorities have approved the creation of a VIP resort on the private island of Skorpios, owned by the family of Russian billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev. The project is estimated at € 165 million and will take three years.

Isaevs lose "Gaztransbank"


The family of large Krasnodar businessmen Isaevs is at risk of losing control over the bank.

Katerina Tikhonova will settle down in the valley for half a billion


The Russian government has allocated about 500 million rubles to create the infrastructure of the innovative Scientific and Technological Center of Moscow State University "Vorobyovy Gory".

Pavel Maslovsky washed all the gold from Pokrovsky mine


Maslovsky is suspected of stealing funds from the Pokrovsky Rudnik company as part of an organized group. Earlier, searches were carried out in the company's office, Maslovsky is under interrogation.

The assets of the deceased in Zanzibar billionaire Sosin await redistribution


Igor Sosin, the founder of the Starik Hottabych, OBI and Modi retail chains, died on the island of Zanzibar, where he was on vacation with his daughter Taisia and his young girlfriend.

Retired Putin will serve in Germany


Putin is considering the option of escape to Germany: Shvets made a sensational statement.

The sweet life of Golikova and Khristenko


A million euros for air travel and a golf club in Spain is a story from the life of the family of Viktor Khristenko and Tatiana Golikova.

Kovalchuk opened his mouth on Channel One


The President signed a decree allowing the government to reduce its stake in Channel One below 51%. Control can be obtained by private shareholders, the largest of which is Yuri Kovalchuk's National Media Group.