The whole truth about the Russian business, oligarchs and officials


Kerimov pushed Potanin off the pedestal


Thanks to the rise in gold prices, the Kerimov family for the first time was at the top of the Russian list in the Forbes Real-Time rating. With a net worth of $ 24.7 billion, she is ahead of former leader Vladimir Potanin.

Dmitry Ananyev has a big sale


Dmitry Ananyev's family has sold a large development project.

United Russia sold Baikal


Dputats from the United Russia have canceled the conservation status of the territories around the lake.

Araz Agalarov imposed sanctions on Armenian goods


How long will the power structures turn a blind eye to the possible "provocations" of billionaires.

Incense instead of doping: a temple of Russian Olympians will be built in Moscow for 2 billion


The cost of building the main temple for Russian athletes in the metropolitan area of North Butovo just outside the Moscow Ring Road will be 2 billion rubles.

Rotenberg will receive trillions to save the Russian economy


"Natsproektstroy", created on the basis of the assets of the family of Arkady Rotenberg, can become a general contractor for major road construction projects. The total cost of the projects is 6 trillion rubles.

GAZ must part with Deripaska to work in the USA


The US Treasury demanded that the GAZ group provide it with reports once a quarter, as well as remove Oleg Deripaska from making decisions. If these conditions are met, the group will be able to continue working with suppliers and contractors.

Pumpyansky rules "Sail" to Cyprus


Businessman Dmitry Pumpyansky is taking his assets offshore.

Yuri Trutnev stands alone in the Far Eastern Federal District


FBK showed the mansions of the Far Eastern plenipotentiary Yuri Trutnev.

Roman Putin settled in a transformer box


The People Against Corruption party, led by President Vladimir Putin's cousin Roman Putin in early July, is listing a transformer station in Moscow as its office.

"Shokoladnitsa" gave herself to two


Restaurant group owners can split the assets.

Former husband of Zhanna Friske will pay father-in-law and mother-in-law 7 million


This decision was made by the Presnensky Court of Moscow. The singer's widower will have to pay her parents a third of the amount they reimbursed to Rusfond, which raised money for the artist's treatment.

Sobyanin again rolled his lip on the curbs


Moscow authorities announced at least 56 billion rubles in Gostenders.

Vladimir Kekhman will give out 7 billion


From the artistic director of two theaters, creditors are being charged.

Lisa Peskova signs


The daughter of the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation registers the Visit Moscow trademark, a very similar sign is already being used by the Moscow City Hall.

Rustam Tariko does not have time to beat off creditors


The companies of the Rustam Tariko group received a pre-trial claim for bond debt of $ 757 million from creditors. Lenders also hired an appraiser to determine the value of 49% of the shares of Russian Standard Bank pledged by debt.

Deripaska stepped on Potanin's sore spot


UC Rusal, founded by Oleg Deripaska, demanded that the board of directors of Norilsk Nickel and Vladimir Potanin change management due to accidents. Deripaska and Potanin sued for several years because of the shares of the enterprise.

Potanin impoverished in accidents Nornickel


The state of the main owner of Norilsk Nickel, Vladimir Potanin, fell by $ 3.6 billion amid environmental scandals, but he still remains the richest Russian.

Gutseriev sells his development portfolio


The Mospromstroy project of Mikhail Gutseriev may depart UDevelopment.

Nornickel continues to crap in Taimyr


The Investigative Committee opened a criminal case due to the spill of more than 44 tons of aviation fuel that occurred on the pipeline of the Norilsk Nickel subsidiary.

Sergey Furgal reappeared


Governor Sergei Furgal became a defendant in the criminal case of the organized crime group, which was in force in 2004-2005. SK plans to seek his arrest.

Missile strike: more than two billion will be exacted from Samara "Progress"


The Russian Ministry of Defense won a lawsuit to recover 2.1 billion rubles from the missile center.

Potanin dodges a fine


Norilsk Nickel does not agree with the methodology for calculating fuel spill damage.

The secret husband of Alina Kabaeva


What is hiding the famous athlete and former State Duma deputy.

Potanin's yachts will not reach Monaco


The world's largest yacht show was canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was attended by boats of the richest Russians.

Dunkvert's assistant was charged with bribes and a girl


Former assistant to the head of Rosselkhoznadzor Dmitry Natarov placed under house arrest.

Andrei Grudin wanted to sell Pioneer Group of Companies to Moscow Credit Bank


Yesterday, July 1, in St. Petersburg, the funeral of the co-owner of Pioneer Group of Companies Andrei Grudin took place, and the day before - a farewell to a businessman in Moscow.

Raiders who encroached on the assets of Alexander Mineev will be charged


An investigation into an attempt to raider seize the property of the founder of the party company was completed.