The whole truth about the Russian business, oligarchs and officials


Artem Chaika buried the top managers of "Berdyaush" in rubble


In the Chertanovskiy Court of Moscow, a debate began on the case of embezzling in the manufacturing company of the Berdyaush rubble, which was bought for several years by the son of Prosecutor General of Russia Yury Chaika - Artem Chayka.

Alexander Dyukov wants to make a business out of Russian football


Having achieved success in business, Alexander Dyukov will try to repeat them in the RFU.

Sergey Bachin explained why Olympic facilities in Sochi will not pay off soon


Due to infrastructure costs, resorts will come to an operating profit in 20 years.

How Alexander Malakhov drowned the Chemezov missiles


The operator of an emergency transportation of the S-400 to China was a company from Petersburg that was connected with Rostec. Claims against 11 billion rubles are brought against her.

Investigator in the case of Pavel Wroblewski may sit for 20 years


A former officer of the Center for Information Security FSB sold the FBI for $ 10 million information relating to the secret.

Vladimir Putin harnesses the Arabs in his "Cortege"


The company Aurus, the manufacturer of the car Kortezh for Vladimir Putin, will receive a foreign investor.

Roman Trotsenko and Viktor Vekselberg will figure out for two in Omsk


Omsk Airport will be transferred outside the city, and the vacant 650 hectares of the territory will be built up with residential and commercial real estate.

Ugor Zyuzin will throw the corner of Eduard Hudainatov


Creditor banks are looking for new owners for Elga deposit.

Evgeny Prigogin's company earned hundreds of millions with one employee in the state


Tax officers began checking the company, allegedly associated with the restaurateur Yevgeny Prigogine. Near her name guessed familiar letters - PMCs.

Anton Milov will say goodbye to the hotel in Sochi


The investment division of Alfa Group plans to buy the 4-star Bridge Resort Hotel in Sochi, which is pledged in VEB.RF. The hotel was erected by the Mostovik company, which went bankrupt after the Olympic construction projects.

Valery Masyutin jumped out of the "Russian Seasons" without loss


The criminal case against the ex-manager of the hotel in the Olympic Park was terminated.

Stolen harvesters returned Alekander Schmidt to their homeland


The bankruptcy trustee accused of fraud was extradited to Russia.

Mikhail Vasinkevich did not sell to Dmitry Kostigin


The deal to repurchase shares in Yulmart did not take place.

Scandinavian banks do not see Boris Rotenberg as their client


The court predictably chose the latter between the demands of a businessman close to the Russian authorities and the interests of the national banking system.

Irish disliked Russian SSJ100


The Irish airline CityJet returns seven SSJ100 ships to VEB.RF group.

Vasily Vysokov will not run away from Center-Invest


The bank refuted the flight of the chairman of the board of directors abroad and complained to the Central Bank, the Prosecutor General’s Office and the FSB.

Igor Chaika did not understand why his property was encrypted in Rosreestr


The son of the Prosecutor General said that since 2016 he had not performed registration actions with real estate.

Dmitry Patrushev blessed the redistribution of the Russian grain market


Grain exports bring billions of dollars. Searches in the largest agroholdings of the country mean the start of the redistribution of the industry.

Igor Zyuzin wants to retire


Mechel is considering acquiring or creating APFs.

Denis Butsayev buried in the waste


The security officials intervened in the appointment of the management of the “Russian environmental operator”.

Aleksey Chepe was honored


The parliamentarian from the "Fair Russia" Alexei Chepa found property for nearly 3 billion rubles.

Mikhail Fridman want to bankrupt the creator of AnywayAnyday


Alpha Bank failed to press "BIS Consulting" in the bankruptcy case of Kirill Podolsky.

The court in London trigorno offended Oleg Deripaska


The businessman considers the proof in the case of the Trekhgorny manufactory, presented by his opponent, the former head of VEB Vladimir Chernukhin, to be a fake, and will appeal the court’s decision.

Igor Rotenberg wind the counter


A businessman's company can become a monopolist in the smart electricity meter market, estimated at 40–60 billion rubles a year.

Fighting boats fired a volley at Renat Mistakhov


A former official of the Ministry of Defense claims that the shipbuilder paid him 65 million rubles.

Kirill Laskin has devastated his loan portfolio from Sovetsky


For fraud detained shareholder of the bank.

Viktor Zolotov will pay Igor Sechin two prices for gasoline


Rosguard spends billions of dollars with the approval of the government and the court.

Ekaterina Ignatova willingly settled in an apartment for 5 billion rubles


The apartment is located in the building of the Four Seasons Hotel near the Red Square.