The whole truth about the Russian business, oligarchs and officials


Alexander Grigoriev pulled up to Moscow to look for half a trillion


The author of the Moldovan scheme is accused of organized crime.

How many Liksutov sawed on transport


Deputy Sergei Sobyanin Maksim Liksutov, who, as spiteful critics assure, allegedly may be involved in the colossal "cuts" and even the work of the Izmailovskaya OCG, turned out to be the richest official of the capital city hall.

Yuri Trutnev is ready to ruin the national park for the sake of Cyprus offshores


In Komi companies with Cypriot roots, officials want to allow gold mining in a national park of global importance. We call them by name.

Gref drowns Filaret Galchev


In February, the company "Eurocement group" was headed by a former top manager of Sberbank.

Prokhorov invests in an eternal virtual summer in Moscow


Virtual reality startup Sensorium has raised $ 100 million from investors, including Mikhail Prokhorov. The billionaire wants to use VR in a new concert complex in Moscow, where there will be “eternal summer”.

Bedzhamov taxied bobsledders in Liechtenstein


Liechtenstein authorities are investigating the ex-owner of Vneshprombank and his sister. Their bank accounts received $ 143 million, including from the Russian Bobsleigh Federation.

Pumpyansky was forced to share the palace


Dmitry Pumpyansky and Valery Ananyev team up to build Universiade facilities in Yekaterinburg. Ready, set, "cut".

The ex-wife of billionaire Akhmedov shook her wallet in front of the special services


Burford Capital has attracted the infamous Arcanum agency to hunt for Farhad Akhmedov's assets.

Oleg Kuzmin repented of the withdrawal of a billion dollars


The ex-co-owner of the "European Express" is charged with the withdrawal of more than 1 billion dollars under the Moldovan scheme.

Schoolgirl daughter of the Ryazan governor beat dad on income


The income of the minor daughter of the governor of the Ryazan region, Nikolai Lyubimov, was more than twice that of her father.

Mikhail Abyzov will get into 400 volumes of his case


The Investigative Committee finished the case of the ex-minister of the "open government".

Deripaska accused Potanin of inefficiency


UC Rusa announced "obvious problems" with control over the work of Norilsk Nickel. This is how the company responded to Potanin's words that the shareholder agreement with UC Rusal had turned into a "rudiment" and an instrument of pressure.

Vladimir Potanin showed a fig to Deripaska


The main owner of Norilsk Nickel considers the current shareholder agreement with Rusal to be a "rudiment".

Roman Putin did not reach the elections


The party of the president's nephew will not take part in the single day of voting.

"Makfa" poured billions of Yurevich for the Federal Tax Service


Rantip Invest Limited has lost the court on the return of funds from the budget.

Ramzan Kadyrov is eager to become billionaires


Ramzan Kadyrov's income for the year increased almost 20 times and amounted to almost 148 million rubles. His wife's income increased by nearly 4000%.

Gutseriev leaves Moscow


Billionaire's company sells metropolitan headquarters.

Deripaska will leave GAZ in Volkswagen


Oleg Deripaska's farewell to the GAZ group is coming to an end.

Kerimov pushed Potanin off the pedestal


Thanks to the rise in gold prices, the Kerimov family for the first time was at the top of the Russian list in the Forbes Real-Time rating. With a net worth of $ 24.7 billion, she is ahead of former leader Vladimir Potanin.

Tatiana Navka and Dmitry Peskov closed the American question


Tatyana Navka, the spouse of the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov, has repeatedly denied information about her having American citizenship.

Brother of Matvey Urin accused of robbing banks


The Ministry of Internal Affairs, within the framework of the "Holding" operational event, revealed a new person involved in a high-profile criminal case of multibillion embezzlement from credit institutions controlled by the fugitive banker Ilya Kligman.

Roman Abramovich and the company sell Khabarovsk gold to a PIK native


The buyer is Vladislav Sviblova's Fortiana Holdings Limited.

The son of a Russian billionaire Yevgeny Lebedev could become a peer and a lord


Russian-born businessman Yevgeny Lebedev was among the candidates for a lifetime peerage and a seat in the British House of Lords. The son of a former member of the Forbes list, Alexander Lebedev, is known for his friendly relations with Boris Johnson.

The Rotenbergs bypassed the sanctions


According to the conclusions of the members of the Senate, the companies associated with the Rotenberg, after the imposition of sanctions against businessmen, continued to make deals in the art market.

Dmitry Ananyev has a big sale


Dmitry Ananyev's family has sold a large development project.

United Russia sold Baikal


Dputats from the United Russia have canceled the conservation status of the territories around the lake.

Araz Agalarov imposed sanctions on Armenian goods


How long will the power structures turn a blind eye to the possible "provocations" of billionaires.

Incense instead of doping: a temple of Russian Olympians will be built in Moscow for 2 billion


The cost of building the main temple for Russian athletes in the metropolitan area of North Butovo just outside the Moscow Ring Road will be 2 billion rubles.