The whole truth about the Russian business, oligarchs and officials


Sobyanin's team looped corruption schemes


Details of billions of frauds in the supply of medical equipment from former employees of the Moscow Depzdrav.

Said Gutseriev will wash cryptocurrencies in Minsk


Paritetbank has become another asset of Said Gutseriev in Belarus. Earlier, he and Viktor Prokopenei invested in the first cryptocurrency exchange in the CIS.

Miller's strength is not in Siberia


What helps Alexey Miller to stay on as the head of Gazprom.

Sergey Gordeev is attached to gold


Structures close to the developer are buying Uryumkan.

Igor Sechin wants to replenish his pocket at the expense of RBC


Rosneft filed a lawsuit with a demand to recover from the publication 43 billion rubles. So the company assessed the damage to the reputation from the heading about the Ryazan private security company.

Volodin's new wife gave her mother-in-law an apartment for half a billion


The State Duma speaker has acquired a young wife and an elite apartment.

Andrei Korkunov shines unsweetened bankruptcy


DIA asked the court to declare the founder of the chocolate brand Korkunov bankrupt. In March, the DIA filed a lawsuit to bring the businessman to subsidiary liability of 5.9 billion rubles.

Diamonds with ALROSA carried out in a bra


The case of the theft of rough diamonds from AK ALROSA has been completed.

KRET and its plant will spend 72 million to take a break from burning ventilators


The KRET corporation owned by Rostec and the Ural Instrument-Making Plant, which is a part of the latter, and manufactures Russian Aventa-M IVL devices, will spend 72 million rubles on lawyers.

Solzhenitsyn's son became king of coal mountain


Stepan Solzhenitsyn headed the largest coal company in Russia - SUEK. E

Indonesians handed over Dmitry Bosov's factory for scrap metal


The Alltech Group has closed its business in Indonesia. The constructed metallurgical plant was cut into scrap metal, the Russians were accused of stealing ore, destroying forests, destroying roads and illegally employing Kyrgyz people.

Alexander Volovnik plundered with cosmic scope


The charges in the case of fraud in the FundServicebank were approved.

Igor Sechin dipped in arithmetic


Transneft blamed Rosneft for its inability to calculate the price of oil pumping tariffs for a report to Vladimir Putin.

"Diamond Boy" Sergei Ivanov can not get enough


The offspring of the all-powerful ex-head of the presidential administration brings the Yakut company Alrosa to losses, and his friends on the board write themselves astronomical bonuses.

Alexey Golubovich disagree with Vedomosti


Against the background of the aggravation of the conflict in the editorial office, businessman Alexey Golubovich warned of a possible refusal to purchase the publication. D

Aeroflot and Victory fly without Aviasales


Aviasales called ultimatums the proposals of Aeroflot and Victory to change the terms of cooperation. These proposals suggested the deterioration of commercial conditions by several times.

Agalarov sinking Crocus Group


According to billionaire Araz Agalarov, at the expense of his own funds and a new loan, his business will be able to "stretch" a month, and then you can’t do without state support.

Andrei Kostin deftly displays an office with a minibar for almost a billion rubles


On April 14, Presidential Administration bought an office building in the center of Moscow from VTB for 930 million rubles, the corresponding contract on the government procurement website was the first to discover the OSINT Miracles telegram channel.

Nikolai Tokarev was given another 5 years


Why mighty Igor Sechin for many years could not defeat the head of Transneft, who was again reassigned as general director.

VTB waved to Hals


The developer will cease to exist.

Roman Rotenberg swung to Yandex


The Telesport company, which owns the rights to broadcast Italian football, sued Yandex, the subject of the proceedings was the display on the Yandex website of fragments of Serie A. matches

The owners of Uralkali suck the company dry


Dmitry Rybolovlev “took off” the money and drove off to Monaco, “scoring” it for an environmental and social catastrophe. And the son of Dmitry Mazepin spins at parties during the mourning for the dead miners, while dad brings the strategic company to permanent losses.

Ksenia Shoigu wasted money “Islands of forts” for misleading purposes


The expenses of the Island of Fortes fund, whose work is supervised by the daughter of the Minister of Defense Ksenia Shoigu, amounted to 113.6 million rubles in 2019.

Gazprom Neft did not warm Shell


Her deal to create a joint venture with Gazprom Neft has been canceled.

German Gref tries on the layouts


What will change in the life of German Gref after the sale of a controlling stake in Sberbank.

As ex-senator Yuri Udalov bought himself the seat of the governor for one and a half million dollars


The former first deputy head of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, Sergei Shlyakov, is accused of participating in the "sale" of the post of governor of the Yaroslavl region to the ex-senator.

Bankers robbed their bank


Former Gazbank executives are charged with abuse and fraud.

"Vedomosti" struck coronavirus


The sale of the newspaper Vedomosti is being delayed. The plans were violated by the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic and the self-isolation regime introduced in Russia, and an editorial conflict became an additional problem.