Moscow will share its garbage with the Arkhangelsk region


Sergey Sobyanin’s henchmen will make up the virgin forests of northern Russia with 10 million tons of briquetted waste. In the suburbs of places for new landfills of the capital garbage anymore.

Dmitry Kobylkin canceled the decree of Sergei Donskoy on the destruction of the Sochi National Park


Sochi National Park will retain a legal entity: the decision on its accession to the Caucasus Reserve has been canceled.


The authorities have proposed to release the defense enterprises from the payment of dividends


The proposal to free the enterprises of the military-industrial complex from paying dividends was included in the draft government plan to accelerate investment growth. This is an attempt to neutralize the effect of sanctions and stimulate the production of civilian products.

Russia will fight in Libya


Russian military has been deployed to Libya to support forces under the command of Khalifa Haftar, who controls the country's east, the British newspaper The Sun reported.


Russians have increased spending in foreign online stores


In the first half of the year, Russians spent $ 5.19 billion in foreign online stores, a 24% increase from a year earlier. Traditional retailers complain about the inability to compete with foreign sites.

MTS became a co-owner of YouDo service


Online service for household and business tasks YouDo announced the attraction of $ 17 million from a group of investors.


Austrian company Atrium Europian Real Estate can not leave Russia


British Raven Russia refused to buy shopping centers from Austrians in the Russian Federation, buyers for which it is looking for since the summer of 2017.

BAT will close the plant in Saratov


Due to the fall in demand for cigarettes in the Russian Federation, the company will have only one tobacco factory in St. Petersburg, and Saratovskaya will close in 2019.


Spanish court recognized the absence of "Russian mafia" in the country


Spanish Themis justified 17 people, among whom were State Duma deputy Vladislav Reznik and his wife Diana Gindin. Now, instead of several years in prison, they will be compensated.

What will be the consequences of the accident of the Russian "Union-FG"


For the first time since 1983, an accident occurred during the launch of a manned domestic spacecraft.


Third Russian: new names may appear in the Skripal case


“Fontanka” found out who the UK is ready to announce as an accomplice to Petrov and Boshirov. 45-year-old Sergey Fedotov is ideally suited for the concept of "poisoners from the GRU."

Three FSB officers accused of issuing state secrets for $ 10 million


Cases of the FSB officers accused of treason reached the court.