200 hectares of the Rotenbergs in Italy

The family of the Russian president's friend is building an estate on one of the most beautiful peninsulas of Tuscany.
Italian financial police this week arrested the assets of Arkady Rotenberg, the Russian billionaire and friend of Vladimir Putin. For its proximity to the Russian president Rotenberg came under US sanctions and the European Union on the situation in Ukraine. Under arrest were several villas in Sardinia and a luxury hotel in the center of Rome. The total value of the seized property, according to Italian media, is about 30 million euros. However, this property Rotenberg in Italy is not exhausted. As demonstrated by a joint investigation of "Novaya Gazeta" and the Foundation for the fight against corruption (FBC), the son of Arkady Rotenberg, Igor, owns more than 200 hectares in one of the most beautiful places in Italy - on the peninsula of Monte Argentario - is now actively working on the construction of his estate .

Formally, a huge area of ​​the Monte Argentario is owned by two Italian companies: IMMOBILIARE CASE DELL'OLMO SRL and CASE DELL'OLMO SOCIETA 'AGRICOLA SRL The first company owned by the main house, various outbuildings, the ground beneath them and the park. The area of ​​this territory is 5.8 hectares. The second company owns more than 200 hectares stretched wokHS forests, olive groves and vineyards.

Both belong to the structure of Italian firms from Liechtenstein - Costa Ligure Anstalt, which is managed by Swiss lawyers and trust.

Now in this area is an active improvement and overhaul of the main house and outbuildings. In settling the future of the estate involved companies and design offices in Belgium, Italy, Switzerland and France.

Several sources involved in the construction, confirmed the "Novaya Gazeta", that their client is Mr. Igor Rotenberg. Moreover, Rotenberg's name is mentioned in some documents related to the construction. For example, in the minutes of the meeting with the representative of the design bureau Eggzero where Rotenberg is listed as a client. His name is sent to the account of the company Enea LandArt LLC, which is engaged in landscaping the estate.

Also on the Rotenberg sent a name and other accounts of the companies involved in the construction of the Italian estates.

Construction of the estate in Monte Argentario is conducted on a large scale. Activists FBK, were on the floorMinisters have seen actively working construction equipment, tennis courts and even a helipad. In total, according to people involved in the construction, estate plan includes a main and guest houses, a pergola with a decorative pool, SPA-center, a farm for birds, vineyards, baths and amphitheater, and 2 km around the stretch of olive groves and forests .

Igor Rotenberg did not answer the questions of "Novaya Gazeta". He, unlike his father, is not included in the sanctions list of the United States and the European Union. Arkady Rotenberg himself has called the arrest of their property in Italy as "absurd and illegitimate."


Igor Rotenberg successes are largely due to state-owned companies and budget. He has worked in the Railways, "Rosneft" and even headed the Department of the Russian Ministry.

Since 2006, Igor Rotenberg chairman of the board of JSC "EnPiVi-Engineering".

Representatives of the "EnPiVi Engineering" included in the boards of directors of building 5 "daughters" of "Gazprom", Rotenberg sold in 2008. On the basis of the former "of Gazprom" company was Formn Holding "Stroygazmontazh" - a key asset Rotenberg and one of the main suppliers of "Gazprom" today. In addition, representatives of the "EnPiVi-Engineering" is on the board of Directors of many distilleries FSUE "Rosspirtprom".