$2 billion argument: what Senator Lebedev accuses Vekselberg and Blavatnik of

In his lawsuit, the MP argues that under the old arrangements he was entitled to get 7.5% from $28 billion received from AAR Consortium for the sale of shares in TNK-BP.
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Senator from Chuvashia, co-founder of the group "Synthesis" Leonid Lebedev in court requires billionaire Viktor Vekselberg (№4 in Russia's rating Forbes, the state - $ 15.1 billion) and Leonard Blavatnik (№22 in the American Forbes rating; $ 17.8 billion) more $ 2 billion. Lebedev lawsuit was registered with the court on the eve of New York and published on the site office. Thus Lebedev is trying to prove their right to 7.5% of the $ 28 billion received AAR consortium in the sale of TNK-BP, in 2013.

The statement said that Lebedev, Vekselberg and Blavatnik are partners in the oil business since 1997, but legally formalized their business relationship after four years. In 1997, Lebedev helped partners to privatize 40% of TNK: it was he who brought in "companies controlled by one of the defendants," $ 25 million, as well as its stake in the parent company TNK (1.8%), and its main production subsidiary "Nizhnevartovskneftegas" (10.5%).

In 2001, during a meeting in New York, the partners agreed that Lebedev will be entitled to 15% of the profits of the oil business and, specifically, 15% of OGIP, through which the partners owned itemAketi TNCs.

Then Lebedev and Vekselberg immediately signed the agreement, and Blavatnik later agreed with all the terms of the contract and ordered to issue a letter of guarantee for $ 200 million, confirming the commitment OGIP dividend payment.

In 2003, the major shareholders of TNK reached an agreement with the British British Petroleum to establish a joint venture. To do this, the largest shareholders of TNK - Vekselberg and Blavatnik, on the one hand, and the "Alfa Group" Mikhail Fridman - on the other hand, the AAR consortium created on a parity basis. At the time of the transaction to create TNK-BP in the media was a stream of negative publications about one of the then business partner Lebedev. Referring to this, Vekselberg and Blavatnik insisted that Lebedev's part was not advertised, according to the lawsuit. Partners have offered to buy out the share of Lebedev, but he refused, and the company Coral was established in June 2003, where for three years were passed bills in the amount equal to 7.5% of payments received from BP's AAR, the total payout Coral was $ 600 million.

A source close to Lebedev said of Forbes, that Blavatnik and VekselberThey were advised of the intention Lebedev sue, but there was no reaction. According to the source, the claim submission to completion of the sale of TNK-BP «Rosneft" would hurt the company and, as a result, would reduce the value of the share Lebedev.

Representative Blavatnik told Bloomberg, that the charges are groundless Lebedev: "The plaintiff is trying to use the US judicial system in order to once again voice the false accusations." Vekselberg's representative declined to comment.

Lawyer firm "Khrenov and Partners" Vasily Vasilyev assesses the prospects for judicial action as favorable for Lebedev, as represented fairly extensive evidence base in the form of a written agreement and transactions, confirming their implementation.