36 kg of heroin found in a colonel's apartment

Never before in St. Petersburg were found 36 kilograms of heroin in a police officer's apartment.
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The pioneer was the Federal Drug Control Service. August 31 court arrested Lieutenant Colonel Levkovsky transport for sale of drugs on an industrial scale. The suspect was responsible for passenger transport from Asia, and the party in the retail worth 60 million rubles. The case takes a train scale.

When journalists "Fontanka" phoned his friends in the traffic police, trying to gather what happened in logic, though they anticipate questions.

- You are about 38 parrots? - I said in response to one of our interlocutors.

- About 36.

- 36 plus 2. 38. Yes ... Such impacts our department is not experienced for a long time. Yes and no experienced.
"Works in the Criminal Investigation Department for 19 years. Countless hours spent at the Moscow railway station, trains, and trains allows it to accurately determine the criminal element. He has a lot of interesting stories related to operational work "- this feature Lt. Col. Levkovsky guide Northwestern Transport Police gave the public in April 2014 on the official site office.

It is idle tovaniem the 19th anniversary of the St. Petersburg line management. Alexei Petrovich was behind the unit from 1995.

Tuesday, 2 September, the rhetoric has changed in relation to the best, "police Lieutenant Colonel St. Petersburg linear Department of Internal Affairs of Russia on the transport market has established heroin, methadone and 'white Chinese'.

As the "Fontanka", Federal Drug Control Service of the St. Petersburg operatives engaged in this subject for about a year, and recently conducted a test purchase of two kilograms of heroin. Acquirer made man, embedded in the supply chain. He came back not only with drugs.

In his impression, the transaction was involved slender, powerfully built blond. In it and found 37-year-old deputy chief of the Criminal Investigation Department of the St. Petersburg Department of Transport linear MIA Alexei Levkovsky. Since then, the intrigue of interested employees the Main Directorate of the Interior Ministry's own security.

On Saturday, August 30, in Levkovsky office at Poltava street, 9, came. During the search there were seized unaccounted stalemateones to the Makarov pistol, it is likely to be the norm for many police. Formally - the article, but the cops to such findings are ironic.

In the place of residence of Lieutenant Colonel also overturned things and bad things like anything not found. You can not say about rented in his name the Petersburg studio apartment in the Nevsky district, in the house 14, building 1, on the avenue Solidarity. They lay more than 36 kilograms of pure heroin from Afghanistan, about 0.5 kg of 'white Chinese', and 80 grams of methadone. Withdrawn amounts of drugs is more than a million individual doses. Based on the demographics of the population of our city - every able-bodied men for two and a half dose.

Curiously, it is the address of the house constantly flashes in the police reports. Next to it and in doorways constantly young people are taken drugs, and local residents have long written to the administration of the district, talking about the influx of drug addicts.

Now that St Petersburg will come at least some peace of mind.

As the press service of the Federal Drug Control Service, in Levkovsky in a rented dwelling "heroesI kept on the balcony in the two traveling bags and was packaged in plastic bags weighing about 1 kg. In addition, a significant amount of packaging material, scales and counting machine for the money "was found in the apartment.

Examination revealed a coincidence chemical properties of the drug purchased and found at Levkovsky. When taking into account that the underground market in St. Petersburg grams of heroin worth fifteen hundred rubles, and to find the pure drug is difficult, in retail the entire party is estimated at 60 million rubles.

On Sunday, August 31 lieutenant colonel was arrested.

An application for detention in the investigation came out politically slippery moment. On August 29 in St. Petersburg was the Minister of Internal Affairs Vladimir Kolokoltsev. He became known "Fontanka", the situation with Levkovsky reported. But it is hardly inserted into the merits of the report of Lieutenant Colonel. Although the numerous arrest drug dealers, train thieves, a gang of gamblers, the disclosure of abuse to murder the girl Mga station in March 2013.

- "Who are you, Mr. Levkovsky?" Thto be your friend I said, if asked him such a question? - We continued to pester the police transport.

- Do not ernichat. First on Petrovic could not think. And then these 38 pounds. Actually ... - companion rolled a sigh.

Only one officer calmly said "Fontanka": "Now, many began to gossip about his black" Land Rover ", which he did not hesitate to ride the last few years, and hinted at other indirect signs of the sudden outbreak of the material well-being. You'd think it was a secret. "

Indeed, Levkovsky by the degree of respect, perhaps, is not inferior to the first control persons. He was in charge of its line of direction of the largest stations in St. Petersburg - Moscow and Ladoga. He was the head of department, whose mission is to fight against crime in the long-distance trains. And as you know, he comes to Moscow railway station main flow of migrants from Central Asia.
With regard to weight categories, the statistics of the St. Petersburg line management emphasizes that in the past year the entire staffTechnical contents are subject withdrawn from illicit trafficking 19 kilos of drugs.

Therefore, in the "38 parrots" style cartoon can safely say that in kilograms Levkovsky looks much steeper rates of the transport police.

The only law enforcement officer, whose name is associated with the same volume of drug trafficking - it was the security officer of the 24th Division of Internal Affairs Sergei Nevsky Lukyanchikov nicknamed Lucas. This summer, he was sentenced to 15 years in colony. However, Lucas worked dozens of people, including colleagues. Even prosecutors have paid tribute to the ingenuity and care of Lucas, a long time to bypass the trap, but he could not do without assistants.

The events took place on the eve of the Day of knowledge and September 1 inclusive. Therefore, students of senior classes instead of the newly established political information can be formulated task: "If all the traffic police for the year seized 19 kilograms of drugs, while the lieutenant colonel found twice as much heroin still left?"

For transport managers MIA issue is complicated: & laquo; How much heroin in the past period were imported to St. Petersburg under control "?

According to operational information, which is released in UFSKN, drug trafficking in a month could reach tens of kilograms of heroin and one kilogram of synthetics.

"Currently underway, further investigative and operational measures aimed at establishing a supply chain of narcotic drugs" - so to speak publicly Gosnarkontrole.

Today, the railway police have exactly the idea. They think of it.