5 years late: why Football Club Anzhi was a failure

Suleiman Kerimov didn't manage to achieve in football what Sergei Galitsky did.
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Two important person involved in the Forbes ranking in May, Sergei Galitsky and Suleiman Kerimov (no. 17 and no. 20, respectively), have recently and almost simultaneously become the enthuisiasts of professional football. Galitsky, a little earlier, but Karimov, with much more visible success.

Galitsky in 2008 created a new brand of football - FC "Krasnodar" and in 2011 brought him to the Premier League - the highest echelon of Russian football. Exactly at that moment he caught Kerimov "Anji" Makhachkala - borderland dysfunctional team with a dash of scandal.

In terms of price / quality "Krasnodar" game, he may deserve the title of best football team of Russia the last three years.

But as the price of "Krasnodar" by the standards of the Premier League is very modest, the team of Galich commemorate kind word mainly football experts. But the "Anji" in August 2011, the whole world is talking. Basically, of course, amazed, laughing, speaking evil, but not in Britain or in Italy or in Spain - the biggest football civilizations - in any way it was impossible not to hear about "Anji". The fact that Suleiman Kerimov made the bannernitogo Cameroonian striker Samuel Eto'o the highest paid athletes in the world with a salary of € 21 million a year after taxes. In the "Krasnodar" Galitsky no player earns over a million euros. But Galitsky 4 years invested $ 60 million in the construction and development of football academy in Krasnodar. This is a little more than two years Eto'o earned in Russia, scoring 35 goals. A little more than a million euros, it turns out, a piece.

Not everything is measured by numbers. Football passion Kerimov prescribed humanitarian mission: world stars gathered in "Anji", to help the people of Dagestan to escape from the hardships of life, the art of calling for love and peace. If even for a moment to relax and believe in it, then the owner of "Anji" attributed football properties of the drug mighty power that can have an effect over the past two weeks.

It was just two weeks on average, "Anzhi" Makhachkala team appeared to play a home game and then fly to Moscow and stationed on villas and apartments. This is another football record Suleiman Kerimov. I guess he will not be pupholstered - "Anji" became the first team in professional sports history, which is actually based in one and a half thousand kilometers from the place of registration. Implementation of the social mission at a distance seems to be very difficult. It's more like a transfer of corned beef in the disaster area.

And that's how football works with the company Galitsky, it is understandable - his football academy is considered the best in the country. There are 100 children's coaches work.

Kerimov built "Anji" as mined his billions: very fast, intuitive. And once it became obvious that football had fared worse than the billions.

As in business, when he did not go, it includes passion and vigor. A month before the announced collapse of "Anji" (officially it is called a "change of strategy") Kerimov was preparing a new assault by buying another bunch of stars. The assault failed at the start. Kerimov has changed for the fourth time the coach. But no firm his determination could not be saved "Anji". It turned out that the team is divided into groups. After a series of scandals literally less than a month after the articleart championship Karimov announced the surrender, that is, radical budget cuts and the sale of stars.

Professional football has never been a good part of the Russian society. On the contrary, it has always been pretty visual it, society nekomplimentarnoy, repulsive model. 5 years ago Kerimov be made in Russian football everything he wanted. But the spirit of the times entered in Russian football. And the superhero capitalist labor the previous two decades, slightly choked. This new air is reduced physiology value and increases the cost of failure. Russian capitalism of the 1990s - 2000s was too physiologic and because immoralen. In Russia, the 2010s intelligent on all fronts thronging physiological. Morality, ethics (and not through false declarations about the "social mission") - the fastest growing asset.

Suleiman Kerimov - Lately Russia. Sergei Galitsky - is no longer the future but the present. That's why the bursting of "Anji". And not because the shares tumbled "Uralkali".