A criminal investigation is open against the president of RSC "Energia"

Vitaly Lopota is accused of causing damage to the company in the amount of 41 million rubles in the lending process of the project "Sea Launch".
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Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation Central Federal District opened a criminal case against Vitaly Lopota, president of Rocket and Space Corporation "Energia", the parent company of Roskosmos manned programs. The case was initiated on the grounds of an offense under Part. 1, Art. 201 of the Criminal Code ( "Use of the person performing managerial functions in a commercial or other organization, its powers contrary to the legitimate interests of the organization"). The Investigative Committee of the "Izvestiya" reported that the decision to institute proceedings against the Lopota was signed on April 14, the president of RSC "Energia" notified about this, but the measure of restraint is not elected.

At the heart of the criminal case - materials submitted in the UK by the FSB in November last year. FSB launched an investigation after Roscosmos gave this service materials interdepartmental working group (IWG), the spring of 2013 check the case "Energy" by order of the Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin. The main topic of the audit was the project "Sea Launch". Since 2010 this system to launch paket "Zenith" from a floating platform is maintained by subsidiaries of "Energy", which are the beneficiaries of the Swiss Sea Launch AG, which owns the assets and "Sea Launch".

The expediency of the participation of "Energy" in the enterprise is not obvious, because the project is profitable in the event that carries 4-5 launches per year. Until today, these figures far: last year, "Sea Launch" has carried out only one launch, which was held emergency - the rocket fell into the ocean in the first minute of flight. This year, the "Sea Launch" as a start is planned, which is also not possible to carry out due to technical problems. All this time, "Sea Launch", the contents of which itself is worth at least $ 80 million per year, generating losses. Now the debt burden of the project exceeds $ 400 million, and the management of "Energy" is forced to plug this gap. One of these operations and formed the basis of the criminal case initiated against Lopota.

- In 2010, the RSC "Energia" has issued two loans in commercial banks by 5.2 billion with an interest rateth 8%, - told "Izvestia" a source in the FSB. - 3.4 billion of these funds were transferred to a subsidiary of "Energy" - JSC "Experimental Engineering Plant of RSC" Energia "(MEM) - as advances on contracts for the manufacture of manned ships within state contracts. Next Lopota ordered ZEM Director Alexander Strekalova conclude a loan agreement for 2.2 billion rubles from LLC "Energia Overseas", through which the RCM owns Sea Launch AG. The contract with the "Energy Overseas" was awarded at an interest rate of LIBOR plus 4%, ie a total of about 5% per annum. Similarly, a contract has been issued with another subsidiary of "Energy", participating in the capital Sea Launch AG, - LLC "Energy-Logistics". She was granted a loan of 1.174 billion rubles. As a result, "Energy" for the use of these credit funds paid 41 million rubles more than received from the "Energy Overseas" and "Energy-Logistics".

This scheme, according to the FSB, contain signs of a crime, as described in Art. 201 of the Criminal Code. With these arguments and have now agreed to the Investigationm Committee.

- Art. 201 seldom comes alone, - says Alexander Zheleznikov, managing partner of the Moscow Bar Association "Zheleznikov and partners." - The most common charge for this item is combined with articles such as "fraud", "Embezzlement". It happens that the investigator to discover the offense begins with Art. 201, and then adds a qualification. No criminal case investigator difficult to interrogate the person. Therefore, investigators often give birth to a criminal case on the same article, and in the framework of the investigation there are others.

Vitaly Lopota, the phone did not respond to a written request and did not answer. Head of Information and Analytical Department of RKK "Energiya" Boris Steps to call did not come. In November last year, "Izvestia" wrote the UK started pre-investigation of the case. Then Lopota said the interest of the investigating authorities as follows:

- The fact that the materials submitted to the UK, I do not care ... We have been brought for the purpose of a commercial loan to cover the debts of the previous periods. I have the right to dispose of 10% Currency balance, and I did it. The Audit Chamber, checking us, no complaints on this subject is not expressed.