A former member of the United Russia party found in a killer gang

The Russian Investigative Commitee declared the former deputy of the Rostov City Council Andrey Chabanov from the United Russia party internationally wanted. 
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RF IC announced internationally wanted former deputy of the Rostov City Council of "United Russia" Andrei Chabanova. According to investigators, he was a participant in a criminal gang "authority" Dmitry Lesnyakova, which account for about 20 murders. Gangster and parliamentarian even created a company together. According to operative data, shepherds hiding in Thailand.

As reported by "Rosbalt" a law enforcement source, the GSM RF IC in Moscow in absentia filed Andrei Chabanova charges under Criminal Code articles 105 (murder) and 209 (banditry). It was announced in the federal and then the international wanted list through Interpol. Presnensky court of Moscow has chosen the former deputy of the measure of restraint in the form of detention. His lawyers argued that Chabanova guilt evidence is collected, it is "positively characterized by place of residence and work," and is not going to impede the investigation. However, the servants of Themis, such arguments are not impressed: they were arrested in absentia former parliamentarian.

Andrei and Dmitry Chabanov LESNJAK named Les was born in 1977 and had been friends since childhood. This did not preventabout the fact that most of the forest is life on the run. When he was 19, he was in Rostov-on-Don brutally beaten with a baseball bat businessman who refused to pay "tribute". As a result, in 1996, Lesniak was wanted, and lived in hiding until his arrest in 2009. He used the passport in the name of Ruslan Valentinov. Despite this, the Forest made a very successful career in the criminal world. According to investigators, in 1997 he made a gang that was engaged in the Rostov region in robberies, kidnappings of businessmen, extortion. Members of the gang came together with a number of "thieves in law", operating in the south of Russia, and they soon became engaged in the implementation of "custom-made" murders, including in the capital.

In 2001-2002, members of the group have eliminated more than a dozen criminal "authorities" in the Pushkin district of Moscow region and managed to get it under control of a significant number of commercial buildings, including large market. According to investigators, in 2007-2008 Forest converged with the "thieves in law" Armen Harutyunyan and Gocha Antipov, who were part of alan "lawyer" Ded Hasan. As a result of the grouping was the killing and perform in the interests of individual representatives of the clan. On their account, in particular, the shooting of "criminal General" Alik Minalyana in Moscow in 2008.

According to investigators, on account of gang Forests also are high-profile crimes, like murder Director of the International Nuclear Safety Center under the Ministry of Atomic Energy of the Russian Federation Sergey Bugaenko, Henry Yuzbashev - brother "vodka king" Hakob Yuzbashev, chairman of the capital of the bank "Spring" Boris Terpugova and so on. d.

It is noteworthy that the forest and it is engaged in legal business. Ruslan Valentine was considered the founder of the Pushkin kolkhoz market and co-owner of the Sochi LLC "Freestyle". Another founder of this company was Andrew shepherd, in the Southern Federal District construction business. First of all - in Rostov-on-Don and Sochi. As investigators believe LESNJAK Valentin was an unofficial co-owner of the business and the criminal "roof." At one time in Rostov-on-Don killed a number of "authorities" and business conflict with Chabanova. Inie collected evidence, in 2008 in Sochi members of the group at the request of the Forest Chabanova beaten to death with metal bars of a businessman, with whom "Freestyle" can not divide land.

Andrew Shepherds - the person in Rostov-on-Don is quite known. Until 2010 he was a deputy of the local City Duma from "United Russia". Photo Chabanova still located on the site of the Rostov branch of the party among its other prominent members. The correspondent of "Rosbalt" in the department of "United Russia" and could not give a clear answer whether he is a member.

According to investigators, in the midst of an investigation in relation to gang Woods Chabanov urgently left Russia. Presumably he is hiding in Thailand.

Recall to enter the group was able to trace Lesnyakova after her killers in 2008 dealt with businessman Valery Kazakov, who was closely associated with the leadership Mosoblprokuratury. According to law enforcement officers, Cossacks demanded that the owners of the Pushkin entered the market in these founders they ldei. And the August 1, 2008, Valery Kazakov was demonstratively killed right on the doorstep Pushkin prosecutors. Criminals in broad daylight fired several bullets into him, and then cut his throat.

Detention of a large part of the gang members, including Lesnyakova, GUUR employees of the Interior Ministry held in the summer of 2009, but some of the attackers managed to escape. They were on the wanted list.