"A percy boy has come and sat, cross-legged": how Karimov quarreled with Lukashenko

President of Belarus held a big press conference where he spoke about the causes of the conflict around Uralkali of belated apology of Suleiman Kerimov and the role of Mikhail Gutseriev in that history.
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Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko on Friday gathered Russian journalists at a five-hour press conference at which he spoke in detail about how Moscow and Minsk are trying to resolve the conflict around "Uralkali". According to Lukashenko, the talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin, he said that no "Gärtner" (General Director of "Uralkali" Vladislav Baumgertner) or major shareholder of "BRIC", Senator Suleiman Kerimov (№20 in the ranking of 200 richest businessmen of Russia, according to Forbes , the state - $ 7.1 billion) is not worth it to hurt the relationship between states and the personal relations of the countries leaders. Putin is "absolutely agree", Lukashenka informed journalists (according to "Interfax" quote).

However, to delay the decision on the ownership of "BRIC" is not advised Lukashenko to the Russian leadership. "In an extreme case - to buy (shares Kerimov) let the state," - he suggested, adding that he would have one day, these assets were "in the hands of reliable people." "I would Kerimov and other owners would close one campy, and they would like a lamb to sell all the assets to the highest bidder. Buyer I found them ", - assured the Belarusian leader.

According to the shareholders of "BRIC" Lukashenko walked again, calling them "bastards." to take away their shares and give them "this miserable Berezniki" (a town in the Perm region, where production facilities are located), he suggested. Kerimov "bought the" Uralkali "and now is doing what he wants": "Never mind that today Berezniki go under the ground, that everything is flooded, it is not the case before," - says the head of state.

The Belarusian president also touched on the question of who will investigate the criminal case against Suleiman Kerimov and top managers of the Belarusian Potash Company (BPC) - the joint venture of "BRIC" and "Belaruskali". Belarus may refer the investigation and help Russia, Lukashenko said at a press conference. "Send here Bastrykin (TFR head Alexander Bastrykin) - a decent man, in my view, or its people. We - the documents on the table, and you are evaluating. We arrived - looked. Hotthey themselves understand ... Because the damage to Russia commensurate with the damage of Belarus ", - said Lukashenko, Russian law enforcement agencies to convict in myopia:" On the eve of the collapse of the company, when more or less been the high price of the shares, they sold shares. And then, when collapsed, we began to buy these shares. It's a scam. Why is this not seen in Russia, for the same should be punished. " According to him, he was going to personally come to the Berezniki and "tell people the truth": "They have ruined the company: $ 900 was a ton of fertilizer on the market, and now - $ 230, and they still sell cheaper." From the arrival of the ideas he refused because of the inconvenience "report" in a foreign country. "Not so understand," - said Lukashenko.

According to him, Minsk is ready to give "Uralkali" General Director, provided that in Russia it will be placed "in camera". "He brought you more harm," - he said. At the same time Lukashenka added that Belarus Baumgertner is in good conditions: "humane lives a three-room apartment. Where I'll let him? Back to the camera? "(Quoted by RIA Novosti). Anyway,is, in his words, requests to issue Baumgertner Minsk with the Russian side did not receive.
At the press conference it was announced that Baumgertner changed article with abuse of authority and power to "theft". The Belarusian Investigation Committee it is not officially declared, and from the words of Lukashenko is difficult to understand exactly what is now charged with the celebrity manager. Belarus Criminal Code contains an article entitled "Theft through abuse of office", which provides for up to four years in prison, up to 10 years - for the theft of a large amount, up to 12 years - on a large scale. Earlier, the Belarusian authorities have stated that the damage caused by the machinations of the representatives of "BRIC" is estimated at $ 100 million - a particularly large size. Vladislav Baumgertner was arrested Aug. 26 after a meeting with Prime Minister Mikhail Myasnikovich, spent a month in jail and placed under house arrest in Minsk in late September.

"Do not think that Lukashenka lured you not Baum, not Gertner in Belarus, I put the camera and how the ogre, mocking every day over it. Yes, I have enough problems without "- skaal it, commenting on the detention of General Director of "Uralkali". According to him, Baumgertner summoned to Minsk "not to put him in jail, and <...> to unleash these problems." "He came, jerk, it invites the Prime Minister. He sat down at the foot of the leg and says it will not be this. Out, he spat at Government House and laughing airport. And there it ... ", - Lukashenka said. After changing Baumgertner charges, according to Lukashenka, "precipitated".
According to the Belarusian leader, even before the initiation of the case, he warned Karimov about the possibility of criminal prosecution - in another Forbes list of the participant, founder and owner of "Russneft" Mikhail Gutseriev (№34 in the ranking of 200 richest businessmen of Russia, according to Forbes, the state - $ 3 billion).

"I called him here as a brother, as I call it, a Muslim, with whom we have good relations - Mishu Gutseriev. I say, Michael Safarbekovich, can you fulfill my request? - Well, what do you say? - Can you give him (Karimov)? - I can. Pass: if he will behave more so - prevent us from works to put our potash company to its knees - I initiate a criminal case, "- said Lukashenko.

According to him, Gutseriev heard it, "as much as sat down" and asked Lukashenka to abandon their plans: "Business is a collapse." But Lukashenko changed his mind and put forward conditions, which must be passed to Kerimov: "do not block the decision of the Belarusian campaign, conduct the supervisory board appoint a new director, go - we will not have to work." According to him, a week Gutseriev returned to Minsk and said that Kerimov his "sent." After this, as the words of Lukashenko, he told the Belarusian law-enforcement agencies "to act according to the law," and they opened a criminal case. Then Lukashenko, in his own statement, received signal from Kerimov: "Sorry, I'm guilty."

"Well, I can forgive. But you have caused huge damage, and we have created a new company. Train has already left. I forgive, go with God, but a criminal case, we will not close ", - stated Lukashenko.
Minsk is very difficult, but he can get out, he assured belorussky leader: "In October, we obtain for potassium, in November-December, we still have the best contracts." A "Uralkali" - "bankrupt", distorting statements, he repeated his recent statements. According to him, the Russian manufacturer is not afraid of Belarusians and Americans who are interested in this fact. "The fact that we have declared them wanted by Interpol - is flowers and berries there. And there can get life imprisonment for such things ", - said the president. Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus to submit a request to Interpol to classified Kerimov wanted, but the police organization has not yet decided.

Raise the price of potash fertilizer in half, according to him, you can restore the Belarusian-Russian "potash cartel." "I am not a malicious person. I suggested to restore the instruments company. And I asked Vladimir Vladimirovich did not prolong this ", - Lukashenka said. The Belarusian president has accused the Russian shareholders of CCB sabotage decision after the failure of "BRIC" from exports through joint trader. In particular, the BelarusianSkye side has not been able to take a decision on the appointment of a new CEO, as the Russian shareholders in every possible way evaded participation in the supervisory board, he complained.
Besides, Lukashenka told about the attempt of some Russian businessmen to buy out the share of "Belaruskali" in CCB, giving him a bribe. "We came here alone, said - $ 10 billion to the state, $ 5 billion - me. I said, let them come, we'll put it there "- he said. The President also touched on the history of relations with the former beneficial owner of "BRIC" Dmitry Rybolovlev (№14; $ 9,1 bn) which sold its stake to Kerimov, Galchev and subsequently withdrawn from the capital of the company Alexander Nesis (№30: $ 3,3 billion). "He came and said - I'm sorry, I will not work anymore. We collide, say - or imprison, or take off his head. I did ten minutes poubezhdal, but what can you do "- said Lukashenko.
This is not the first appearance of the Belarusian president on "Uralkali".

In September, Lukashenko said that Minsk will resume cooperation with the Russian manufacturer only in case of changesowner. According to unofficial data, Suleiman Kerimov and his business partner Filaret Galchev (№22; $ 6,7 billion) and Anatoly Skurov (№64; $ 1,7 billion) negotiating the sale of their shares they hold respectively 21.75%, 7 % and 4.8% of the company. The list of possible candidates for the shares is almost entirely composed of the defendants in Forbes rankings Mikhail Prokhorov (№10; $ 13 billion), Arkady Rotenberg (№31; $ 3,3 bn) Vladimir Kogan (№111; $ 0,95 bn) supposedly coming in tandem Vladimir Yevtushenko (№23; $ 6,7 billion) and Mikhail Gutseriev (№34; $ 3bn). Applicants were also called MMC "Norilsk Nickel", "Rosneft" and "Rosneftegas". Officially, prospective purchasers of interest in any asset not confirmed or denied.