A piece of the USSR: Russkiye Fondy bought a diamond trader from Alrosa

Sergey Vasiliev's Investment  Group acquired the London diamond trader ARCOS, existing since 1920.
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The fact that the investment group "Russian Funds" Sergei Vasiliev bought at "Alrosa" 78% of the shares of the London Diamond Trader ARCOS, Tell a Friend Vasileva and a source close to the leadership of the diamond company. Sergey Vasilyev told Forbes, that the buyer is the Cyprus company Backstar Holding, and "Russian funds" organized a deal. The share of "Alrosa" was sold for £ 4 million. Sam Sergei Vasilyev joined the company's Board of Directors February 19, 2016, shows the UK register of companies.

Forbes A source close to the leadership of "ALROSA", he reported that two buyers participated in the competition, and Sergei Vasiliev structure offered the best price. In the "Alrosa" the press service reported that the shares ARCOS were sold at a price higher than the market. Forbes source in the company says that before the auction on the ARCOS balance of the property is located in London's Highgate, cash of £ 4 million and Diamond Fund 110 000 carats. "It's a bargain for the" Russian Funds ". The cost of the company's assets was higher than the purchase price ", - said Forbes, a source close to the Russian alase monopoly.

However, Sergei Vasiliev said of Forbes, that at the time of the transaction Diamond Fund have been sold. In the "Alrosa" reported that at the time of sale but the apartment is in property in London ARCOS 65 sq.m. According to Vasiliev, in the future, the London company can be used the group "Russian Funds" as an intermediary for commodity trade or investment in Russia. there are gold mining company "Seligdar" Among the assets Vasilyeva group.

Joint Stock Company All Russian Cooperative (ARCOS) was established in 1920 in London with the participation of the People's Commissar of Foreign Trade of the RSFSR Leonid Krasin. After between Soviet Russia and the United Kingdom signed the first-ever trade pact, located in the City of London has become a trade gateway ARCOS USSR went through it all trades between the Soviet Union, Great Britain and its former colonies.

Presiding society revolutionaries Alexander Kwiatkowski and George Solomon-Isetsky. In 1927, the Soviet-British relations deteriorated in ARCOS office were searched, its activities Actuallift stopped. Kwiatkowski returned to the USSR, where he was convicted for financial abuse and sentenced to 10 years in prison. His fate is unknown. Solomon-Isetsky in 1923 handed in his resignation and, fearing for his life, he moved to Belgium, where he wrote the book "Among the red leaders" denouncing the Bolshevik regime. In 1942 he was shot by the Nazis in the fort of Mont Valerien.

In 1980 ARCOS shares were transferred to the Soviet foreign trade association "Almazuvelirexport" (66.7%), "Eksportles" (21.7%) and "Stankoimport" (11.6%). By 2006, 78% ARCOS consolidated "Alrosa". Under the guidance of "Alrosa" company performed the role of electricity trading unit in London, as well as acting as representatives in the framework of cooperation with De Beers. In 2013, "Alrosa" has decided to liquidate or sell ARCOS, reported the press service of the company. The reason for the sale of British assets is that the Russian monopoly has been trading mostly through the Netherlands, the source says Forbes.