Abramovich left behind the planes of Russian billionaires

The estimated cost of the new Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner business jet is $350 million. Abramovich's new plane will become the most expensive Russian private jet.
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The main owner of Millhouse, Roman Abramovich, purchased a luxurious Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner in the past year. This was reported to Forbes by two sources in the aviation market. According to Flight Radar, on December 18, the plane flew from Basel, where it was equipped, to Moscow.

All airlines in the world have only 250 such aircraft, in Russia there are none at all. For personal needs, such huge aircraft are used very rarely. The Dreamliner, which Abramovich bought, was built in June 2015 for Privateair, a private Swiss airline, but was never handed over to him. In 2019, its equipment began in accordance with the requests of the Russian billionaire.

The plane will be able to carry up to 50 passengers: 10 seats are provided for security, 10 for staff and 30 for guests, says a Forbes source in the aviation market. The flight range of the "dreamliner" is 18,418 km (with 25 passengers on board), the cabin area is 224.4 sq.m. The operator of the new vessel is the same as the previous one, owned by Abramovich - Global Jet Concept. At the same time, unlike its previous Boeing 767 aircraft, which received the code name "Bandit" due to the black "mask" on the cockpit windows, the new vessel is painted with extreme restraint. “It’s fashionable now – it helps to attract less attention,” the source explains.

According to the source of Forbes, the catalog price of this model is $ 248.3 million, its additional equipment will cost the billionaire at least another $ 100 million. At the same time, the specific cost of finishing and equipping the aircraft can be much higher, it all depends on the wishes of the customer. Abramovich's previous aircraft had, for example, an anti-missile system installed. "Bandit" was recently put up for sale, the cost of the lot is about $ 100 million. In any case, it can be argued that Abramovich's new aircraft will become the most expensive Russian private jet to date. “Roman Arkadyevich made himself a New Year's gift,” concludes the Forbes interlocutor.

“The Boeing 787-8 and 787-9 models are very VIP, they are really huge machines with fantastic interiors. Boeing and Airbus produce no more than two or three such business jets a year,” says Dmitry Petrochenko, BizavNews project manager. Their decoration, indeed, can cost fabulous money: the government of Saudi Arabia, for example, the interior cost more than the aircraft itself, and more than 120 kg of precious metals went to finish the Boeing 787, donated by the government of Qatar to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. The useful area of ​​the aircraft is such that you can recreate, for example, the interior of your yacht or a country house.