Abyzov's children miss London apartments and a villa in Tuscany

Former Minister Mikhail Abyzov, languishing in the dungeons of Lefortovo, does not cry even when he peels the bow for his cellmates.
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The Basmanny court of the capital extended until January 25, 2020 the term of the arrest of the former Minister for the "Open Government" of Russia Mikhail Abyzov. Recall that Abyzov is accused of stealing 4 billion rubles, creating a criminal community using his official position and legalizing 32.5 billion rubles.

The arrested ex-minister Mikhail Abyzov recently sadly remarked that his son had gone to America alien to him “with great personal tragedy,” since he “could not imagine his life outside of Russia.” In fact, the official’s children were born in the United States and received the citizenship of this country.

Heir Daniel now seems to be living in an Italian villa worth $ 4 million, Nikita and Zoya Abyzov own a 350-meter apartment in London, the youngest son of Minister Abyzov from the glamorous stewardess Valentina Grigorieva and her mother miss her in 335-meter apartments in Tuscany.

Abyzov turned on the option of "one child"

“Literally before our eyes, Abyzov turned on the“ on-the-go ”option,” says Mikhail Delyagin, scientific director of the Institute for Globalization Issues, full member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, “this is an attempt to put pressure on patriotism, as they say. Since Abyzov, during the destruction of the Russian electric power industry under the guise of reforming it, was one of Chubais’s closest associates, seriously believing the words of such people means signing his own idiocy. These are people who promised us a reduction in tariffs, increased competition in the electric power industry, increased reliability of energy supply, etc. In fact, Abyzov, of course, had a lot of fun, but, most importantly, he came into conflict with the Alfa Group consortium, and this, you know, is a more serious organization than the Russian state. Abyzov’s problem arose precisely because of a violation of contractual obligations with respect to Alfa Group. Such is my hypothesis.

I don’t know all the details, but there was a conflict, the consortium representatives somehow deliberately unconvincing said that they had nothing to do with it ... But if Chubais is free and Abyzov is sitting, then it’s clear that this is not “Russian” state".

We will see Abyzov in the government

Abyzov himself now misses the pre-trial detention center, where human rights activists visit him from time to time. Thus, in an interview with members of the Public Observation Commission of Moscow, Abyzov, “lying on a bunk with a hood pulled over his head,” admitted that his first interrogation was carried out until late at night, but he had no comments on the investigators.

According to the arrested, the interrogation was conducted by educated and cultural guys who treated him correctly, respectfully and efficiently. They didn’t feed him, but he didn’t ask, because he "didn’t want to." Abyzov himself still does not lose hope that he will be released under house arrest.

“And in my opinion, he may well hope not for a house arrest, but for an early release, apologies and payments from the federal budget of insane compensation,” Mikhail Delyagin believes. - After all, he has been under investigation for a very long time, but there is no court, there was none, and it is not clear when it will take place. We know perfectly well that the liberal clan beats off such figures, but what happened to Ulyukaev is a one-time accident - the same as with Khodorkovsky.

Abyzov is an ordinary oligarch of the middle hand. Well, yes, he headed the “Open Government” because Medvedev could not make him the Minister of Energy. Therefore, they came up with such a wonderful position, well, directly Minister Soros under the government of the Russian Federation! So we will see Abyzov in the government, and in a very good position - Deputy Prime Minister, Deputy Mr. Medvedev ... "

There are smart people, and there are liberal people

“There was a time when Abyzov even tried to write some complaint, but then decided to roll back,” says Eva Merkacheva, member of the Human Rights Council under the President of the Russian Federation, member of the FSIN Public Council. - It seems to me that he always plays some kind of game, that everything is very good with him, then everything is not very good ...

He probably hopes that if he is loyal, then they will suddenly let him go, but in fact, as practice shows, all the people who ended up in Lefortovo, especially on such charges, they are not doing well. I don’t remember letting anyone go. ”

And the well-promoted human rights activist, when she went into the cell to Abyzov, was shocked by how he carefully peeled onions and garlic. “They divided all the powers between themselves in the cell. Today one is preparing breakfast, the other is washing the floors, and this one is the toilet. But they do all this themselves. ”

“And the fact that a millionaire himself, with his own hands, spoons a soup with his own spoon, without waiting for the attendants to put this soup in his mouth with a spoon, does not impress this human rights activist? - surprised Mikhail Delyagin. - There was such an outstanding English politician Winston Churchill, who was really proud that he had never brushed his teeth in his life.

I think that Mrs. Merkacheva should write a sensual report about how Mr. Abyzov suffers when he, unlike Churchill, himself has to clean his teeth with his own pens. You see, there are smart people, and there are liberal people. The great happiness of normal people is that liberal ideology rarely allows a person to be smart. ”