Airport Sheremetyevo in 2016 served 40 million passengers

This was an absolute record for the Russian airport industry.
The commemorative 40 millionth passenger of this year in "Sheremetyevo" was registered today for the flight of "Aeroflot" to Kaliningrad, departing at 13.25, told the press service of the airport.

"Sheremetyevo" - the largest airport in Russia, this status he regained in 2015, before this ten years the leader was the airport "Domodedovo".

"The initial forecast for this year included a traffic level of over 37 million passengers (in 2016 there were 34 million people), but the performance of the first three quarters (30.2 million) confirmed the possibility to reach the level of 40 million passengers as early as 2017 (+18 , 8% to the previous year), "Anna Zakharenkova, representative of Sheremetyevo, said.

"40 million is really a very large and psychologically important indicator," says Infomost CEO Boris Rybak. This is an absolute record for the Russian industry, the previous best indicator was also in Sheremetyevo in 2016, before that in 2014 from Domodedovo (33 million people).

In 2015-2016 years. due to the crisis in the aviation industry (caused by the devaluation of the ruble at the end of 2014, a slowdown in economic development and a drop in demand for flights), Domodedovo's passenger traffic declined by 13.7%, which was the most affected by the departure from the Russian market in 2015 -2016 years. foreign airlines. Sheremetyevo continued to grow and in those years thanks to Aeroflot, which provides the airport with about 85% of all traffic.

Exceed the initial forecast for this year was due to the quality of service, optimization of production processes and smooth interaction with airlines, says Zakharenkova. The biggest growth was registered in the base carrier Aeroflot, she continues, also significant growth was shown by Nordwind (the second largest carrier Sheremetyevo) and Chinese airlines.

The main reason for the current and future growth of Sheremetyevo is Aeroflot, the rest are secondary, Rybak is categorical. Aeroflot transported 30.3 million people in January-November (+ 13.8% yoy).

In 2018 Sheremetyevo plans to serve more than 45 million people and enter the list of 35 largest airports in the world, Zakharenkova said.

"Such figures of growth are alarming - Aeroflot has been short of business halls for many years, the two Blues and Jazz halls are full, the level of service in them does not correspond to the level of Aeroflot, and after all premium passengers bring it the main profit, "- says Rybak.

Next year, Sheremetyevo will complete and launch terminal B, which will serve domestic flights. "It can somehow solve the problem with business rooms, but the airport will have restrictions on the number of take-off and landing operations, because its two runways are dependent, and the third is not yet completed. The airport is overloaded, which showed a massive delay in flights in early December due to snowfall, "- continues Rybak.

The representative of Aeroflot did not respond to the request.

Its historic record this year will also deliver the airport Vnukovo, its traffic will exceed 18 million people, the previous maximum was in 2015 - 15.8 million passengers. "Domodedovo" will receive more than 30.5 million people.