Alexander Beglov was deaf to the signals "Metrostroy"

The authorities of St. Petersburg are bringing up the situation with the delivery of new metro stations to a dead end because of the decision to break contracts with Metrostroy, the company said. Smolny terminated contracts due to non-performance of contracts.
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The government of St. Petersburg has decided to terminate contracts for the construction of the subway because of its incompetence. This was reported to RBC in the press service of Metrostroy.

"These actions are dictated by the incompetence of the customer, who did everything in order to bring the situation to a standstill," the statement said.

In "Metrostroy" stated that the government of St. Petersburg is not aware of the consequences that will result in the termination of contracts. The press service said that as a result there would be a threat to the safety of existing underground workings and structures that are located in the work area on the surface.

“Even one-day downtime without proper maintenance can lead to an emergency.” Careless attitude of the customer’s officials can lead to a man-made disaster, and not to understand this is unacceptable, ”the company believes.

The company reported that for several years the city government did not fulfill obligations for all contracts, in particular, it delayed acceptance and payment of completed work, applied without approval reduction factors for almost all lines of estimates of existing contracts, did not provide platforms for construction, and also working - budget documentation.

“OJSC“ Metrostroy ”has repeatedly pointed out these violations to the customer, but in response received claims and lawsuits in the court, where it was itself accused. These actions indicate the subjective position of the Committee for the Development of Transport Infrastructure (KDTI) and the Directorate of Transport Construction (DTS) in order to shift the responsibility to the general contractor, ”the press service said.

The company added that in response, she was also forced to go to court to protect her interests, as well as “the interests of the main customer of the construction - potential metro passengers”.

The press service added that Metrostroy was trying to improve relations with the customer, but he “turned out to be deaf”. The company said that Metrostroy reserves the right to challenge the decision of the KDTI and the DTS and to involve independent experts in resolving the situation.

Earlier, the government of St. Petersburg announced its decision to terminate contracts with Metrostroy for the construction of three lines due to "gross non-fulfillment" of the terms of contracts and poor-quality planning. According to the city authorities, this led to a breakdown in the construction of new stations and delays in salary payments to workers. Among the “problem” areas, the government of St. Petersburg called a segment of the Nevsko-Vasileostrovskaya metro line. Also, the construction time of the site of the Frunzensko-Primorskaya line was broken.

In Metrostroi itself, difficulties with the execution of the contract for the construction of the Frunzensky radius were explained by the behavior of the customer himself. The company pointed out that the contract price was reduced from 35 billion to 25.9 billion rubles, the construction permit was issued with a delay, and the contractor for the development of working documentation was chosen with an error, because of which the contractor “for a long time was deprived of the ability to perform and take work. "