Alexander Fridman does not expect money from father

“I eat, live, sleep and dress for what I earned myself,” says Alexander 19-year-old son of billionaire Mikhail Fridman.
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The son of Alfa Group co-owner Mikhail Fridman, 19-year-old Alexander Fridman, told Bloomberg that he rented a two-room apartment on the outskirts of Moscow for $ 500 a month and went to work by metro. “I eat, live, sleep and dress for what I earned myself,” says Friedman Jr.

Alexander Friedman returned to Moscow last year after leaving school near London. Five months ago, he founded the EsEf Development distribution company, which has only five employees. According to Bloomberg, the company's revenue is $ 405,000. Another business of Friedman Jr. is the distribution of hookah products in Moscow restaurants, as well as the online marketing platform BloggerPass.

According to Alexander Friedman, at first he planned to attend Stern School of Business at New York University, but decided to wait one year with his studies. Now he is thinking whether to abandon the idea of ​​studying there and devote himself entirely to business. “I have friends who are 23 years old, they graduated from Yale and receive $ 80,000-100,000 each, working 16 hours a day. You can make more money in a smarter way, ”he says.

As Forbes wrote in December, ESEf Development is engaged in the wholesale supply of products. The company supplies the Turkish Love Is chewing gum ... and the South Korean Morning Care hangover product to Magnit and X5 Retail Group stores (Pyaterochka, Perekrestok, Karusel). In EsEf Development, 36% belong to Alexander Mikhailovich Ozhelsky (Ozhelskaya is the name of the former common-law wife of Mikhail Fridman, mother of Alexander). Alexander Fridman has four partners at EsEf Development - Sergey Burdaev, Alexander Plotnikov, Yuri Stikharev and Vladislav Shachnev (they each have 16% in the company). Friedman Jr. then noted that his father "did not take any part in the business."

At a Forbes Club meeting in May 2016, Mikhail Fridman said that he did not plan to leave an inheritance for children, but he wanted to direct his fortune to charity. “It seems to me that giving a serious amount of money to a child or young man is in many ways a risk of breaking his life,” the billionaire explained.