Alexander Neradko signed a "golden" contract, in anticipation of new corruption scandals

For what legal services Rosaviation spent a billion rubles.
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The Federal Air Transport Agency (Rosaviatsia) is ready, without any tenders, to renegotiate the contract for legal services with the Moscow Bar Association "Mezhregion". Since 2008, the total cost of lawyer services has already reached more than 1 billion rubles, which experts consider an unprecedented case. At the same time, two dozen lawyers were supposed to receive 345,000 rubles a day, including weekends, to protect the interests of Rosaviation in courts. Where such unprecedented prices?

Lawyer secrets

In 2008, the Federal State Unitary Enterprise “State Corporation for the Organization of Air Traffic” concluded a contract for the provision of legal services for three years with the Bar “Mezhregion”. Many specialists were then surprised by the contract price - 378 million rubles. If you count, it turns out that for each day of work, hired lawyers should receive 345 thousand rubles (including weekends).

The generous company at that time was subordinated to Rosaeronavigation, which in December 2009 fully merged into Rosaviatsia. “Regarding the contract, I can say that everything was carried out within the framework of the law: there was an open competition in which four organizations took part, and we won,” said a representative of the Mezhregion Bar Association. But to tell what kind of work the lawyers did for 378 million rubles, the representative of the board refused, citing lawyer's secret.

The head of the board of "Mezhregiona" Sergey Yuriev in the past worked in the investigative UFSB in Moscow and the Moscow region. “There was one contract in 2007 to 2010. And according to the results of the open competition, an agreement was concluded with us, which provided for the possibility of prolongation. This prolongation was in the 13th year and in the 16th. No increase in price. These all transactions were agreed with the Federal Air Transport Agency and notified the Federal Property Management Agency. All reporting on them, the real work was done, ”says Yuryev, again without specifying what high-profile cases his board won in the interests of Rosaviation.

According to the media, “Mezhregion” received 1,159,000,000 rubles for its legal services. Since in this case we are talking about legal support, and not about the support of a particular transaction, for this money 45 employees were to work around the clock for the official structure.

The site of the board of "Mezhregion" really featured the names of 46 lawyers. However, in the list of contract executors, only 12 people are listed - 11 lawyers and one intern. It is noteworthy that at the time of the conclusion of the contract, 72 specialists of the legal departments worked in Rosaviation. Why did you need to connect also third-party lawyers?

Conflict of interest

The Head of the Department of Legal Support and Property Relations of the RosAir Navigation in 2008 was Vladimir Mnishko (today he occupies a similar position in the Federal Air Navigation Agency). He was a member of the commission for the consideration of major transactions, including the "golden" legal contract with the "Interregion". And two years earlier, before Mnishko decided to associate himself with the civil service, he worked not just anywhere, but in the board of the “Interregion” and there he served as deputy chairman.

The decision on the contract with "Interregion" then and in all subsequent years was taken by Vladimir Mnishek. Since then, his well-being, as noted by the media, has improved dramatically: a penthouse in Kurkino in 171 square meters. m, two expensive foreign cars, five foreign-made firearms imported at the special permission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, hunting trips to Latin America, Aeroflot's gold card ...

In 2008, Anna Pasko, Deputy Head of the Department, who later became Deputy Mnishko, also signed the deal in 2008; Vladimir Grishin, according to security officials, signed in exchange for the opportunity to use the services of the Kremlin hospital; Elena Kudlaeva was a close friend of the deputy head of the Rosaviation, Andrei Belyakov, a friend and hunting comrade Mnishko. What conclusion can be drawn here, if not about various forms of corruption?

By the way, the head of the "Interregion" Sergey Yuriev has long been a member of the Public Council under the Federal Air Transport Agency. Another would have been deprived of authority ten years ago for a conflict of interests, but for some reason this has not happened to Sergei Yuriev for some reason.

Threw jobs

The number of corruption scandals in the Federal Air Transport Agency has been growing in recent years. And, perhaps, soon the lawyers from “Interregion”, defending the corrupt officials of this state agency, will still work their billion.

In July 2018, the Meshchansky Court of Moscow arrested the Deputy Head of the Transportation Regulatory Directorate of the Federal Air Transport Agency Yury Malyshev in the case of taking a bribe on a large scale. According to investigators, Evgeny Filatov, the head of the charter airline iFly, offered a bribe to Malyshev.

IFly aircraft operated flights to Turkey, Thailand, Italy and other tourist destinations. In January-May last year, the company transported about 300 thousand passengers (17th place in Russia). Rosaviatsiya for numerous delays and cancellation of flights has reduced the charter program iFly by 10%. Oh, and not for the abolition of this restriction, and was supposed to "reward"?

In the summer of 2018, it also became known about the arrest of Nikolai Mestnikov, general director of the Yakutsk airport. According to the investigation, the official for several years extorted bribes from local entrepreneurs for conducting commercial activities at the airport. The total amount of bribes received by Mestnikov, according to the UK, amounted to about 14 million rubles.

In November-December 2017, two criminal cases were initiated against Maxima Andrakhanov, General Director of Krasnoyarsk Airports. According to investigators, he lobbied for the interests of partner companies for bribes, the total amount of which exceeded 9 million rubles.

Work at the lawyers of "Mezhregiona" is expected a lot. However, they themselves can become defendants in criminal cases and high-profile trials. Law enforcement agencies in the near future intend to figure out how legitimate the expenditure of Rosaviation’s budget funds was under the billion-dollar contract with Interregion.