Alexander Vinokurov sells medicines and lubricates skis

Marathon Group sells its Mega Pharm pharmaceutical network. Alexander Vinokurov shoves assets to escape from Russia.
According to The Moscow Post correspondent, Vinokurov planned to open about 3 thousand pharmacies by 2020, however, in the spring of 2018, only 1 thousand points began to work, and the turnover fell by half.

The Mega Farm network includes A-Mega, "Yes, healthy!" and the ABC of Life. Maybe Vinokurov decided to “tie up” with dubious business and wave abroad? Moreover, it is likely that the scandalous businessman will soon be interested in the investigation.

According to Kommersant, Grand Capital may become a buyer, but will the company just pull such a financially unprofitable asset?

If you look at the Mega Farm profit for 2017, then the indicators there are far from mega - minus 764 million rubles.

A similar story with one of the "daughters" - "Yes, healthy!". The company earned in 2017 - minus 26 million rubles. If you look at the rest of the assets affiliated with Mega Pharm: almost all companies work with million-plus minuses.

The pharmaceutical business that Alexander Vinokurov launched throughout the country failed miserably? Surprisingly, Mega Farm is still not declared bankrupt with such minuses. Maybe the fault lies with the strong and useful ties of the owner of the Marathon Group?

For example, a possible friendship with the head of VTB Andrei Kostin helped sell pharmaceutical companies Synthesis and Biocom AFK Sistema Vladimir Yevtushenkov. The amount of the contract is about 12 billion rubles, although Yevtushenkov paid only 250 million rubles, the credit institution assumed the remaining obligations, the Moscow Post wrote about this.

Perhaps Vinokurov received money from the state treasury due to "established relations" with Kostin, which are often gossiping about. Like, the transaction is officially concluded, the money received.

Especially after the expiration of the term, and a billion-dollar loan was issued for only three years, if Yevtushenkov did not pay, the bank could “give back” the shares to Alexander Vinokurov. Not for the “thank you,” of course.

Perhaps Vinokurov and Andrei Kostin, indeed, are tightly “connected”. According to Interfax, last year the Marathon Group acquired from VTB an 11.8% stake in Magnit, which the credit organization got for budget money. The amount of the contract was estimated at about 60 billion rubles, for which VTB issued a loan for Vinokurov.

After that, the merchant sold to Magnet the shares of the SIA Group pharmaceutical distributor. The value of the transaction, according to RBC, is estimated at 5.7 billion rubles.
Rumor has it that the network "SIA" could get Vinokurov is not quite the "right" way. The father of a businessman in the past served as director of the State Unitary Enterprise "Capital Pharmacies" and managed 274 points - communications with the offspring, for sure, were established. Was such a desperate love for pills transmitted from my father?

Allegedly, when the owner of SIA Group Igor Rudinsky died in 2015, an aggressive information attack fell on his family. As a result, the company went to Alexander Vinokurov. Could a businessman be involved in information pressure?

There are rumors about the interests of Alexander Vinokurov regarding the Yulmart company, whose leadership did not understand where to go from the sharply showered claims from Sberbank. True, Vinokurov was not able to “knock out” the asset.

Rumors also attributed to Alexander Vinokurov a fraudulent seizure of the Eurodon asset, while the merchant held the post of head of A1 company at the Alfa Group investment division. In addition, it was rumored that Vinokurov could participate in an attack on the Stroyfarfor factory, whose corridors were flooded with a hundred people at the ready with traumatic weapons.

True, A1 in 2017, according to Vedomosti, terminated the contract with Alexander Vinokurov. Next came the current partner of the businessman - Sergey Zakharov - one of the founders of the Marathon Group. Nobody wants to do business with a scandalous businessman?

By the way, before A1, Vinokurov faithfully served with the Magomedov brothers as president of the Summa group for more than three years. Just now, former partners are arrested for fraud, embezzlement on a large scale and the organization of a criminal community. Vedomosti estimated the damage from the fraud of the brothers at 2.5 billion rubles.

But Vinokurov, despite his "suspicious" biography, freely conducts business. Perhaps the answer to the “inviolability” lies in the fact that the businessman is the son-in-law of the Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov? Or is it that the businessman was actively trying to "fit" into the partners of the head of Rostec, Sergei Chemezov? Powerful colleagues are needed everywhere.

In 2018, Natsimbio Chemezova, which regularly receives millions of government orders, thought about combining assets with the Marathon Group. The agreement, where 75% of Rostec remained with Chemezov and plus 49% of SIA Group, and the rest went to Vinokurov, was never signed.

Otherwise, Natsimbio, which is the sole supplier of blood products, would generously share with a partner company?

But what kind of income would the duet of Sergei Chemezov and Alexander Vinokurov bring? In 2017, the company Natsimbio earned - minus 1.4 billion rubles. Despite the fact that the Russian Ministry of Health alone issued 140 contracts for the company, with a total amount of more than 66 billion rubles ...

The situation is very similar with Mega Farm, which Vinokourov is trying so hard to get rid of. Here, clearly minus to minus would not give a plus ...

Nobody wants to collaborate with the “negative” Vinokurov anymore? So the businessman sells his assets in order to arrange a permanent residence abroad? In a hurry ... until millions of minuses did not interest everyone familiar in uniform.