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Almost the entire investment program of Gazprom will be received by one contractor. It will be a subsidiary of the Gazprom monopoly, whose portfolio of contracts is over 1.4 trillion rubles.
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Almost the entire investment program of Gazprom is implemented by one contractor - a subsidiary of the Gazprom monopoly. This follows from the information provided by Gazprombank on the placement of bonds of OOO GSP-Finance (RBC has it).

Gazprombank's release states that Gazstroyprom (GSP) is the company's largest contractor. "At present, the order book is 1,484 billion rubles (as of October 2020)," the message says.

At the end of November, Gazprom approved the total budget of the investment program for 2021 in the amount of RUB 902.4 billion. and borrowings of 511.6 billion rubles. The investment program for 2020 is RUB 922 billion.

In the message of Gazprombank, it is noted that in 2019 GSP completed work for 418 billion rubles. out of the total investment program of 1.325 trillion rubles. (31.5%). “The company demonstrates significant growth in the contract base: since the beginning of the second half of 2019, the order book has grown by more than 2.5 times (from 598 billion rubles to 1,484 billion rubles),” the message says.

The GSP expects an increase in contracting in 2020-2024 due to the implementation of the Yamal megaproject, the Eastern Gas Program and others.

Gazstroyprom was created on the basis of assets purchased by Gazprom from businessmen Arkady Rotenberg and Gennady Timchenko with partners. In 2019, the monopoly began to buy out and merge its contractors into a single company.

In 2019, Rotenberg reported that he sold Stroygazmontazh for 75 billion rubles. In the summer of 2020, RBC sources said that Timchenko, a classmate of Gazprom's top manager Alexei Mityushov and their partners, had sold Stroytransneftegaz (STNG) to Gazprom's structures. According to preliminary estimates, the deal was worth about RUB 30 billion.

49% of the HW belongs directly to Gazprom. The rest of the contractor's owners are structures indirectly related to Gazprombank and unknown individuals.