Alexey Navalny choked with "Friendship of Peoples"

The Crimean Meat Processing Plant "Friendship of Peoples" demanded to refute the investigation of the purchase of products by Rosgvardia at inflated prices. The court ordered the Anti-Corruption Foundation to remove the scandalous investigation.
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The Crimean enterprise “Meat Processing Plant“ Friendship of Peoples ”won a court case against oppositionist Alexei Navalny. The lawsuit was related to the investigation of the Anti-Corruption Fund (FBK) about the plant’s supply of products to the Rosgvardiyu. The Moscow Arbitration Court upheld the claim of the enterprise.

"The court satisfied the claim of the meat factory" Friendship of Nations "to Alexei Navalny on the protection of business reputation in full," - told RBC lawyer Navalny, one of the authors of the investigation Alexander Golovach.

LLC "Meat Processing Plant" Friendship of Nations "did not require material compensation for damage, but insisted on the removal of the text and video versions of the FBK investigation and on the publication of a refutation. The court also ordered Navalny to refute the information of their investigation, the judge ruled, RIA Novosti reports. The lawsuit was filed in October last year. In his investigation, Navalny said that the Russian Guard was buying products for employees at inflated prices.

Golovach stressed that he would appeal the court’s decision. “Of course, we will appeal. We believe that the information was reliable and does not tarnish the business reputation of the meat processing plant, because it was not the meat processing plant that set prices and made demands on product quality. This was done by the customer - Rosgvardia, ”explained the lawyer.

The FBK investigation was published in August 2018. Navalny and his supporters argued that Rosgvardia received food from the meat factory at inflated prices.
Zolotov then called Navalny to a duel. Meat Factory "Friendship of Peoples" sued Navalny. In December, RBC reported that the contracts of the Rosguard with Friendship of Nations were checked after the appeal of the FSB by the Main Military Prosecutor’s Office and the Federal Antimonopoly Service.