Alexey Repik continued expansion in the Russian market

The businessman bought a plant of accelerators for radiation therapy in Dubna (Moscow region).
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The owner of the pharmaceutical company "R-Pharm" Alexey Repik bought from the former co-founder of "PET-Technology" Alexei Tsarkov plant to assemble linear accelerators for therapy of oncological diseases, which is being built in Dubna near Moscow. The project to localize the technology of American Varian Medical Systems is planned to invest 900 million rubles.

Information about the change of owners appeared in SPARK on June 8.

OOO R-Pharm Ventures (1% in Repik's company directly, 99% owned by R-Pharm International) owns 75.02% in Radiotherapy Equipment Factory (RTT Factory), which realizes the project of a plant for the production of medical equipment for radiotherapy in the SEZ "Dubna".

Another 24.98% in the "Factory of RTT" remained with the company's CEO Andrey Popov.

"We consider this to be an important area of ​​activity complementary to our work," - so Alexei Repik explained to Vademecum the purchase of the plant.

The general director of the "Factory RRT" Andrei Popov declined to comment. Contact with Alexei Tsarkov failed. In "PET-Technology" Vademecum did not answer the questions yet.

The project involves the transfer of technology Varian Medical Systems, an American manufacturer of medical equipment and software to combat cancer and other diseases using radiation therapy. Apparatus Varian generate several photonic or electron beams, which are sent to a malignant tumor, causing the death of cancer cells.

Cooperation with Varian continues, the project was made according to the standards and requirements of the company - it was originally the first partner, Repik said. But the project partners "may be different," R-Pharm counts on "serious development" in this direction, he added, without revealing the details.

The company has an area of ​​2.3 thousand square meters. m is planned to be built before the end of 2018. Revenue is expected at 3.7 billion rubles.

OOO "Factory RRT" was established in 2016, it belonged to the former co-founder of the network of PET-centers "PET-Technology" Alexei Tsarkov. In 2018, a controlling stake in PET-Technology, Tsarkov sold to the owner of Pharmstandard Viktor Kharitonin.

At SPIEF-2018 R-Pharm signed an agreement with Japanese Fujifilm on the exclusive distribution of medical equipment and nutraceutical products to Russia. In particular, we are talking about the supply of X-ray diagnostic equipment and endoscopes.