Alfa Bank sued 17 billion rubles from Alexey Khotin

Next in line are two more suits totaling 23.3 billion rubles.
On June 20, the Moscow Arbitration Court satisfied Alfa-Bank’s claim to eight related to the former owner of Ugra Bank Alexey Hotin for 16.8 billion rubles, according to a file of arbitration cases. The text of the claim in it is not, but published a court decision. It says that the defendants - they own shopping and entertainment centers Filion and Cheryomushki, as well as the three office complexes Agata, Center-T and Cherry Tower are obliged to pay the bank $ 262 million of overdue debt and a penalty of $ 9 , 5 million. The court is considering two more claims of Alfa-Bank against the structures of Hotin for a total amount of 23.3 billion rubles.

After the Central Bank revoked the license from Ugra in July 2017, Alfa-Bank almost immediately went to court with a demand to pay off the debt ahead of schedule. It was estimated by the bank to be almost $ 700 million. Then the parties entered into a settlement agreement: the Khotin structures pledged to repay the debt in accordance with the schedule, and Alfa-Bank had to stop all judicial actions. But in May of this year, Alfa-Bank filed five lawsuits against the Meshchansky District Court against Khotin and a number of its companies - they concerned the collection of sums on loans or surety agreements. The bank explained this by protecting the interests of investors, but as it turned out later, the borrower violated the terms of the amicable agreement several times. Bank claims to Khotin were associated with the situation around the bank "Ugra". “In the settlement agreement we concluded, some covenants were also associated with Ugra,” said RBC Chairman of the Board of Alfa-Bank Alexei Sokolov. “Then, when all these events [Khotin's arrest] occurred, the covenants began to break, and we began to act.”

The collapse of "Ugra" has become the largest insured event in the modern history of Russia with payment of over 170 billion rubles to investors. 98% of all loans (about 240 billion rubles) of the bank were used to finance the business of its owner in the field of commercial real estate and oil production, DIA reported. Commenting on the revocation of the license from “Ugra”, the chairman of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina noted that the owners of “Ugra” created a “pocket” bank to finance their projects. Almost two years after the revocation of the license, in April 2019, Hotin was detained and placed under house arrest. A criminal case has been filed: he is charged with waste of 7.5 billion rubles. In the same case, the former directors and president of Ugra Bank Dmitry Shilyayev and Alexey Nefedov were placed under house arrest.

Contact Khotin’s lawyer Igor Mardirosov failed.
Credin structures loans in Alfa-Bank are secured by real estate pledge, a bank representative said. He did not specify what kind of pledges it is and whether there is enough real estate to fully repay all debts.

What can get Alfa-Bank for debts Hotin

Cherry Tower (120,000 sq. M)
10–12 billion rubles

Filion (122,000 sq. M)
10–12 billion rubles

SEC "Cheryomushki" (50 000 sq. M.)
5–5.5 billion rubles

BC "Center-T" (28 000 sq. M.)
2.8 billion rubles.

BC "Agat" (32 000 sq. M.)
2.2 billion rubles.
source: Colliers, ILM rating

The Extract-Fili company, which owns the Filion shopping and entertainment center in Bagrationovsky passage, laid in Alfa-Bank in June 2016 to 2023 security, communications and life-support systems (including information signs, elevators, escalators, doors, heating systems, fire extinguishing, communications, video surveillance, etc.), wrote "Vedomosti". Since June 2016, the building of the SEC “Filion” itself has been in mortgage with Alfa-Bank as collateral for a loan in foreign currency. A similar situation was with the pledges of other companies from the lawsuit - “Aggregate”, “Alfa-Invest” (business center “Agat” on Bolshaya Semenovskaya Street), “Ventusa”, “Optimahnostimulya” (TC Cheryomushki and Cherry Tower on Profsoyuznaya street) and "Briz-21" (business center "Center-T" in Gamsonovsky lane). The total area of ​​all properties exceeds 350,000 square meters. m

The most expensive assets that can be transferred to Alfa-Bank are Filion SEC and Cherry Tower, said partner at Colliers International Stanislav Bibik. The value of each he estimates at 10-12 billion rubles.

The modern and detailed catalog of all companies and organizations in all US states:

Cheryomushki, Center-T and Agat can be estimated at no less than 10 billion rubles, ILM managing partner Andrei Lukashev calculated. But to sell these objects in one lot is unrealistic. In addition, the facilities are of poor quality due to the fact that they have not been properly serviced in recent years, and the investor will need to incur additional investments in order to continue operating activities. One of the advantages is that many shopping and business centers are located near the metro, and this means a high occupancy rate of retail and office space, Lukashev concludes.

The bank will be able to obtain mortgage property from the respondents in the shortest time possible - from six months to a year, if they are not going to go bankrupt, says Oleg Permyakov, head of the bankruptcy of Rustam Kurmaev & Partners, if the bankruptcy goes on, then the deadlines will be delayed. In the event of bankruptcy, other creditors, whose claims are not secured by collateral, may disagree with the sale procedure or the price of the asset and actively contest the transactions carried out in court. Then the process can take from several months to a year after the introduction of bankruptcy procedures, Permyakov summarizes.