All major Kuban companies which had build roads for the Olympic Games in 2014, went bankrupt

After KDB and Tunnel Unit 44, the turn has come for Tonneldorstroy.
Krasnodar Arbitration September 29, considered the statement of "Mesopotamia" bankruptcy "Tonneldorstroya":. Creditor, the debt to which 14 million rubles, and asked to enter the observation, but as early as the beginning of September is the only owner of "Tonneldorstroya" (Kuban finance company) decided to eliminate it , the court imposed once the bankruptcy proceedings, according to the act on the website of the Supreme arbitration court.

According to the certificate at the time of the bankruptcy "Tonneldorstroya 'debts amounted to 3.7 billion rubles, including proven entered into force court decisions -.. 1.9 billion rubles, and assets and receivables estimated total of 1.8 billion rubles. "Tonneldorstroy" was established in Sochi in 1991 on the basis of the Soviet enterprise, he participated as a contractor in the construction of several roads for the 2014 Olympics. In late 2013 the founder and principal owner "Tonneldorstroya" Yuri Mordvinkov and his partners sold the company Kuban finance company (CFC). CK has a representative, accounting, consulting and legal services, its CEO Alexei Skryglyuks did not want to say why bought "Tonneldorstroy", yesterday it was unable to reach the office, "Tonneldorstroya" Phones did not respond.

CFC was established in 2002 Krayinvestbank (belongs to the administration of the Krasnodar Territory) and belonged to him until 2011, when it was sold to individuals. "Tonneldorstroy" in 2014 pardoned the department of highways of Krasnodar region 2.1 billion rubles. penalties for late submission of documentation and plots for the construction of Olympic roads. The Department, in turn, forgave the company 1.16 billion rubles. for the failure of construction time (the parties entered into settlement agreements in eight arbitration;. in yet another lawsuit against the company - 214 million rubles - the department refused to court).

"Bankruptcy can be a need for the acquisition of the bankrupt's assets when selling the bankruptcy trustee or bankruptcy challenge previously committed transactions; maybe the owner decided that the company would not survive, and sale of KFK was only a stage of liquidation, "- says the law firm managing Southern Directorate" Vegas-Lex "Maxim Grigoriev.

In July, 2014Krasnodar KDB was bankrupt. As one of the reasons for the huge loss in 2013 (1.67 billion rubles.), The company pointed out that the Olympic road customers do not reimburse the costs of setting up production bases in Sochi and for the rental of land, buildings, accommodation and meals of employees, their delivery to the place of work. In February this year filed for bankruptcy "Tunnel unit - 44" (Sochi), who built including understudy Resort prospectus.

The KDB register of creditors and "Tonneldorstroya" courts have not yet had anyone turn, claims against him filed subcontractors and contractors, in the register of "Tunnel unit - 44" included 15 creditors with the requirements of 4 billion rubles, the largest of them -. VTB (debt - 3.6 billion rubles.). "In the first nine months of observation lenders assess the situation and determine the tactics, it is difficult to say which part of the debt will be able to get creditors", - says the manager of VTB.