Anatoly Chubais and Sergei Chemezov could not start the turbine

An attempt by the consortium Rusnano, Rostekha and Inter RAO to create the first large-capacity gas turbine in the Russian Federation was unsuccessful: the GTD-110M turbine model collapsed on tests.
The solution of the problem will drag the project for at least a year, according to Kommersant sources, but the decision to put a new model on the stand or to recombine the emergency car has not yet been taken. It is not defined and who will finance the project: the sources of Kommersant believe that Rusnano should again invest, but Alexei Mordashov's Power Machines, who are negotiating to enter the project, have already asked for money from the government.

The prototype industrial gas turbine GTD-110M, which should be an alternative to Siemens and GE products, collapsed during the tests in December 2017, sources told Kommersant on April 17 in the industry and confirmed the project participants - Rusnano and United Engine-Building corporation (UDK) "Rostecha". According to one of the interlocutors of Kommersant, the reason is a defect in the rotor part (a rotating part of the turbine, including blades, discs and a shaft), in particular, the disk of one of the stages is damaged.

The resumption of the GTD-110M project, closed at the end of the 2000s, is due to the fact that Russia does not have large-capacity gas turbine technologies. This led to the fact that, after Western sanctions, Rostekha structures could not directly buy such turbines for TPP in the Crimea and implemented a scheme of indirect delivery through their resale. According to Kommersant, the cost of upgrading the GTE-110M is about 1.5 billion rubles. The main financing is provided by Rosnano, which, under the terms of the agreement, carries all the financial risks (the company did not comment on it). In 2012, the ODC estimated the investment in the project at 2.5 billion rubles, and the implementation time - 2.5 years.

As a result, the breakdown of the GTE-110M test is stopped. The interlocutor of Kommersant asserts that the decision on whether to restore the destroyed sample (belonged to the JDC) or to send a new car for testing (which, according to Kommersant, was provided to Inter RAO from Ivanovo CCGTs) is not accepted. "The recovery will take about a year," another source at Kommersant asserts. Earlier tests were scheduled to be completed by mid-2018. In the DCC they consider that the breakdown is not "fatal": "The malfunction can be eliminated, work is already underway." Inter RAO (third participant of the GTE-110M project) declined to comment.

Another interlocutor of "Kommersant" says that more investments are needed. "Most likely, they will be made by Rosnano." But if the project includes "Power Machines", then "Rosnano" can offer them to take part of the investment on themselves, "- he said, without specifying the amount of investment. GTE-110M requires additional funding, which can be closed through PPP, said on Tuesday the deputy head of Rostekha, Dmitry Lelikov. Negotiations with external customers before the tests were not conducted, say sources of Kommersant.

Alexei Mordashov's "Power Machines", as Kommersant has suggested, can enter the GTD-110M project, the joint venture is being discussed, Mr. Lelikov said. He noted that SILMASH has competencies (from the company of the joint venture with Siemens, which assembles turbines in St. Petersburg - Kommersant) and unloaded capacities. The JDC specified that it is not yet clear whether this will be a joint venture (see details on the website of Kommersant). A week earlier, Mr. Mordashov asked the prime minister about the support of Power Machines, including about preferences in the domestic market, state guarantees to go abroad and state aid in attracting financing. He also announced his intention to develop technology of high-power gas turbines, if the state co-finances R & D. In the Ministry of Energy, the request to Kommersant was redirected to the Ministry of Industry and Trade (they declined to comment). In "Silmash" the situation was not commented.

Natalia Porokhova from ACRA believes that the participation of "Silmash" can strengthen the project. The market of gas turbines in Russia for seven years, she estimated at 13 GW, the volume is associated with the implementation of large-scale investment programs under power supply contracts (DPM) with a guarantee of return on investment. Now the PDM program is almost complete, Siemens was the main beneficiary of the gas turbines, says Mrs. Porokhova. The market of gas turbines in Russia is almost zero, but from 2020 it is expected to grow sharply due to the program of modernization of the thermal power plant by 40 GW, she adds. According to her assessment, Russia will become the world's largest market for the sale of equipment: the demand for gas turbines can reach 24 GW in 15 years.