Anatoly Motylev will be searched all over the world

The former owner of the three bankrupt banks was arrested in absentia.
The Moscow City Court will consider an appeal against the absentee arrest of banker Anatoly Motylev. Now, with regard to the former owner of the whole banking empire, the TFR is investigating two criminal cases of fraud in a particularly large amount. One concerns the bank "Russian Credit", the hole in which today is more than 126 billion rubles. And the second - about the issuance of a knowingly irrevocable loan for 700 million rubles. from the M-bank. Soon, both cases, according to Kommersant, will be merged, and Anatoly Motylev himself will be declared an international wanted list.

Figurant of the criminal case of fraud in a particularly large amount (Part 4, Article 159 of the Criminal Code), Anatoly Motylev, the ex-owner of banks Globex, Rossiyskiy Kredit, M-Bank and several others, became exactly two years ago. This was preceded by the withdrawal in July 2015 of licenses from three of its credit institutions. Immediately after that, Anatoly Motylev left the country and now, according to some information, he lives in London. Thus, the investigators have never been able to interrogate him. At the same time, with the petition for his absentee arrest, the TFR applied to the court only recently. It is possible that this is due to the fact that in the case of theft of money from the bank "Russian Credit" the investigation did not have sufficient evidence of guilt Anatoly Motylev. Note that as of November 1, 2017, the debt of this credit institution to customers amounted to more than 126 billion rubles.

The TFR intensified with the investigation into Anatoly Motylev only last year, and within the framework of another criminal case. It concerned the large theft of funds from the M-Bank. As it is believed in the TFR, in the spring of 2014 Mr. Motylev entered into a criminal conspiracy with his assistant Olga Ivanova and the general director of Brokerage and Depository Services LLC Stanislav Markeev. The purpose of the scam was the theft of M-Bank 700 million rubles. by issuing knowingly irrecoverable loans.

According to the materials of the case, on the instructions of Mr. Motylev, his alleged accomplice Olga Ivanova opened accounts of three one-day companies in the "Russian credit". After that, Stanislav Markeev appealed to the M-bank with an application for a loan of 700 million rubles. for the acquisition of highly liquid securities. Since the company "Brokerage and Custody Services" was quite a bona fide borrower, the loan was issued. This money was subsequently purchased bills, which, according to the investigation, were dummy, because they were written out by an organization that does not conduct any economic activity.

In the end, all money, according to the TFR, was at the disposal of Anatoly Motylev. His accomplices Basmanny Court imprisoned, and the organizer of embezzlement was declared a federal wanted list. In addition, by court order, the arrest of the ex-banker's property in Russia, in particular his country house, apartments and parking spaces in underground parking lots, as well as several land plots in Odintsovo district of Moscow suburbs, was imposed on the payment of damages. It should be noted that Anatoly Motylev personally appealed the arrests of property in writing and even secured the removal of encumbrances from a small part of his property.

On November 3, 2017, as part of the investigation of this criminal case, the TFR appealed to the same Basmanny Court with a petition for the absentee arrest of Anatoly Motylev. The court found the arguments of the investigator convincing and authorized the conclusion of the ex-banker in custody for two months. Today, the Moscow City Court will consider the appeal of his defense for arrest.