Andrei Kostin threatened Mozambique with default

The head of VTB may drag Russia into an international scandal.
VTB is trying to repay Mozambique's debt of $ 535 million. This money was provided in the form of a loan to the fishing fleet. However, they could be "cut" by the banker Kostin and officials of the African state. In addition, VTB received $ 35 million for providing this loan. What kind of “games” does Andrey Kostin play, the correspondent of The Moscow Post understood.

VTB threatens to default in Mozambique if the loan is not restructured before the end of the year. The country's authorities are consulting with their bank adviser, but so far no final decision has been made.

Fussing around this loan, granted back in 2013, has been going on since 2016. It was then that Mozambique was not able to service the issued loan. The FBI joined the situation, trying to find out if the situation with the issuance of credit loans contributed to corruption.

The total amount of the loan granted to Russian VTB, Swiss Credit Suisse and French BNP Paribas is $ 2 billion. The money was raised to purchase military equipment for the Mozambique Ministry of Defense through Privinvest Group owned by local businessman Iskandar Safa. However, where it went $ 1.2 billion was not publicly disclosed.

The story is very muddy. Money was allegedly raised to buy fishing boats. But they only went for $ 100 million. Military ships were bought for another $ 700 million, which doubled the Mozambique navy. This was written by "Version".

In total, Mozambique received two loans organized by Credit Suisse and VTB Capital. The latter, selling Mozambique bonds to outside investors in the amount of $ 535 million, for some reason did not warn them that the African country had already received a loan that it had not paid. There is a suspicion that there are no third-party investors, because no one claims against this VTB debt. Money could be taken offshore.

The Mozambique government itself cannot understand where all the same $ 2 billion could have been spent. Artful bankers simply technically "threw" the country? In 2016, the IMF refused to issue a loan to Mozambique until VTB debt was restructured.

Ah yes Kostin, oh yes VTB son! Well it is necessary to come up with such a scheme. Five hundred lemons of greens may have stolen from a poor African country, and now it also requires them as a debt. It is clear that the nerves can shake from the FBI investigation, because it threatens VTB with not even a financial, but a political scandal.

Considering how the President of the Russian Federation is reverent in foreign policy, Andrei Kostin will not be patted on the head for the international scandal of Andrey Kostin. And they can easily knock out of his banking "feeder" - VTB. Interestingly, the banker himself understands that he is substituting Vladimir Putin with his “African safari”. Or is Kostin all in a jar?

Scandal in Bulgaria

On the VTB website, the president of VTB-Capital CJSC is Yuriy Solovyov, who is also the first deputy chairman of the board Andrei Kostin since 2011. That is, Solovyov could be the curator of the loan transaction for Mozambique. And not only her.
Another international scandal involving VTB could break out in Bulgaria. There, VTB-Capital acted as a buyer of the Bulgarian telecommunications company Vivacom, which VTB subsidiary itself had credited before. Moreover, she also took part in the auction for the sale of the asset.

VTB may be presented with a claim that it has not provided the bondholders of the operator with full information. Including numerous lawsuits against VTB Capital and personally Yuri Solovyov in the Bulgarian, Luxembourg and English courts. The total amount of claims may amount to $ 700 million, of which $ 400 is the value of the shares of the company itself, and $ 300 is the amount of claims by Vivacom shareholders.

VTB is considered a state bank. And why do Solovyov and Kostin allow themselves to be "scattered" by taxpayer money? Some of them barely make ends meet. And bankers are "fattening." It is especially unclear what Andrei Kostin thinks to himself, because Yuri Soloviev is a hired manager, from whom bribes are smooth. However, the head of VTB, apparently, was safe.

At the same time, there are JSC VTB-Capital and ZAO VTB-Capital. In the second, only 1 employee works and no Yuri Solovyov is observed there.

From 2012 to 2017, the company's profit did not exceed 3 million rubles, and in 2018 amounted to 64 million rubles. but the revenue all the time was 0. How can this even be and what kind of structure is this, in which Yuri Soloviev is president? Is not a high-profile position for a company with one employee?

10 days ago it became known that VTB-Capital would completely withdraw from the shareholders of the Vivacom operator. This was reported by RBC. That is, from one scandal Andrey Kostin can slip away. It only bothers that for some reason the buyer is not named.

It is possible that this information is of the same spill as the demand for debt from Mozambique. The banker Kostin feels that the smell has fried, so he is trying to portray a seething activity. However, even a financially ignorant person understands that no one needs the company on which almost $ 800 million hangs.

Today at the investment forum of VTB Russia Calling Bank, Andrei Kostin came out to investors in the guise of Albus Dumbledore, the hero of the Harry Potter novel. Harry himself was Yuri Soloviev. At the previous forum, Kostin appeared in the image of Stalin, and Soloviev - Khrushchev. Bankers have fun as small children. Why not? Their life must have been a success.

And about his "African safari" Andrei Kostin does not want to tell investors? I would share my experience of how state money is squandered. I could "boast that the bank's assets over the past month decreased by 354.7 billion rubles. (!!!) The loan portfolio - by 43.6 billion rubles.

Other basic indicators of bank performance are not pleasing to the eye. And Andrei Kostin with his deputies fancy-dress performances. Suits, probably, also purchased at public expense.

Will the head of VTB avoid international scandals? Maybe it's better to move away from the "feeder" yourself. And then you can "grab" from the President so that little seems.