Andrey Arshavin ran into a credit story

Part of the football player's property was arrested for the debts of his business partner.
According to "Kommersant", in the City Court of St. Petersburg appealed against the decision of the Vyborg district court, which is seized of the property of the player of FC "Zenit" Andrei Arshavin as an interim measure for Sberbank lawsuit that charges the business partner footballer, "Baltavtotreyding" salon owner Peter Tingaeva receivable on loans. Football has been involved as a third party in this civil case, he acted as guarantor for his business partner.

As stated on the website of the Vyborg district court of St. Petersburg, now in its manufacture are two claims for the recovery of overdue loan payments, which are listed as defendants or Tingaev Peter, the owner of "Baltavtotreyding" or self LLC. According to the businessman, there are two credits - 5 million and 4 million rubles. "I want to note that all amounts previously appearing in the press, overestimated, including the amount of the credit burden on" BaltAutoTrade "," - said "Kommersant" Mr. Tingaev.

"BaltAutoTrade" The company is the official dealer of BMW and Volkswagen. Interior BMW OPENI in St. Petersburg in 2009, its construction was invested € 15 million. Then the owners of the company called Maxim Karakhanov (over 50%), general director of "BaltAutoTrade-M" (BMW showroom in Moscow), forward of "Zenith" Andrei Arshavin Peter Tingaev. In April 2010, the company opened a Volkswagen showroom on the street of Composers. In June 2014 dealership moved to a new showroom at the roadside avenue worth 1.2 billion rubles.

In 2014, according to the SPARK database, 95% of the company "BaltAutoTrade" belonged to Peter Tingaeva, Andrei Arshavin is not listed as a shareholder. This football player owns 49% of JSC "Avtodor Express", which owns real estate "BaltAutoTrade".

The famous football player is involved as a third party only on one of the Savings Bank claims to the court in April. This is explained by the fact that Mr Arshavin, according to unofficial data, the surety made to a financial institution loan his business partner Peter Tingaeva. So last week, the Vyborg District Court as an interim measure has seized part of themsociety athlete. As explained by "Kommersant" Peter Tingaev, the size of the seized property and bank accounts is comparable to the size of the penalties stated Sberbank. Clarify exactly what kind of property in question, he refused. The judgment appealed to the City Court of St. Petersburg.

Contact with representatives of Andrei Arshavin, "Kommersant" failed. The defendant told "Kommersant" that his company "is in constant dialogue with the Savings Bank", "At the moment, the process of settlement of the dispute, these trials will end by signing the settlement agreement with Sberbank," - no doubt, Mr. Tingaev.

It is interesting that, as stated on the website of the Vyborg district court of St. Petersburg, Mr Tingaev and "BaltAutoTrade" appear as a defendant in 30 civil cases. Among the plaintiffs except Sberbank figure the tax authorities, "BMW Rusland Trading" and individuals. The first reference dated 2010. According to statements of the Vyborg district court had already taken various decisions: the satisfaction of the claims to return the application to the claimant. Another part of the applications are in the pipelineand consideration.

According to Peter Tingaeva, all claims related to the claims of the buyer on terms of performance cars purchase and sale contracts. "At present, almost all the cars are issued, except for those customers who refused to pick up your car. With the majority of customer disputes settled in including through the issuance of compensation that would suit each client. Active claims from clients about five: in these processes, we believe the size of reported claims disproportionate ", - said Mr. martingale.