Andrey Melnichenko refused to sell his old yacht

No buyers are willing to buy a strange vessel of the scandalous oligarch.
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Experts believe that because of the extravagant design for its hard to get a lot of money. After the construction last year of a new sailing yacht for € 400 million, Andrei Melnichenko was ready to sell his first large yacht - the 119-meter A (A Yacht). On it, he spent at least $ 300 million, but probably faced difficulties in selling or changed his mind and removed the yacht from the sale.

Experts say difficulties in selling. The founder of the yacht company itBoat Nikita Gorchakov notes that finding a buyer for the old yacht A is difficult. "It is almost unsaleable. It is already outdated in terms of design features, it is now fashionable to make a big beach club, waterfalls, infinity pool and other chips that can not be made without a deep refit on A. She has very irrationally few open decks and internal volume for this size, "Gorchakov said. In his opinion, 90% of the owners have a more or less classical taste, which can be updated with minimalistic chopped lines, such as Ester III, but the ship's contours are still classical, and Melnychenko's boat is too avant-garde and individual in this respect.

The founder of Yacht Harbor Dmitry Semenikhin says that Melnichenko's yacht projects are very distinctive among others with a specific design. According to him, the first yacht A is the most recognizable in the world today, but with its sale there may be difficulties due to the non-standard performance of the yacht. "People have different reactions to design. Yacht A is a very individual project. To realize the maximum cost of sales, you will need a buyer who will fall in love with this design, "said Semenikhin. Contain two yachts, he said, quite expensive - for example, fill the tank A Yacht fuel will cost $ 500,000.

The boat was first of all remembered for its original design resembling the shape of a submarine. It was built by Blohm + Voss and launched in 2008. The French designer Philippe Starck worked on the design of the two well-known projects of Yelts Melnichenko. The yacht is crammed with all the necessary facilities for a full-time life of a billionaire: in the Melnichenko suite there is a rotating bed that helps the owner to easily enjoy the sunset or sunrise, and the apartment itself can accommodate up to 14 guests (240 sq. M.). The ship has a helipad, an amphibious ship (it moves along water and along a sandy beach) and three swimming pools. The yacht is trimmed with expensive and refined interior elements - a mixer in the bathroom costs about $ 40,000, and the stair railings cost $ 60,000.

The second yacht Melnichenko Sailing Yacht A (length 142.8 m) was built at the German shipyard Nobiskrug. Daily Mail with reference to a representative of the businessman reported that the cost of the yacht will be € 400 million. The owner of the holding Burevestnik Group Andrei Boyko says that both projects are extravagant and should be viewed more in terms of contemporary art.

Melnichenko was not the first Russian billionaire who wanted to sell his yacht, last year the main shareholder of the SPI Group alcohol company, Yury Shefler, got rid of his Serene boat.