Arkady Rotenberg to receive 3 bln rubles for the reconstruction of Artek

Arkady Rotenberg's company reconstructed six out of ten complexes of famous Artek, and, as RBC found out, will be paid more than 3 billion rubles for that.
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Two contracts

Arkady Rotenberg Company will receive for the design and reconstruction of the "Artek" children's camp in Crimea for more than 3 billion rubles. This year, it follows from the conditions of the two contracts, signed on June 30 between the LLC "Stroygazmontazh" and its customer - FGBI "ICC" Artek ". This information is contained in the public procurement website. The works must be performed from January 1 through December 30, 2015.

. The first contract, signed for a total of 2.2 billion rubles, intended to design and reconstruction of six of the ten divisions of "Artek": complex "Lake", "River", "Forest", "Sea" (first and second stage), "Field ". In addition, the terms "Stroygazmontazh" contract revolutionized the gym, swimming pool and dining room in the complex "Mountain", updated in the camp utilities and communications.

It is noteworthy that the estimated ultimate cost of all work under the contract is 4.6 billion rubles., Which is higher than the contract price more than doubled. The volume unforeseen costs must not exceed 2% of the cmtnoj value underlined in the contract.

General director of "Artek" Alex Kasprzhak told RBC that the total cost of reconstruction will be determined on the basis of state examination. In the meantime, the amount of which is spelled out in the contract, - the maximum price that can pay "Stroygazmontazh" on the basis of how much money has been allocated for the reconstruction of "Artek" from the budget this year. "I do not exclude that this amount could still change," - said Kasprzhak. Previously the company had paid an advance in the amount not exceeding 30% of the contract price, he added.

The second contract - for the amount of RUB 917.7 million. - Included the reconstruction of the road from the checkpoint to the №6 "Marine" complex, dining room - in the "sea" is, dormitories in the "Crystal" and "Amber", and landscaping with the installation of the stele and benches, as well as the territory of the monument "Friendship children of the world "and the channel CAMAC Dere river. On the areas of "Azure" planned creation of sports grounds, in "Artek" was supposed to appear kordodrom.

"The bulk of the work Mr.and date completed - says Kasprzhak. - In general, I am satisfied with the work. They were held in a very short time, so for them there are some complaints that have until the end of the year to be eliminated by the contractor. "

In "Stroygazmontazh" did not respond to a request to RBC.

On the balance sheet of the Ministry of Education

International Children's Center "Artek" was created in 1925. It is located in the Crimea on the territory of 220 hectares. The park area covers 102 hectares, has 7 km of coastline. The "Artek" autonomous infrastructure with its water and energy, as well as the sewerage system. "Artek" includes ten complexes: "Sea", "Amber", "crystal", "Azure," "The Lake", "Forest", "River", "Field", "cypress", "Mountain."

After the annexation of Crimea to the Russian camp by the decision of the Council of Ministers of Crimea was handed over to the federal property, he now belongs to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. Prior to this, the subject is administered by the State Administration Ukpoplars.

In 2015, the "Artek" free access to more than 20 thousand. Students, on a commercial basis will be allocated only 5% of the seats in the camp. tickets cost about 65 thousand. rub.

The camp and the bridge

Now, after the reconstruction of the six complexes in "Artek" is planned repair of four - "Cypress", "Forest", "Field" and "Mountain". In addition, the new complex will be built - "Sunny".

In addition, the development of the concept of "Artek" refers to the creation of the cluster, called EAST, which will bring together 14 centers with various sections, groups, clubs and themed studios.

In February of this year, Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets government reported that up to 2020 planned to spend 17.3 billion rubles for the reconstruction of the "Artek". "Stroygazmontazh" became the first company to obtain a contract for the reconstruction, Kasprzhak said. Will participate in the reconstruction of the other companies, it is not known, he added: restoration at the camp for the next year the money from the budget is not allocatedEno.

Just this year, the development of infrastructure and new construction camp will spend 5.7 billion rubles., Says Kasprzhak. According to him, about 3.5 billion rubles. will be in construction, 1.6 billion - for the maintenance of 600 million rubles. - To development.

Reconstruction of the "Artek" - is not the only project of the Crimean Rothenberg. In September this year, "SGM-Bridge", "daughter" of "Stroygazmontazh" can begin construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait. According to the state contract with "Stroygazmontazh" February 17 this year, the cost of design and construction of the bridge should not exceed 228.3 billion rubles.

Arkady Rotenberg in 2015, took 60th place in the list of Russia's richest people, compiled of Forbes, with a fortune of $ 1.4 billion The main activity of "Stroygazmontazh." - Construction of pipelines, land-based facilities, marine construction, gasification of Russian regions.