Arrest was conducted under the Nota-Bank guarantee

The MIA detained its co-owners.
As the "Y" in the investigation of theft of 1.5 billion rubles. the depositors of the bank note-were arrested by joint owners of the credit organization - former Chairman of the Board Dmitry Erokhin and his younger brother Vadim. MIA of Russia, they are accused of very large-scale fraud. The amount of damage on the case can reach up to two tens of billions - it is a hole in the bank's balance sheet of the Central Bank auditors found.

Investigation into the embezzlement of funds depositors of the bank note, initially engaged in investigation department of the Internal Affairs Directorate for the North-Eastern District of Moscow. However, because of the special complexity of the case its materials were transferred to the Investigation Department of the Interior Ministry. After that investigations sharply intensified: dozens of police searches were conducted, as well as the arrest of the former chairman of the bank note and its co-owner (he owns 13.57% of shares) Dmitry Erokhin, his younger brother Vadim Erokhin, who also served on the board of note -The bank and was its co-owner (3.15% stake) and the former financial director of the bank Galina Marchukova.

All three investigationnkriminirovalo commission of an offense under Part. 4 Art. 159 of the Criminal Code (fraud on a large scale). In turn, the Tverskoy District Court of Moscow, which is addressed by representatives of the Interior Ministry, was arrested two months of each of the bankers. Dmitry Erokhin defense appealed against the arrest of the Moscow City Court, believing that he could be released on bail or under house arrest, but it was denied.

The investigation against the management of the bank note-started after the call to the police general director of PJSC "Mostotrest" Vladimir Vlasov. As the plot investigation, August 5, 2015 "Mostotrest" contributed to the bank deposit in the amount of 1.5 billion rub.- it was a prerequisite for the issuance of bank-note guarantees worth 2.2 billion rubles. The guarantee was necessary included in "Mostotrest" Company "TSM" for participation in the tender for the reconstruction of the Khabarovsk airport complex "New". "TSM" won the competition, but in October, after learning that the note bank introduced a temporary administration, "Mostotrest" decided to give up and return warrantyVOI money. Make this was not possible - the bank has not executed payment orders.

As suggested by consequence, signing a guarantee predpravleniya Dmitry Erokhin knew that, given the bank's financial condition, he will not be able to fulfill the obligations assumed under it. The representative of "Mostotrest" confirmed Roman Golovkin, "Kommersant" that the company acts as an injured party in the case, but from the detailed comments abstained. Contact the lawyers of the accused in the case "b" failed. Now, the source of "b" according to the data in a criminal case several episodes, including those associated with the issuance of loans under the doubtful projects and fictitious borrowers. The courts have satisfied the requirements of the DIA conducting the liquidation of the bank-note, to recover from such borrowers more than 834 million rubles., But failed to return half of that amount, because the debtors did not have any money or property to which it would be possible to foreclose. In this regard, the DIA is preparing an appeal to the law enforcement authorities.

Nota-Bank, a member of the hundred largest Russian banks specialized in the maintenance of military enterprises. Cedi his clients were "Rostec" structure and Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey". The Bank of Russia revoked the license of the bank note-November 24, 2015. The reason for this was a violation of the standard: CB Bank provided incorrect information on the number of its assets. Also, justifying a review of the license, the Central Bank referred to the discovery of the interim administration hole in the balance of the financial structure of more than 26 billion rubles.