Artem Avetisyan kept Vostochny bank afloat

His opponents from Baring Vostok withdrew the claim for a corporate dispute after the appointment of the chairman of the bank's board of directors.
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The key shareholders of Vostochny Bank reached an agreement in principle on the candidacy of the acting chairman of the bank's management, RBC was informed in the press service of Vostochny. Alexander Nesterenko, who supervised the bank's work with VIP clients as deputy prime minister, was unanimously approved by the board of directors of the bank, the credit institution said. The controversy about the candidate for the post. The management of the bank arose between the structures of the Baring Vostok fund (controlling 51.62% of the shares in Vostochny) and former shareholders of Uniastrum Bank (which own about 40% of Vostochny).

In connection with the agreement, the Cyprus company Evison Holding, through which one of the investment funds Baring Vostok owns a controlling stake in Vostochny Bank, plans to withdraw the claim for a corporate dispute that was submitted to the Arbitration Court of the Amur Region, the press service of the bank said. In Baring Vostok, RBC announced that they welcome the appointment of Alexander Nesterenko, acting. Vostochny Bank, and confirmed their intention to withdraw the claim, in which they challenged the appointment of Vyacheslav Harutyunyan to this post. The Russian shareholders of Vostochny Bank are nominated Nesterenko as acting. The pre-government is completely satisfied, RBC told a source close to them.

According to Vostochny Bank, Vyacheslav Harutyunyan will now assume the post of chief executive officer of Vostochny Bank and focus on business development. The existence of such a position in Vostochny Bank in Baring Vostok is not known, they added to the company. According to Baring Vostok, the position to be occupied by Vyacheslav Harutyunyan is deputy chairman of the board, which oversees work with corporate clients, as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

September 7, it became known that the Cyprus company Evison Holdings, connected with Baring Vostok, filed a lawsuit against Vostochny Bank. As part of this claim, the court took interim measures that suspend, according to TASS, the decision to leave the bank's presidency, Dmitry Levin, and the appointment of the acting president. Vyacheslav Harutyunyan.

On September 6, the Kommersant newspaper, citing sources, wrote that in Vostochny there is a struggle for a controlling stake among the main shareholders - the funds of Baring Vostok and Finvision Holdings Ltd., which belongs to Artem Avetisyan, who owns 32.02% of Vostochny. Avetisyan is a former owner of Uniastrum, which in 2016 bought out half of Vostochny's additional issue for 3 billion rubles. and entered into his capital. Subsequently, in early 2017, the merger procedure between the two credit institutions was completed.

"Vostochny", according to the data of the portal, ranks 33rd in the Russian banking system in terms of assets. According to IFRS statements, by the end of the first half of 2018, the bank's profit amounted to 4,031 billion rubles. (for the same period of 2017 - 2.965 billion rubles.) The volume of the bank's assets for the first half-year increased from 211.566 billion to 231.967 billion rubles.