Artem Chaika will be given a wing by the state

JSC "Corporation for the Development of the Magadan Region" entered the capital of five LLCs of Artem Chaika, the eldest son of the plenipotentiary in the North Caucasus Federal District and ex-Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika.
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Denis Morozov, General Director of the Corporation for the Development of the Magadan Region, was a co-owner and general director of Artem Chaika's Energo-Stroy company, which had already received 1.05 billion rubles. state orders from the Magadan region, learned the magazine "Company".

At the end of 2019, the authorities of the Magadan Region decided to create a regional development corporation, which should attract investors and participate in the implementation of significant projects. At the initial stage, it was envisaged to allocate 150 million rubles. from the funds of the special economic zone for the creation of the Corporation for the Development of the Magadan Region. The new structure got the opportunity to cooperate with the venture fund of the Far East, which, on behalf of the president, has the ability to allocate risky investments in geology.

Earlier, the governor of the Magadan region, Sergei Nosov, announced that it is planned to transfer the region's share in the so-called junior companies (engaged in geological exploration) to the authorized capital of the corporation. To date, these "juniors" have five licenses for prospecting work. However, the names of the companies were not disclosed.

On September 18, according to the data, the "Corporation for the Development of the Magadan Region" received 25% in five companies of Artem Chaika. We are talking about LLC "Nedra M", LLC "Excafea", LLC "Electrum", LLC "Geofizik M", LLC "Khalko". At the same time, Artyom Chaika began to control these five LLCs through the Consul. Law and Consulting ".

All five firms appeared this year and are engaged in exploration drilling. At the same time, they are registered in the Kaliningrad region, and not in Magadan, where, according to the ANO API (Agency for the Far East for attracting investments and export support), gold reserves amount to 2 thousand tons, and forecast resources - 4.3 thousand tons.

The first changes in the distribution of shares in LLC Telegram-channel "Arbitr", suggesting that, perhaps, Chaika is hiding assets from his ex-wife Marina, whom he recently divorced.

However, usually assets are hidden from wives until divorce. In addition, Marina Chaika did not put forward property claims to her husband, as her lawyer Ekaterina Gordon said.

It turned out that the general director of the Corporation for the Development of the Magadan Region, Denis Morozov and Artyom Chaika, had known each other for a long time, moreover, they were business partners. Morozov was a co-owner and general director of Energo-Stroy: from 2015 to, presumably, 2019 - a co-owner, from May 2017 to January 2020 - a general director. On June 4, as seen from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, 33.3% of Energo-Stroy went to Denis Morozov's brother Alexander. 33.3% each since August 2018 - from Artyom Chaika and Ksenia Akhremenko (through LLC Teploelektroproekt SPb).

The Energo-Stroy company (revenue in 2019 - 28 million rubles) received contracts for 1.05 billion rubles. from various government agencies of the Magadan region for construction and design and survey work. The largest of them - by 529.5 million rubles. for "Construction of a kindergarten for 135 children in the third microdistrict of Magadan." Among the clients of Energo-Stroy there are also the government of Moscow, OJSC Gazprom, OJSC MOEK, LLC Morton, etc.

The company began to receive contracts from the Magadan Region in 2019, and at the end of 2019 the Corporation for the Development of the Magadan Region appeared, headed by the former partner of Artyom Chaika in Energo-Stroy. Now the corporation of Denis Morozov is actively developing five companies of the son of the ex-Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation Yuri Chaika. And Energo-Stroy is still doing well in Kolyma.

Artyom Chaika's assets in the Magadan Region are only part of his business empire. The son of the ex-prosecutor general also owns 75% in the First Non-Metallic Company (PNK), 25% in Russian Railways. PNK is 18 crushed stone plants, revenue - 18.1 billion rubles.

The businessman's share in LLC PNK-Ural is 97%. The company supplies crushed stone to Russian Railways, revenue - 4.6 billion rubles.

In December 2019, Artyom Chaika and partners withdrew from the capital of the railway carrier Modum-Trans (revenue - 77.7 billion rubles) - their 25% is now owned by billionaire Andrei Bokarev. A month later, his father Yuri Chaika ceased to be the Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation. Since July, Artyom Chaika no longer controls the largest salt producer - Tyretsky salt mine (revenue - 2 billion rubles), located in the Irkutsk region. 90% of the company's shares were transferred to its CEO Andrey Svyatoshenko. Also, since the end of 2018, Chaika no longer owns the Tri Es Group development company (revenue together with its daughters is more than RUB 1.5 billion).

Artyom Chaika has an apartment in the homeowners' association "Madison" on the street. Mashkova, 5, building 1, according to "Kontur.Fokus". This house with pilasters built in 1905 is located between Chistye Prudy and the Garden Ring, there are only 11 apartments, prices start at 45 million rubles.

We failed to contact Artyom Chaika and Denis Morozov, the government of the Magadan Region did not promptly respond to Ko's questions. Irina Baturovskaya, General Director of Electrum LLC, answered Ko's questions why the Magadan Region Development Corporation entered the capital of Kaliningrad companies, including Electrum, and what they do, replied that “we do not give any comments, this is a commercial secret. ".