ASV is looking for a dead donkey ears in a bankrupt Probusinessbank

The agency demanded to prosecute nine top managers of Probusinessbank, which lost its license in 2015, and recover from them 70 billion rubles. Some of the bankers managed to take refuge in the United States.
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The Deposit Insurance Agency sent to the Moscow Arbitration Court an application for bringing to the subsidiary responsibility of nine top managers of the ruined Probusinessbank. With them, the agency requires to collect 68.53 billion rubles. This is stated in a message published on the official website of the DIA (performs the functions of the bankruptcy trustee).

The agency checked the circumstances of the bankruptcy of the credit institution and came to the conclusion that the people controlling the bank withdrew assets from it through lending to technical entities, as well as through the acquisition of illiquid securities. Heads of the bank did not take measures to prevent bankruptcy, concluded in the state corporation.

Among those who are called to account, are former co-owner of Probusinessbank Alexander Zheleznyak, former chairman of the board Dmitry Dylnov, as well as members of the board and the board of directors of the organization.

"The Agency will continue to take all necessary measures aimed at replenishing the bankruptcy of the credit institution," the DIA assured.

Probusinessbank lost its license to operate in 2015. At the same time he was declared bankrupt. The central bank has identified in the credit institution large-scale operations to withdraw assets, the damage from which is estimated at 34 billion rubles.

In the case of embezzlement in Probusinessbank, former vice-president Yaroslav Alekseev, deputy chairman Alexander Zheleznyak and his deputy Alexander Lomov were arrested in absentia. They were suspected of embezzling 25 billion rubles. The investigation suggested that they were hiding in the United States.

In June last year, the court sentenced the ex-head of Probusinessbank Marina Krylova to stealing 2.4 billion rubles to 3.5 years of a general-regime colony. from a credit institution. The investigation found that Krylov and her accomplices among the top managers of the bank provided false information, after which the bank gave multimillion-dollar loans. After that, the loan funds under the guise of payment for various services and purchases of illiquid securities were transferred to the accounts of the bank executives, then the money was converted into dollars and withdrawn to offshore.