Atlantis of the Gutseriev-Shishkhanov clan

The business empire of Mikhail Gutseriev and his nephew, Mikhail Shishkhanov, is bursting at the seams. The main problem, the debt burden, cannot be solved. 
Self-deception is a very dangerous thing, it does not allow to recognize problems when they are clearly available. While Gutseriev "builds" himself a successful businessman, Inteko has problems with meeting the obligations to complete the ruined SU-155, and Technosila does not pay with suppliers. Is something wrong in the Danish kingdom?
The construction tail for Inteko has been running since 2015, after the Russian Capital bank was appointed as the sanatorium SU-155. As a result, Inteko became a technical customer for completing unfinished, inherited.

Now the company "RK-Story", created by the bank to complete the facilities, plans to acquire the company "Triumphal Arch", which is part of Inteko and belongs to the group "Safmar" of the Gutseriev-Shishkhanovs. Between "RK-Story" and "Triumphal arch", a scheme was previously approved, according to which the customer works under general contract agreements.
It seems that "Safmar" has serious problems. Recently, almost 25% of M.Video shares were sold without profit, which were bought out from minority shareholders. Shares plummeted at the end of July. Apparently, this was the reason for their sale.

Yesterday it became known that Gutseriev-Shishkhanov's "Technosila" refused to pay suppliers. And today in Vedomosti there appeared a large interview of Mikhail Gutseriev, in which he tells that everything is good in Safmar. And this, most likely, means that everything is bad in "Safmar". Why on earth would Vedomosti on its own initiative interview an oligarch? Yes, and against the backdrop of the latest disappointing news for Gutseriev. Apparently, rumors about the empire's wobbling crept, and Mikhail Gutseriev had to somehow react to them.

"Technosila" goes into oblivion

The federal chain of shops "Technosila" Gutseriev-Shishkhanov can disappear from the market. She plans to merge with the network of "Eldorado", also belonging to the group "Safmar". All the suppliers of Technosila sent letters that they can not pay for the goods already delivered.

"Technosila" owes on the bills?

And he proposes to restructure the debt. Part of it is ready to return the goods at cost. A part - from the sale of goods with a 50% discount. The remaining debt is going to be paid by the end of the year with a 30% discount. Some suppliers have said that Technosila has not paid for supplies for six months. "Technosila" belongs to "Safmar" since 2015. She had 72 stores and 133 points of delivery of goods. Now it is planned that "Technosila" will exist only as an online store. Apparently, almost all employees of the network will be dismissed.

And although "Safmar" claims that when the employees of the network are dismissed, the current legislation will be observed, this raises serious doubts. People can simply throw out on the street. Actually, it happened with the plant "Ufaleynickel", owned by "Safmar". 4 months ago, he stopped his work, began a massive reduction in staff. More than 2 thousand people have already been dismissed. But "Ufaleynickel" is a city-forming enterprise in the town of Verkhny Ufaley. And the second in the country after "Norilsk Nickel" manufacturer of strategically important metal. However, this, like the fate of the laid-off workers, apparently does not bother the Gutseriev-Shishkhanovs family at all.

And it is unlikely that she will be worried about the fate of the employees of Technosila and debts to its suppliers. Or they will go to the conditions of "Safmar", or in general can remain without money. This can also be assumed.

No more soul mates?

The Moscow stock exchange excluded from the quotation list bonds of "Binbank" in the amount of 66 billion rubles. And did he start having problems? Mikail Shishkhanov, the nephew of Mikhail Gutseriev, headed the "Binbank" for 25 years. He owns 67.9% of the bank, Gutserievu - 28.5%.

Mikhail Gutseriev "asked" Shishkhanov from the bank?

In his interview, Mikhail Gutseriev said that Shishkhanov is no longer the head of Binbank, but allegedly transferred to the strategic management of the whole group Safmar. Changes in the bank began in late May this year. They say that the Central Bank asked Gutseriev to take the bank under his control. Whether this is so, is for certain unknown. However, there are rumors that a team of managers is changing in "Binbank". And Mikhail Gutseriev's company Hanberg Finance asked for approval from the Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) to determine the working conditions for Binbank.

Something, apparently, went wrong in the bank. And the exclusion of its bonds on their quotation list of the Moscow Stock Exchange is a confirmation. And Gutseriev simply does not want to take rubbish from his hut and tells the media about the new post of Mikail Shishkhanov, who, most likely, is simply removed from the bank's leadership.

"Safmar" is playing risky at someone else's expense?

The group "Safmar" constantly buys something. And, of course, the question arises - where does the money come from? Evil tongues suggest that the group, apparently, acquires assets, mortgages them, and buys new assets for this money. This may be confirmed by the fact that most of the group's real estate is pledged to banks.
Mikhail Gutseriev will go the road MMM?

And some ill-wishers of the Gutseriev-Shishkhanovs suggest that Safmar makes purchases from its pension funds. Perhaps, he risks the money of his depositors. Apparently, the funds do not have money, because they can be spent on purchases of Gutserievs - Shishkhanovs. And this is a very risky game that can turn into big trouble for the clients of the funds.

"Technosila" will merge with "Eldorado", and then, most likely, "Eldorado" merge with "M. Video", since until now in "Safmar" there is no clear understanding of the positioning of the two networks. And the employees of the next network of shops will again be out of work. They simply "merge" with the network. Summarizing, we can draw only one conclusion, the smile with which Mikhail Gutseriev talks about achievements - is given to him with effort, because the fruits of his labors are already beginning to crumble. The Empire of the Gutserievs - Shishkhanovs as the legendary Atlantis may soon go to the bottom. The only question is, how many foreign finances, projects and fates will it drag along?