Author of the tax on RuNet is the owner of real estate development business in England

Head of the Russian Authors' Society and the author of the idea of ​​the tax on the Internet Sergey Fedotov appeared to be a developer. Together with unknown partners, he owns real estate in the UK worth more than £8 million.
Origin source
Available RBC were documents from the British registry of ownership of the General Director of the Russian Authors' Society (RAO) Sergei Fedotov. Their authenticity was confirmed by representatives of the Land Registry of Great Britain (UK Land Registry) Marion Shelley.

That Fedotov owns the castle in Scotland worth £ 1 million, the British Daily Mail reported in May. It also follows from the registry data, except for the castle Fedotov owns several houses in Brighton (town on the south coast of England) and apartments in the center of London. The total value of the property at the price of transactions with them more than £ 8 million The most expensive acquisition Fedotov -. Apartment in the center of the capital, on Mansfield Street street, buy that cost him £ 5,7 Mill.

One of the houses in Brighton, on the prestigious street Withdean Road, Fedotov bought for £ 1,3 million to the documents of UK Land Registry. According to the data on the Rightmove site, which publishes property listings, July 22, 2015, he was put up for sale for £ 1.55 Mill. This two-storey house with a garden, five bathrooms, three living rooms and a garage.

On the same street Fedotov owns two other houses: the first - on thenoetazhny house with pool - Fedotov bought for £ 2.5 m; the cost of second homes in the register not be disclosed.

Property in the UK - it's a business, said RBC Fedotov: "Several years ago we set up with partners development company, which is engaged in the purchase and subsequent resale of real estate, as well as the repair and restoration work and construction." Company name and the names of the head of the copyright societies partners declined to disclose, citing the allegedly organized against it "in recent PR campaign, as well as frequent threats" against him and his family. Fedotov said only that his partners - "very well-known and respected people in the business world."

Now the company's portfolio - a few dozen projects, said Fedotov. In the UK, this business is "very common." In addition, interest rates on mortgages "very comfortable, especially in the case of real estate registration of individuals," he said. Necessary guarantees and investments, according to Fedotov, provided partners,n itself increasingly engaged in "issues of architectural design, design and negotiations with contractors."

Castle Haunted

On foreign property Fedotov wrote in May, the British newspaper Daily Mail. The publication reported that the CEO of RAO owns a Scottish castle of the XV century, which belonged to the famous ancient family Grants, the deal was worth £ 1 million. This information itself Fedotov confirmed the "Vedomosti" newspaper. "For me, it is of interest primarily to the cultural and historical point of view. I believe that the process of recovery will be of great interest to historians and archaeologists, not only in Scotland, but also in our country, "- he told the newspaper.

Castle - a four-story building surrounded by a garden and a private plot of land 35 acres (about 14 hectares). It has four bedrooms, a ballroom, a library, a cinema and a guest wing with two bedrooms, the newspaper The Scotsman. The castle and supposedly have its own ghost - the daughter of a Scottish landowner of the XVI century lady Barbara Grant, who died of unrequited love.
In June Fedotov told "Vedomosti" that is not a civil servant, and that in addition to work in the Russian public organizations he has business interests in real estate, banking, and media business.

From base to SPARK-Interfax database shows that over the years he was listed as the owner of more than 20 legal entities, including OOO "NAIS" (National Agency of Intellectual Property (ceased to exist), LLC "The Hollywood Reporter Rus» and «Independend Pablisher Group" (publishing . activities), as well as a number of trading companies The majority of these companies, according to SPARK, ceased to exist, only five Ltd. had revenue for the years 2013-2014: total did not exceed several tens of millions of rubles a year.

"The Hollywood Reporter Rus" (revenues in 2013 -. 46.4 million rubles) publishes the Russian version of the American magazine of the world film industry The Hollywood Reporter (THR). In the US, THR is published every week in Russia - once a month (volume - 128 pages), there is the eponymous daily updated website. Sales Ltd in 2013 amounted to RUR 46.4 million.

As an investor Fedotov also receivedsmall part in the release of the Russian version of the English weekly Billboard music industry and in the reform of the FSUE "Melody", which owns the rights to more than 50 thousand. different pieces of music (by Forbes magazine).

Fedotov - a longtime associate of the head of the Union of Cinematographers, film director Nikita Mikhalkov. Their latest initiative has become widely known as a "tax on the Internet": the fall of 2014 Mikhalkov and Fedotov proposed to introduce a collection of Internet users for access to copyright works. While the idea is not realized: it is not supported by any relevant agencies or market participants, nor the presidential administration.

RAO, which is headed by Fedotov, accredited by the government for the collection of payments in favor of authors of music and songs. In June it was reported that oversee deductions fees in favor of rights holders in the market is preparing a new social structure of the Russian Union of right holders (CPR), Russian Authors' Society (RAO) and the Russian Organization for Intellectual Property (WIPO) announced the merger into a single organization. New structuresIt will be called "The union of artists" Russian Authors' Society. "

All three organizations and so is actually run by the same team. CEO of ATN Fedotov held a similar position in the waste, his first deputy in CPR Andrey Krichevsky led by WIPO and was Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of RAO. One of the founders of the FPR is the Union of Cinematographers of Mikhalkov.

Combining the three organizations should strengthen the position of the union: we already know that Mikhalkov will enter the new association council on the copyright market. As RBC representative RAO said that the new organization has been created. The CEO (who became Fedotov) governments and elected were formed according to its charter.

Judging by the statements of the FPR, waste and WIPO, the total fees of the three organizations in 2013 exceeded 5.5 billion rubles. (Data for 2014 is not). This particular transfer money these organizations, not specified in the accounts. CPR reports that in 2013 collected 3.4 billion rubles. And 2.2 billion rubles. sent to holders, but does not name the specific destinations. RAO also indicates Recipientsteley. At the WIPO report more detailed: they say that the organization has collected in 2013 900 million rubles. and allocated 600 million rubles. - 300 million rubles. performers and producers of phonograms, but the artists and brands are not listed.

All organizations involved in the collection of contributions in favor of rights holders should receive state accreditation. Until now, it has issued the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, but last week it became known that the regulatory functions may go Rospatent.