Bank FC Opening will sue former top managers

The claims are brought against nine managers, including former members of the board. To the former owners of the bank, who brought it into the financial abyss, the administration of Mikhail Zadornov claims for some reason no.
Bank Otkritie FC filed lawsuits against nine of its former top managers. The applications were filed on August 23 and have not yet been accepted for production, it follows from the file of arbitration cases. The essence of claims to managers is still unknown: the court's materials have not yet indicated what the bank claims to claim.

The lawsuits were filed with former senior vice president of FC Opening, Nikolai Yarovoi, former vice-presidents Maxim Yanlpolsky and Gennady Zhuzhlev, Elena Budnik, who was on the bank's board, as well as top managers of the bank Tatyana Serebrennikova, Alexander Tarabrin, Konstantin Chigirev, Sergei Babkin and Anton Sbytov.

Yanpolsky declined to comment. To get through to Gennady Zhuzhlev, Alexandra Tarabrin and Elena Budnik "Vedomosti" have not yet been able to. Contact with other respondents was not possible. Vedomosti has sent a request to the representative of FC Otkritie and is waiting for his comments.

"FC Opening" from the end of August last year is on sanation - its new owner was the Banking Sector Consolidation Fund (FCCC), controlled by the Central Bank. Now the bank is managed by a team of people from VTB 24, the former president of VTB 24, Mikhail Zadornov, headed FC Opening.