"Bank for hipsters" which was estimated by Tinkoff at 1 ruble will be bought for $4.5 million

KhMV Otkrytiye Bank will be bought by online banking service Roketbank. The deal will be finished in the following days, and the bid price is about $4.5 million. Before that, Oleg Tinkoff was willing to buy the project, offering 1 ruble.  
Origin source

The deal, which closed recently, RBC said a source close to the BKM "Opening", sources close to the bank and Roketbanku "Interkommerts", on the processing of which the service works. The deal, according to them, will be about 300 mln. Rubles, or $ 4.5 million.

Co-founder and CEO Roketbanka Victor Lysenko did not comment on this information to RBC, just received the press service of the bank "FC Opening". The head of the press service of the bank Interkommerts Gleb Kliment'ev said that the bank about the transaction is not known.

How does Roketbank

Roketbank - is an application for the use of banking services, designed for an advanced audience, mostly young people, so that users of social networks are often referred to as its "Bank for hipsters."

Roketbank does not have its own banking license and is currently working on the processing Interkommerts bank that produces and maintains his card. To use the service Roketbanka need to download the mobile app (available for devices c iOS operating system, Android, and Windows Phone), and obzaestis debit "platinum" of the banking system Visa card. Among the payment functions - the ability to recharge mobile phone account, make transfers to cards of natural persons for the card number or just the telephone number translation services to legal entities, payments to the organization and management of its own budget by means of a built-in application intelligence.

Roketbanka founders were four entrepreneurs - Oleg Kozyrev Viktor Lysenko, Aleksey Kolesnikov and Michael for provisions.

According to general director Frank Research Group Yuri Gribanova, transaction Roketbanka - in the logic of acquisitions "FC Opening". "The deal is similar to the one that was with the service" Tochka "[online service for companies established on the basis of Bank24.ru deprived of his license], and says that" Opening "believes in technology and gathers in the market such services" - commented Gribanov.

Initially, the project was designed with Roketbankom money investors continued Gribanov, but as difficult to raise funds now, one option - to sell the entire project to institutionalnvestoru. "In the processing of the bank" Interkommerts "project it was difficult to take off, and the" Discovery "more resources, capacity and political will to develop this service", - concluded the general director Frank Research Group.

Roketbank rights belong to OOO "Rocket", it was registered in October 2012, but this project is listed on it. According to SPARK-Interfax database, according to the results of 2014 the company showed a loss of 69.5 million rubles. - It is four times more than its revenue at the time.

Managing partner of venture fund LETA Capital Chachava Alexander believes that "Opening" in this case does not concern the financial performance Roketbanka. The buyer is interested primarily customer base of service by calculating the amount of the transaction on the basis of the number of its active users, he said.

According to a source close to Roketbanku, maps Roketbanka logo received 60 thousand. People, of which active customers are 60%, ie 36 thousand. Man. It turns out that, if the transaction amount is $ 4.5 million, each active client Roketbanka cost of "openness" of $ 125.
"If the" Rocket "will find a buyer among the banks, it is obvious that the project happen and change of the settlement bank", - says Clement, adding that Roketbanka customer service possible change of the settlement bank will be "almost imperceptible".

According to RBC, a source close to the Roketbanku and friend Victor Lysenko, but "open" project owners have been negotiating to sell it well with the banks "Orient Express" and "Tinkoff" Oleg Tinkoff.

Tinkoff RBC through its press service that it went Roketbanka investors with a proposal to buy the company. However, the owner of Tinkoff Bank considers that such a purchase for him "not complementary." He explained that Tinkoff Bank already has options similar to those that offer Roketbank. "Therefore, to buy a second product with such a team, part of which will inevitably leave, did not make sense", - he said.
Between Lysenko and Tinkoff special relationship: they are constantly making fun of each other in social networks. In March this year Roketbank created internet game "RoketaBank" based on the regular "skirmishes". In the game, participants must dodge card Tinkoff Bank and restore health using a smoothie.

In early September, Oleg Tinkoff wrote on his page on Facebook, that is ready to buy allegedly offered for sale Roketbank for $ 1 million, but September 15 will reduce the price of 1 rub.

A few days later Roketbanka guide placed on the pages of your project in the social media message, in which the said proposals Tinkoff "frivolous." To this "lightness" to emphasize Roketbank created the game "Help Oleg collect one million", in which the cyclist moves along precipices full field, collecting prizes - packs of dumplings "Daria", a bottle of beer "Tinkoff" and credit card Tinkoff Bank.

Commenting on the situation with RBC Roketbankom, Tinkoff said that trolling in social networks - it's more for fun. "I respect the guys like entrepreneurs and respect what they have done," - he concluded.

As Oleg Tinkoff "buy" Roketbank

Head Oleg Tinkoff Bank Tigness CEO and Roketbanka Victor Lysenko (as well as the official account Roketbanka) are constantly playful conversation in social networks. Skirmishes began after Tinkoff asked to comment on the creation of Roketbanka. Tinkoff has consistently stressed that Roketbank is an online application, and not the bank, as it has no license. In addition, he calls Roketbank "smoothie-Bank", alluding to its hipster nature.

Question name

"M already remove the word BANK name, not mislead people," - suggested Tinkoff representatives Roketbanka on Twitter March 3, 2015. (Hereinafter the original spelling). Senior official of the bank account, said: "Oleg can return the word" credits "in the name that you mislead people? '

After that Tinkoff tried to entice the leading account to himself, explaining that Roketbanku soon will have nothing to pay him a salary.

Later quarrel broke Lysenko, who said: "Oh Oleg as a sluggish, no lights at this time. Boring even. Crisis Depression? Spring Avita? Lake "Tinkoff said to him," Vit, no special focus, consider the money sit, the last dividend was $ 30 million, I think where to spend. "

Bank - children

8 September 2015 Tinkoff wrote in Facebook, it would offer to buy Roketbank if his fast dial 2 thousand. Likes. The required number of likes were recruited, and 9 September the banker has published a new post: "Well, the boy (especially Siberia) said - boy did. Makes a public offer to buy Roketbanka (a-ka "Smoothies Bank") for $ 1 000 000. Note is not for a ruble! The ruble will be at the end of the offer, ie September 15th. This is NOT Tinkoff People & Tinkoff Bank offers, so they do not need it I'll buy for the children, let them have fun and cards handed out at school and college. Roma [son Tinkoff] appoint the CEO, he likes to argue with me all the time to prove something. Pasha [the second son] STO let it be, he loves to play and constantly troll classmates on your computer. Take! "

Game Million

September 10 Roketbank made a return gesture. He has released the game "Help Oleg collect one million", in which a cyclist motiontsya among precipices, collecting prizes - packs of dumplings "Daria", a bottle of beer "Tinkoff" and credit card Tinkoff Bank.