Bank Interkommerz will bankrupt IFC Home Money

The company Evgeny Bernshtam owed bankers 2.7 billion rubles and allowed a technical default.
 Bank Interkommerz, which is under the management of the Deposit Insurance Agency (DIA), is going to file an application with the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Region for the bankruptcy of IFC Domashnye mnaya. This is stated in the notice on the portal "Fedresses".

IFC should "Interkommertsu" 2.7 billion rubles. on the loan. The loan was restructured, the representative of the DIA told, and should be repaid in December 2019, but since April 2017, the IFC has ceased to comply with the payment schedule.

The company first hears about the plans of Interkommerz, the representative of Domashnye Zemlya answered the question of Vedomosti about the bank's statement. "IFC is actively working with DIA to repay debt," he said, adding that under the contract, the principal will be repaid on December 31, 2019. Vedomosti is awaiting a response from the DIA.

DIA is the largest creditor of "Home Money": for the I quarter of 2018 from 3.58 billion rubles. IFC's debt to banks of 3.25 billion was accounted for by banks under the management of the agency - Interkommerts, Vega-Bank, Mast-Bank and Financial Standard. For loans to Mast Bank and the "Financial Standard" for a total amount of 276 million rubles. IFC also violates the terms of payments, the representative of the DIA pointed out, noting that both of these loans were restructured and their maturity was postponed until September 2019. The debt of "Home Money" to Vega Bank was 273 million rubles, of which 79 million DIA sought in court. "Domestic money" appealed against this decision. Proceedings are scheduled for August 21.

IFC also had a debt to the Russian Standard Bank: at the end of the first quarter of 2018 it was 587 million rubles. Now the debt to the "Russian Standard" is repaid, a representative of the "Home Money" told Vedomosti. According to Kommersant, IFC repaid the debt by transferring a portfolio of individuals' loans to the bank. A representative of the "Russian Standard" declined to comment.

In the annual accounts of "Domashnye money" it is stated that in 2017 the company borrowed loans and loans from four other banks - "Obrazovaniya", "Novopokrovsky", "O.K. Bank (all of them have their licenses revoked) and Inbank. Loans to "Education" and Inbank were repaid. The amount owed to Novopokrovsky and O.K. bank "representative of the IFC did not disclose, but assured that after the transition of banks under the management of the DIA" Domashny Money "will serve the loan.