Banker Robert Musin released transaction

The ex-head of Tatfondbank concluded a pre-trial agreement on cooperation.
The investigation decided not to keep the ex-head of the collapsed Tatfondbank (TFB), deputy of the State Council of Tatarstan Robert Musin, no longer in the SIZO. He is accused of major fraud with money, including the Central Bank, the total amount of damage, according to the estimates of the investigation, exceeds 50 billion rubles. Mr. Musin, who had not previously pleaded guilty, unexpectedly concluded a pre-trial cooperation agreement, after which the investigation decided to ask the court to transfer him to house arrest.

In the Privolzhsky District Court of Kazan, a petition was received from the Investigation Department of the TFR for Tatarstan about changing the measure of restraint to one of the founders and ex-chairman of the board of the TFB Robert Musin. This was reported to Kommersant by the press service of the district court. The investigation requests that Mr. Musin, who was detained in the SIZO, be detained in March 2017, under house arrest. Consideration of the application, as reported in the district court, was due on January 23, but the investigation "improperly notified the parties" about the event - the prosecutor's office learned about it only 15 minutes before it began. As the representative of the supervisory authority did not manage to attend the hearings, it was decided to postpone them to January 26.

Recall, Robert Musin was in custody after the TFB had problems at the end of 2016 and the license was revoked. The banker was charged with a particularly large fraud (Part 4, Article 159 of the Criminal Code), and he became a suspect under art. 201 (abuse of authority, which entailed grave consequences) and art. 174.1 (legalization of monetary funds or other property acquired as a result of the commission of a crime) of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. Initially, Mr. Musin was charged with fraudulent embezzlement of the Central Bank through Tatfondbank 3.1 billion rubles, then in the case there were materials on the illegal withdrawal of collateral for loans granted by the TFB to various companies, as well as illegal use of money, including those allocated for improving the bank "Soviet" and owned by Intechbank. Also, the Investigation Department stated that ostensibly the former banker had found offshore companies. In one proceeding, 22 criminal cases were merged, the damage for which exceeds 50 billion rubles.

Earlier it was reported that Mr. Musin does not admit his guilt. He was repeatedly prolonged in SIZO, he tried to challenge these decisions every time, but the Supreme Court of Tatarstan left his complaints unhappy. The court last extended the arrest of the ex-banker in December 2017 - until February 16, 2018.

In the SU, the decision to change the measure of restraint to Mr. Musin has not been commented yet. From a source familiar with the situation, "Kommersant" became aware of some details of the petition of the investigation. It says that the reason for the weakening is the fact that the accused "facilitates the disclosure of the crime, cooperates with the investigative body". "Taking into account the above circumstances, as well as the state of health of the accused, the investigation turned to this petition to speed up the investigation of the case," the source said. It should be noted that since Mr. Musin was in jail, he was often hospitalized. According to "Kommersant", the investigation of his criminal case is actually over. The investigation, according to the source, wants to speed up the process of completing the investigation "in execution" of Art. 217 of the Code of Criminal Procedure ("Acquaintance of the accused and his counsel with the criminal case file"). It was assumed that in February of this year, Mr. Musin may begin to get acquainted with the materials, after which the case will go to court. However, the content of the ex-banker in the SIZO creates certain difficulties for this.

The Prosecutor's Office of Tatarstan opposed the change in the measure of restraint to Mr. Musin. "We do not see any grounds for changing the measure of restraint to a milder one," Ruslan Galiyev, a senior assistant to the prosecutor of the republic, told journalists.

On Wednesday, Mr. Mussin's lawyer "Kommersant" was not able to receive comments from his lawyer - his phone did not answer.