Bashneft for Belarusians: the Khotins are interested in the privatization of the company

Alexey and Yuri Khotins can increase their oil assets to $2 billion.
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As we found out Forbes, the owners of "Gorbushkin court" Alexei and Yuri Hawtin are interested in the privatization shares "Bashneft". This is related by several bankers familiar with their plans.

Now the state owns 75% of "Bashneft". The company has received a package through the courts in AFK "System" Vladimir Yevtushenko in late 2014. The company's capitalization on the Moscow stock exchange is 465 billion rubles, or $ 6 billion. A quarter of the company (worth $ 1.5 billion) it will soon be privatized.

The meeting on February 1 in the Kremlin, which discussed the privatization of state companies, attended by the president of "Rosneft" Igor Sechin, chairman of VTB Andrey Kostin, President of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov, president of "Alrosa" Andrey Zharkov, general director of "Aeroflot" Vitaly Saveliev, general director of "Sovcomflot" Sergey Frank and other senior managers. Putin said at the meeting that the state should not lose control over strategic enterprises opposed finance privatization transactions by state banks. According to the analyst of Gazprombankleksandra Nazarov, is elevating for investors' funds. "We" Bashneft "Only in 2015 processing volumes equaled the production, the company may also be of interest to the shareholders with the extraction, such as Hawtin," - says the expert. "Upstream assets in Hawtin lot, but there is no refinery - adds Vitaly Kryukov of the Small Letters. - Refinery "Bashneft" - one of the best and require almost no investment. "

Over the past few years, Hawtin spent a lot of deals in the oil sector and purchased the company "Aurora" from ConocoPhillips and "Rosneft" for about $ 150-200 million, "Negusneft" Leonid Lebedev for $ 150-200 million, and before that became the owners of the company "Dulisma" ($ 89 million), Exillon Energy (capitalization of 116 million pounds, Hawtin controlled company) and "Irelyakhneft" ($ 30 million).

Based on these figures, the value of its oil assets can be estimated at $ 450-550 million. The family Hawtin is not the first who is interested in "Bashneft", to Reuters agency, citing a source in the government said that the oil company is interested in "Lukoil" VagitAlekperov. This message has been welcomed by market participants - the company's shares rose on the Moscow Stock Exchange by 3.8%.

Economic Development Minister Alexei Ulyukayev said earlier that in addition to "Bashneft" high chances for privatization in 2016 are "Rosneft", "Alrosa". The interest in the latter, said recently the head of "Renova" and a participant list, Forbes Viktor Vekselberg. In addition to the packages it "Alrosa" shares "Sovcomflot" and "Transneft" eyeing senator from Dagestan, the major shareholder of investment company "Nafta Moscow" Suleiman Kerimov, told Forbes source. In the "Nafta" refused to comment on this information. Applicant for a stake of "Rosneft" sources close to the state-owned company, called "Surgutneftegas", co-owner and general director Vladimir Bogdanov is 44. "They threatened," - ironically one of Forbes interlocutors.