Billionaire Arzhanov will pay for light with fish

The persons involved in the TNS energo case want to be accused of organizing a criminal community.
As it became known to Kommersant, investigating the alleged embezzlement of more than 5.5 billion rubles. the former co-owner and top-managers of PJSC TNS energo at the power grid company Rosseti Center and Volga Region, the investigative department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has not yet decided on the final charge. Kommersant's sources are inclined to believe that most likely the five defendants will not change the preventive measures, eventually incriminating Art. 210 of the Criminal Code on the organization of a criminal community or participation in it. In the meantime, assets worth 2.5 billion rubles have been arrested to pay off the damage in the case, including fish restaurants.

In the criminal case of the former general director of PJSC TNS energo Sergei Afanasyev, his wife Sofia, who held the position of deputy general director of LLC TNS Holding, deputy director of PJSC Boris Shchurov, shareholder of the company Dmitry Arzhanov, as well as Jamil Dashin, who headed the Nizhny Novgorod JSC Interregional energy sales company , the other day 11 months have passed since the day of their arrest and subsequent arrest by the Tverskoy District Court.

According to the law, investigators, in this case of the Investigative Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, who were interested in maintaining the arrest for the accused, had to bring charges against them in the final wording and begin to acquaint them with the materials of the case. However, this never happened.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs itself does not comment on the case, and the defenders of the defendants interviewed by Kommersant believe that it does not follow from the entire course of the investigation that a month later, when the maximum one-year term of arrests on charges of fraud (part 4 of Art. 159 of the Criminal Code) expires, the accused will be released, and the investigation will continue. Obviously, according to the representatives of the defendants, the Ministry of Internal Affairs is in no hurry to end the case, because they have already decided to make the charge heavier by including Art. 210 (organization of a criminal community or participation in it) of the Criminal Code. This article allows the defendants to be kept in custody for up to one and a half years.

According to the investigation, TNS energo and its subsidiary TNS energo Nizhny Novgorod from August 2011 to October 2020 fraudulently stole more than 5.5 billion rubles. Volga region ". This follows from the statement of the representatives of the latter to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which opened a criminal case on October 22 last year. At first, an investigation was conducted against unidentified persons, and on October 30 last year, five persons involved were charged.

According to the investigators, receiving monthly payments from electricity consumers, and among them there were 40 thousand legal entities and more than 1.2 million individuals, the defendants transferred funds not to the electricity supplier Rosseti Center and Volga Region, but to the settlement accounts of controlled individuals and legal entities. persons and offshore companies.

Obviously, one of these legal entities will form the basis of the accusation of organizing an organized criminal community, since according to the law, the case must now speak of a company specially created to commit a crime, and TNS energo, one of the largest independent energy sales companies in Russia, has been operating since 2003 years, that is, it appeared long before the alleged scam.

The accused were detained by officers of the GUEBiPK Ministry of Internal Affairs and the SEB FSB. Only one of them, Jamil Dashin, admitted his guilt, agreeing to cooperate with the investigation, and therefore he was chosen as a preventive measure in the form of house arrest. The injured party in the case of the SD of the Ministry of Internal Affairs recognized Rosseti Center and Volga Region, to repay the damage of which it seized the property of the accused: assets, apartments, cars, bank accounts, land and houses.

Only billionaire Dmitry Arzhanov, according to Kommersant's information, has the Tverskoy District Court arrested shares in a dozen companies.

These are the Shatkovsky grain processing complex (35%), LLC Agrofirma Vesna (holder of the assets of the Sergach Sugar Plant, 10%), Management Company Nizhny Novgorod Communal Company (75%), catering enterprises LLC Rybny (17.55%) and LLC Tiffany Bar (18%), which include such Nizhny Novgorod establishments as Kraken Bar, Khurma restaurant, Fish and Crabs Seafoodbar, Tiffani bar. Also, assets were arrested in the companies Reditex LLC (37.67%), Reditex Finance LLC (46%), AF Holding LLC (44.58%), ANT System LLC (22%), LLC Leto (50%), Sunflake LLC (68%) and Blackwood LLC (50.02%). The investigation estimates them at 2.5 billion rubles.