Billionaire Mordashov invests in service for hiring employees with the help of artificial intelligence

The JungleJobs site, which recruited staff for employers through artificial intelligence technologies, received investments in exchange for a controlling stake.
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"Severgrupp" acquired a controlling stake in the Internet site for the recruitment of JungleJobs personnel. The share will be purchased from the current investors of the project - the funds Impulse and The Untitled, as well as a private investor. This is stated in the message of the group of companies available to Forbes.

"Severgrupp" and JungleJobs do not officially inform the size of the investment. However, a source aware of the negotiation process informed Forbes that they amounted to $ 6-7 million. The group of companies "Severgrupp" carries out long-term investment in the interests of Alexei Mordashov.

What is JungleJobs

The site for recruitment is divided into three areas: JungleJobs, JJuber and, which automates the processes of selection and evaluation of line personnel using artificial intelligence systems.

JungleJobs is a platform for interaction between employers and professional personnel specialists, as well as recruiting agencies. On her successfully closed vacancy brings recruiters 70% of the fee. JJuber is a platform for finding HR task executors: from mass recruitment to staffing.
According to the statement of "Severgrupp", after the transaction the management of JungleJobs will not change, and the co-founder of the project Eugenia Dvorskaya remains the company's CEO. She believes that the use of machine learning to work with data in the personnel field will be a breakthrough technology and will allow companies to significantly reduce the cost of hiring personnel.

"I treat investors of the first wave well and the assessment seems adequate to me. But I note that in Russia they are not accustomed to paying for recruiting services, therefore such companies grow slowly, they get better in the US and, perhaps, in Europe, "Alena Vladimirskaya, the founder of the project" Anti-Fraud ", estimated the prospects for the transaction. She added that she does not really believe in the business model financed by "Severgrupp" - with a focus on HR and EdTech, - precisely because of the fact that in Russia there is little pay for hiring personnel.

JungleJobs Internet site for recruitment was established in 2014 for employers in all sectors, regardless of the size of companies and recruitment professionals throughout Russia. Since the creation of Jungle Jobs, more than 400 companies from Russia, the USA, the CIS countries and the Asia-Pacific Region have become its customers. Executors at Jungle Jobs are more than 700 professional recruiters who undergo multistage selection.

Other transactions in the personnel sphere

The deal with JungleJobs has already become the fourth for "Severgrupp" in the field of technology for education and HR. Earlier, she bought a platform for optimizing Potok's HR processes, acquired a controlling stake in HR-service "", and also bought a 44% stake in the online education project "Netologia", which cost the group of companies $ 50-60 million , according to Forbes.

"Our goal is to create an ecosystem that will offer people a comprehensive solution for building and developing a career, and corporate clients the opportunity to search for the best people for solving their problems," HR strategy director of HR businesses "Severgrupp" Artem Kumpel. According to the company's plan, education and employment are closely connected, the direction of investment is conventionally called TalentTech. It is planned to increase its presence in this segment to create solutions for customers.