Billionaire Oleg Tinkov built the world's first private icebreaker

The Damen shipyard in the Netherlands is equipping the new Oleg Tinkoff La Datcha yacht, a billionaire plans to lease it for 740,000 euros per week for travel to Antarctica and Alaska.
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Billionaire Oleg Tinkov back in 2016 in the catalog of the Dutch shipyard Damen saw a presentation of a prototype of a 75-meter SeaExplorer ice class yacht capable of expeditions to the most remote corners of the planet. Tinkov got excited and became the first customer of SeaExplorer.

In June 2019, a new yacht, named La Datcha, was launched, now in the Dutch Vlissingen it is being equipped. The yacht will be delivered to the customer in the fall of 2020. At the end of September 2020, Tinkov plans to show SeaExplorer at a yacht show in Monaco, immediately after which the boat will go on a tour, which everyone who wants to rent a yacht can join. The annual route is known: the Mediterranean and the Maldives, Southeast Asia and Kamchatka, the Kuril Islands and Chukotka, Alaska and Central America.

“This is yachting, but completely different. This is about research, and not about how to drink martini and hang out in Saint-Tropez, ”Tinkov explained to Forbes the essence of the idea. According to him, the Mediterranean and Caribbean, popular among Russian yacht owners, account for only 5% of the world coast. The remaining 95% is almost no one.

Tinkov plans to spend about 20 weeks a year on the boat, and surrender it the rest of the time. His yacht is part of the La Datcha project, under which Tinkov rents out his houses, each of which is connected with his hobbies: skiing (Courchevel and Val Thorens in France), bike rides (Forte dei Marmi in Italy), fishing on the Volga (Astrakhan), water sports (Cabo San Lucas in Mexico).

A year later, La Datcha will join these houses. Prices are already known: € 740,000 per week, plus a 30% deposit for additional costs.

Cabins for 12 passengers

The exterior design of the yacht was developed by Azure Yacht Design. To develop La Datcha interiors, Oleg Tinkov invited the Russian architect Vasily Spritz from St. Petersburg. Syringe previously worked on other La Datcha projects, including the Palazzo in Forte dei Marmi. “First, I hired an Italian architect, then I kicked out, because our Vasily Shpritz from St. Petersburg is better,” Tinkov explained his choice.

Massage room

On board the yacht there is a fully equipped massage room.

Jacuzzi and sauna

There are two jacuzzis on the yacht - one inside and one on the outer deck, plus a sauna and a bathhouse. In the hold of the yacht there will be a bathyscaphe for three people, which allows you to explore the depths of the sea, four water motorcycles, two snowmobiles, one diving boat and one inflatable motor boat.


Without calling at the port, the yacht can be in autonomous navigation for up to 40 days. In order not to wean from the ground, on board the yacht there is a fully equipped gym.


Each cabin has a bathroom with toilet and shower (or full bath) and a dressing room.

VIP cabins

La Datcha Expedition Yacht 77 can accommodate 12 guests and 25 crew members. There are six cabins for passengers, including two owner cabins and two VIP cabins.

Viewing salon

The viewing salon of the yacht will have full-length windows. Tinkov does not disclose how much La Datcha cost him, but admits that its cost exceeded € 100 million. “There is an understanding that one meter is € 1 million. I can only say that this understanding is very outdated,” says Tinkov.

Observation deck

The design of the yacht is adapted to the particular requirements of the owner, including his passion for helicopters. On the upper deck of La Datcha there will be a helipad and a hangar for two helicopters with a take-off weight of 4 tons each. A yacht with one helicopter cannot be called an explorer, Tinkov believes, because it is not suitable for extreme expeditions. “Imagine you are somewhere on the islands of Papua New Guinea,” he explains. There on the upper deck of the yacht is an observation deck for guests.

Private icebreaker

Tinkov says he plans to dump and, with an average charter price of € 800,000 per week, hand over SeaExplorer La Datcha at € 690,000. The project website shows the price for renting a yacht for an allotment - € 740,000. Tinkov assures that one of the participants in Russian Forbes asks rent the boat immediately for six months, and Bill Gates is interested in the possibility of a charter for three weeks.

Ice breaking case

Thanks to the reinforced hull, the yacht is capable of breaking ice up to 30–40 cm thick. “This is the first private icebreaker in the world,” says Tinkov.