Billionaire Timchenko took second place in the list of richest Russians

The businessman and friend of Vladimir Putin, Gennady Timchenko, with $ 22.1 billion among the richest Russians, is second only to his Novatek and Sibur partner Leonid Mikhelson.
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Billionaire Gennady Timchenko took second place in terms of wealth among the richest Russians, according to the Forbes Real Time counter, which reflects the wealth of dollar billionaires around the world in real time. Now Timchenko’s fortune is $ 22.1 billion, per day it grew by $ 268 million.

Leonid Mikhelson F 1. Timchenko’s partner in Novatek and Sibur remains the richest Russian. His fortune increased by $ 133 million per day to $ 26.2 billion. Co-owner of Lukoil Vagit Alekperov F 3 with $ 21.2 billion is on the third line. , on the fourth - Vladimir Lisin F 2 with $ 20.8 billion. Alexey Mordashov F 4 closes the top five with $ 20.4 billion.

Timchenko first entered the Forbes list in 2008. Then the magazine estimated his fortune at only $ 2.5 billion. Since then, the businessman’s position in the rating has been growing steadily. In the Russian part of the last Forbes dollar billionaire rating (he was released in March this year), Timchenko took fifth place. His fortune was estimated at $ 20.1 billion. The majority of the businessman’s capital is blocks of shares in Novatek (23.49%), Sibur (17%), Stroytransgaz (80%), Transoil (80%) . Timchenko went from fifth to second place thanks to the growth of Novatek quotes. Since February 8, 2019 (on this date, state assessments were recorded in the Forbes global rating), global depository receipts (GDRs) of an independent gas producer on the London Stock Exchange grew by 11%, to $ 200.4 per share. During the same time, the shares of Severstal Mordashov, NLMK Lisin and Lukoil Alekperov either fell or grew weakly.

In the future, both Timchenko and Mikhelson can count on a significant increase in their wealth thanks to the IPO that Sibur plans to enter. A preliminary estimate of the company's capitalization, according to a source of RBC close to Sibur, is $ 20-26 billion. Mikhelson and the head of Sibur Dmitry Konov said that the company plans to go public after the launch of the Zapsibneftekhim petrochemical plant near Tobolsk. In May, the construction of Zapsibneftekhim was completed. In June, Konov said that the company's IPO would take place no earlier than 2020.