Billionaire Vadim Belyaev demanded his money from the bank "Discovery"

Former owner of the bank "FC Otkrytie" wants to return 21 million rubles.
The co-owner of the "Opening of the Holding" Vadim Belyaev demands from the sanated "FC Opening" to return the money blocked on his personal account, Bloomberg reported. Claim Belyaeva VS to "FC Opening" registered Zamoskvoretsky district court in March 2018. Claims, as well as the amount of the claim in the case file are not specified.

In August 2017, the Central Bank withdrew the holding's own bank for sanitation and froze 21 million rubles. accumulations of the former owner of FC Opening, told the agency two sources. Vadim Belyaev through the court tries to return these funds, accrued interest, as well as 1 million rubles. as a moral compensation, points out Bloomberg.

"FC Otkrytie" filed a counterclaim on 5.8 million rubles., Told Vedomosti person familiar with the trial: this is the amount of debt Vadim Belyaev on credit line plus penalties. The bank wrote off this money from its personal account, and the remaining 15.5 million rubles on the account. did not give out, he pointed out.

The representatives of the "Opening of the Holding", "FC Otkritie" and the Central Bank declined to comment. With Belyaev could not be reached.

The next meeting on the case is scheduled for Wednesday, September 5. After the reorganization of FC Opening, the Central Bank has written off not only the capital and subordinated debts of the bank, but all obligations to its top managers. This right he received due to an amendment to the law on bankruptcy, while the regulator can write off the requirements issued before its entry. Last week, FC Otkryt filed suits against nine former top managers demanding the return of bonuses paid shortly before the reorganization. How many received the defendants, was not disclosed. However, according to the case materials, one of them - Sergei Babkin - received 30 million rubles.