Bitter legacy

Will the head of Tver Oblast, Igor Rudenya, change the life of the region?
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The newly elected head of the Tver region, Igor Rudenya, promises jobs to residents, the heat in homes and good roads. However, while it is not clear what will be achieved by prosperity. The region is subsidized, and signs of improvement is not noticeable. The question is whether can cope with all the problems of people, which at a stretch can be called a crisis manager, and which have repeatedly been accused of lobbying.

On the edge of bankruptcy

Public debt of the Tver region has doubled, and the debt burden on the regional budget of the region for five years rose c 66,2% in 2011 to 71.2%, according to the Accounting Chamber. According to the auditor's Tatiana Manuilova, this situation shows a significant dependence of the regional budget of the federal support that contributes to the risk of default of the Tver region of its repayment obligations and debt service. In recent years, the region experienced an acute shortage of funds, and the budget did not have enough money even for presidential decrees execution.

So, in 2013 by 39.8% compared to the planned figure decree "On measures to ensure Russian citizens with affordable and comfortable housing and improving the quality of housing and communal services" it has not been executed. At 36.1% and 30.6%, respectively, were not implemented a decree "On measures to implement the state policy in the sphere of education and science" and "On measures to implement the population policy of the Russian Federation." The Chamber considers that the improvement of the public debt management policy of the Tver region and its abbreviation was formal in the 2014-2016 years. Entangled financial affairs of the region - a legacy
departed in March this year in the resignation of the governor Andrei Shevelev.

Its successor, Igor Rudenya (former place of work - the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation), has said that the regional government approved an action plan to increase revenues and optimize the region's consolidated budget expenditures, as well as to reduce debt in the years 2016-2019. But in addition to debt to the new governor of the Tver region Igor Ruden have to deal with other problems in the region, including running state utilities. People complain about the governor that after the merger of rural districts, they can not get some help, there is no connection, the buses run once a week. The well-appointed homes people freeze, closed kindergarten because there is no heating. At the hospital, the patients are frozen, the district House of Culture, in which 300 people go to engage children, not heated.

Yes, almost immediately after joining Igor Rudenya region outlined the priorities of work - it utilities, roads, the work of industrial enterprises. The question is whether can deal with these problems a man whom a stretch can be called a crisis manager, and which have repeatedly been accused of lobbying. Can he change for the better life of the region and its inhabitants, prosperity or shed solely on family and relatives of the governor?

The necessary connection

Igor Rudenya started with a simple traffic police sentry. In this position he had grown remarkably fast new connections. His fate changed the most amazing way in 1995, when he became CEO of "Grain Company", and a year later headed concern "Roszerno". According to media reports, a significant role in the fate of Igor Ruden played and the president of the Federal Contract Corporation "Roskhleboproduct" Leonid Cheshinsky (former Minister of bread RSFSR) and the head of the Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Supervision Sergei Dankvert. In addition, rapid career Igor Rudenya obliged and led "Rostec" Sergei Chemezov, who in 1990 was a high-ranking employee of property administration of President.

Average lobbying

Media recall that during Igor Ruden stretches bad word lobbyist. For example, his name is associated with the scandal during the introduction of the Unified State System of circulation of ethyl alcohol (EGAIS). Igor Rudenya was one of its curators. The new system was developed alcohol accounting structures subordinated to the FSB. A glitch in the system of distribution of tax stamps has led to the paralysis of the retail trade in alcohol in summer 2006. As a result, at the time Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Zhukov, declared Igor Ruden reprimand. But the career of Igor Ruden this case is not affected, and it is called, escaped with slight shock.

Later Igor Rudenya at the center of yet another scandal. He was named among the lobbyists who argued for the introduction of phytosanitary control over the import of foreign cars. In summer 2009, Rosselkhoznadzor started to inspect the car, crossing the border of the Russian Federation, in order to identify them malicious bugs, larvae of butterflies - living or dead, which can bring into the country a terrible disease. End senseless detection of harmful insects put the FAS. Why spend money and effort to search the machine if a butterfly and so can fly abroad? The innovation introduced without publicity and without noise terminated after only a few months.

The public, however was confident that such an initiative linked to the struggle against the import of foreign cars supported and directed in such a way to protect the domestic auto industry. Finally, the media reported about another interesting fact. Sister Igor Ruden - Svetlana - successful in the agricultural business. In 2002, she became the owner of 98.994% of shares of JSC "Volokolamsk-Hliboproduct". In addition, Svetlana Rudenya owns one of the largest Russian mills - JSC "Ramenskii Bakery" (2009, now it has 99,5%). The experts were suspicions that the whole business was created with the support of Igor Ruden, even at a time when he was the deputy minister of agriculture. However, this practice is extremely excited the media.

Will the new head of the Tver region established practice such care of his family? The question is, what is called open. However, experts say: the newly appointed governor while you can not worry about getting into the so-called "black list" of the presidential administration. Perhaps he did not have to worry, no matter how things went. It is worth remembering that Andrei Shevelev experts began to predict resigned almost a year after he took office. However, in spite of criticism, worked almost until the expiry, although the area and could not get out of the number of subsidized regions: was 28 billion 18,9 million rubles on January 1, 2016 the state debt of the Tver region.