Blackmailing system of Sergey Sokolov

The former head of the Berezovsky's security service, Sergey Sokolov, has learned to "earn" through Forbes publications. 
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The Russian edition of the influential Forbes magazine once again found itself in the center of the scandal. But if the media before it was accused of incompetence and corruption, but now it's much more serious. Business representatives say that some journalists Forbes - just set the surname of one of them - without exaggeration, formed a gang of extortionists. Methods of its work is quite curious, although not profit the business world, in the light of which the magazine specialized.

As recently it became known to a number of Russian businessmen, faced with the publication of the Forbes negative articles about them and their companies addressed a "reshalschik". For a large sum he proposed "closed issue" with the publication - specifically, one of its editors, Anton Wierzbicki - and rid the businessmen of the publication, to put it mildly, nekomplimentarnyh articles signed by this journalist.

At first glance, there is nothing surprising in this story. Some media almost openly practiced by the so-called "block" when on a fee basis refrain from critical articles about some state or commercial structures. However, in the case of the Forbes business smacks of outright criminality.

The bottom line is that "reshalschik", according to sources familiar with the situation, occurs when the negative has already been published, and actually extorts money, setting the representatives of the "heroes" of publications certain conditions. At the same bright colors in the painting adds that Verzhbitsky materials readily replicate various kompromatnye resources -,, To and so on. It is easy to check by typing in the search box of these sites name editor.

That is possible with a fair degree of certainty say that the attackers conducted systematic efforts to saturate all the negative information field to certain attacks to persuade victims to "cooperate" with the proposed "razrulit problem" specialist.

In general, it is already clear sequence of actions on the "market" negative media is as follows: the organization published in Forbes - its distribution of the controversial site - exit the stage "reshalschika".

It is believed the sources, the author of the scheme and its main inspiration is the notorious Sergei Sokolov, once head of the "Atoll" - security service Berezovsky parapolitical figure. Total wiretapping conversations in the House of receptions "LogoVAZ" thorough gathering dirt on everyone and everything - that was the work front oligarch guards. As he confessed Sokolov, a decade ago, "we have developed virtually all the elite. Boris did not make exceptions for anyone. He was ordered to control even his closest friends - just in case. "

Beau Monde - is an understatement. Under the guidance of experts at Sokolov "Atoll" we listened to as a "competitor" Berezovsky and top officials and their relatives up to the members of the Yeltsin family. And it is not the most terrible secret: the head of the odious ChOPaotkrovenno admitted that the recorded conversations on mobile and paging messages presidential daughter Tatyana Dyachenko and her husband Valentin Yumashev.

Way Sokolov and Berezovsky went before the latter's death. Novysheoznachenny way to gather information is practiced accomplices Sokolova now.

It's simple: recorded statements and references cited objects are distorted the facts of observation, and then serve as a tool of blackmail and knocking vykupaza solid non-proliferation record.

Blackmail by Sokolova - a double-edged weapon. According to available to rumors, a former bodyguard of the late wheeler-dealer after receiving money from extortion victim switches on the customer, shaken out of his payment for silence.

However, as evidenced by insiders, in most cases fails Sokolov. "The big players consider it a poor loser - the market knows about his methods," - says they are.

Also, as the competent sources claim former bodyguard 'lives that helps large corporations "solve problems."

This requires a little clarification: not just "decide", but also to create, if it seems profitable. Here we can recall last year's scandal with the "poisoning" in the IKEA restaurant.

There is evidence that the situation is artificially created himself Sokolov. With the help of dummy citizen phony inquiries about problems with his health and this hysteria in the media about the "mass" events, he was able to obtain from the foreign company paying large sums of money.

Obviously, foreign businessmen still do not fully understand the realities of Russia.

What is not clear illustration of the divorce action technology customers through mass media?

"We are faced with the fact that among journalists came true crime syndicate extortion," - noted in the PR-department of a large company, which has already visited a "delegate" from Verzhbitsky.

However, the editor can "earn" this way before of Forbes, in the same place of work - in the "RBC the Daily" newspaper. At least there he also preferred to write about business bad things. But the "reshalschike" became known only now.

If the new scandal will receive its development, for the magazine it will be bad news. Earlier, a little over a year ago, of Forbes already merges history with the placement of paid and does not accept the person of the material on the big businessman Arcadi Gaydamak. Jeans edition had caught PR Denis Terekhov. According to him, one of the staff of the magazine has agreed to place text for $ 15 thousand. This price has appointed Kirill Vishnepolsky, then held the post of first deputy chief editor of Forbes. In fact, it was a question of taking a bribe.

A more recent scandal connected with businessman Dmitry Jakubowski. He read the Forbes article "Bank on the construction site" and was unpleasantly struck by the abundance of it contains false information about their business.

Having made several unsuccessful attempts to get the answer to the editorial placement material, Jakubowski was forced to publish an open letter to the chief editor of the magazine in another publication - "Kommersant Daily» newspaper.

It seems now Jakubowski and other distinguished businessmen will be much easier to work with intractable magazine. He saw in it a negative about yourself or inaccurate information about their company - sit quietly and wait for the appearance of "reshalschika". He razrulit problem with any writing nasty things Wierzbicki. It is only important issue price.