Boris Mintz and Roman Avdeev will solve their problems at the expense of VTB

Andrey Kostin enters into a dubious deal to merge with pension funds of Boris Mints and Roman Avdeev, whose financial position is close to critical.
The largest transaction was outlined on the market of non-state pension funds. So, there is information that the owners of their funds can unite their largest owners - businessmen Boris Mintz and Roman Avdeev. In addition, the state bank VTB intends to join this merger, as some media reported. If the transaction takes place, the asset of the new fund will exceed 500 billion rubles.

At the bank VTB total assets for the first quarter amounted to 140.2 billion rubles. The four APFs of the "Future" group of Boris Mints have total assets of about 346.7 billion rubles, while the APF "Soglasie" and OPK (beneficiary Roman Avdeev) - total assets of about 74.8 billion rubles. The deal is, of course, a major, if not to say, grandiose. If not a few but. But these concern businessmen Mints and Avdeev.


Mints owns five NPFs: Future, Uralsib, Russian Standard, Education and Telecom-Soyuz. The total number of clients of these funds is over 4 and a half million. And all assets owned by Boris Mintsu NPF are mortgaged at the expense of loans taken from the Moscow Credit Bank. The pledged amount is simply astronomical - more than 100 million euros. As some market participants say, in the near future Boris Mintz will not be able to take back assets. No money.

"With the ICB, an agreement was reached to release a portion of the Futures Futures shares from bail either before the IPO or after, but not later than a few days after its beginning." These agreements are fixed in a letter signed by the bank's predecessor, Vladimir Chubar, The deadline for withdrawal of pledges is the end of October, "assure the press service of the O1 Group, which includes pension funds of Boris Mints.

At the same time, the fund owner tries to make a good face in a bad game. Thus, according to Mintz, the future group plans to pay dividends in the amount of 70% to 95% of net profit, according to Mints, up to 2025, the growth of the operating income of the Future may amount to 34-35.3%, net profit will grow to 15, 6-17.3 billion rubles This forecast is unlikely to be justified - according to the results of 2015 the group received a loss of 6.2 billion rubles, only from where will such prosperity come if we take into account the fact that the partner of Mintz Roman Avdeyev, from whom he is located In hostages, things are also going, to put it mildly, not very well.


Roman Avdeev owns the Moscow Credit Bank. Where, in fact, all the assets of the Boris Mintz funds are pledged as collateral. In this regard, the question arises, and how Mintz is going to return his pledge. After all, the affairs of Roman Avdeev are not any better than their partner's. After all, the ICB itself is stuck in debt. Why are you bogged down? Because, Avdeyev's bank lives exclusively at the expense of its own loans.

And these debts only for this year have increased by more than 200 million rubles! As the financial experts have found, the ICD conducts an extremely risky policy. Only the Central Bank, he has collected loans for more than 100 billion rubles. Not less actively (and aggressively) ICD is bored by legal entities. The annual growth of their deposits almost does not reach 100 billion rubles. How does the bank intend to later compensate for investments, moreover, with the due interest? The answer to this question is simple. By attracting a newer clientele. There is a reasonable question - how long will the client mass attract? The answer to it is simple - when it comes to an end.
So, MKB took and gave credit to the pharmacy chain 36.6. The credit, I must say, was not small - 12 billion rubles. The pharmacy chain did not return debts. In addition, the IBC gave its loan to the bank "Stroygazconsulting".

Also, the Moscow Credit Bank very generously lent the Transavia airline. And soon the airline went bankrupt. But the money in the bank of Roman Avdeev never returned. Where did they go? Maybe in the pockets of the top managers of Transaero and the Moscow Credit Bank? So how does Novel Avdeyev intend to plug gaps in his budget? One can only assume that due to new customers. More precisely, their contributions. That is, in fact, the MKB can be called a vacuum bank. And more precisely, it looks like a financial pyramid.

Here, his clients are best informed about the activities and integrity of the bank:

"I have a credit card of the bank MKB, with a limit of 150 000 rubles. At the moment of 6.05.2017 the balance on the credit card was 113655.90 rubles .On 6.05.2017 about about 17.00 (at this moment I was in the parking lot), to my phone Came sms from the bank MKB, with the code to confirm the purchase through YANDEX MONEY to the amount of 5047 rubles At 17:35 sms it came, I did not enter the code, because I did not buy anything, and at 17:36 a new sms came, about that The purchase for the amount of 5047 rubles has passed, and the balance after the operation is 108,358.90 rubles .After following immediately sms of the same content, only the amount is already 7210 rubles I immediately called the bank and the operator said that I had to go to the bank's office and after 20 minutes, as I was not far away, I was already at the bank. Having described the situation to the employee, she asked for my passport, checked it, and then opened my Account, and the answer I just killed - "There is no money in your account."

I in horror asked to see again, after which came another employee and together they all saw the amount of 108,358.90 rubles. After all my questions, where the money was written off, if I did not acquire anything and I did not enter any codes, the employee answered that this amount "hangs" in unpaid authorization, and that if we now write an application for protest against this operation, this amount will freeze , For 30 days, until the bank understands the situation. So I did. Plus asked to block the card. 7.05.2017, I arrived at the police station, write a statement about fraudulent activities with the card. The police officer asked me to show sms plus I opened my personal account to show that the money is in unpaid authorization, and the money has already been written off. That is 5047 rubles and plus 250 rubles commission for a loan. But the bank employee assured me that within a month, everything will freeze on the map. Why do employees give wrong information and why are the cards so badly protected? And in the law on "NPC" issues of illegal write-offs of funds are completely different. I'm disappointed, the customer of the bank is indignant. 05/07/2017 connected a package of services in the bank branch. After connecting the package, the operator told me that within the package I was supposed to have free sms-informing on all the cards and now I will have free SMS-informing. I did not sign any written applications for the connection of SMS-messages. Come home. I'm watching the statement on the card: -60 rub. (Fee for SMS-informing). I call the bank, where they tell me that they first charged me a paid sms-informing, and then a package of services, so SMS will now be paid for me. What a deception. "

"The Bank impudently deceived me by connecting paid SMS messages when there was a package of services, in what order did you connect, I do not care, I have a document on the connection of the package of services, and the bank does not have an application from me for connecting SMS messages You will also charge me 60 rubles on other cards, so you will also charge me 60 rubles, so return 60 rubles. Further: Why do you force customers to spend time on the departments to connect the package of services? The package of services can not be connected through microbes online, Even with cash Open current account, debit cards, etc. Well, what kind of nonsense is this package in general ?, writes in the recall of the client under the name of DAN. And so on and so forth. "

Why would VTB need it?

Given the very ambiguous reputation of the firms Mints and Avdeev, you can ask only one question. And why does VTB Bank want to enter here? By the way, the state bank! Maybe his leadership should think about it!