Boris Mintz barely took his feet from Russia

In relation to O1 Group businessman was started a pre-investigation check on the statement of the chairman of the board of the bank "FC Opening" Mikhail Zadornov.
The Investigative Committee of Russia conducts a pre-investigation investigation on the statement of the predecessor of the bank "FC Opening" Mikhail Zadornov concerning O1 Group Boris Mints, told the "Vedomosti" person who knows this from law enforcement officers, familiar Mints and Zadornov and confirmed by a law enforcement officer.

The representative of FC Otkritie declined to comment, the Central Bank and O1 did not answer the questions. Son of Boris Mints Dmitry did not respond to the messages.

Probably, we are talking about the episode with the appearance on the balance of "FC Opening" bonds "O1 group finance", SPV-company O1 Group, said one of the interlocutors "Vedomosti". In August 2017, shortly before the reorganization of FC Otkritie, O1 Group Finance placed two bond issues - 25 billion and 40 billion rubles. Due to the received money, loans of O1 structures were repaid, including to "Otkritie Otkrytiye" - approximately 30 billion rubles. "FC Otkryt" filed suit in the Arbitration Court of Moscow with a request to invalidate a number of transactions between it and the structures of O1, as well as early termination of loan agreements and repayment of funds by O1 entities. The materials of the case said that "due to concerted actions" of the defendants, the bank lost more than 30 billion rubles. ensuring: on the balance sheet of the bank, instead of loans with collateral, there were unsecured bonds "О1 group finance".

They defaulted on it - the company could not redeem the 13.9 billion ruble offer on the offer. 3/4 of this issue is at FC Opening, wrote in the report "O1 group finance." The company tried to restructure them, but without success.

 "We are counting on ... in the procedure of lawsuits, bankruptcy of the O1 group of companies - unfortunately, there is still another NPF Future ... <...> - that we will be able to get some of the assets as security for this debt, and of course, not counting on a 100% return, some part of this debt is still returned to the balance of the "Discovery", - Zadornov said in an interview with Business FM on May 24.

In the pre-investigation check, the investigator must establish the circumstances of the case - whether there are signs of a crime, Tertychny Agabalyan's partner Ivan Tertychny explains: if there are signs, then a criminal case is initiated, otherwise a decision is made to refuse to open a criminal case.

There are no Mints families in Russia - Boris and his sons Igor, Dmitri and Alexander left the country and went to London, told to "Vedomosti" two people close to the Central Bank, a federal official and a person who knows about this from a close acquaintance of the shareholder O1 Group. "The situation is tense, it's calmer to leave," one of them explained. A representative of the O1 Group told Interfax on Monday that the company does not comment on the location of the main shareholder: "We do not comment on the information of third parties and unofficial sources. Boris Mintz is the majority shareholder of many companies, including international, which implies active movement. "

 Now the Mints are negotiating the sale of their main asset - O1 Properties. It can go to Riverstretch Trading & Investments (RT & I), the creditor of O1, two of its partners and a person close to its shareholders told. A person close to the creditor O1 Properties and partner of the company claim that Mints's share in O1 Properties will transfer to the new owner for debts - O1 Group owed 25 billion rubles to the Moscow Credit Bank. This debt was transferred to its main shareholder, the concern Rossium, its owner Roman Avdeev said in an interview to Kommersant in March. Rossium also hired RT & I to work on structuring the deal to return the funds, a Rossium representative told Vedomosti.

On the pension funds, Mintz also looked for buyers, but the applicants refused. It is not excluded that the new shareholder will not be able to find pension funds of Mints, a federal official told Vedomosti, and the funds require additional financing.

Zadornov already attracted law enforcement agencies to resolve disputes involving the bank. In April, on charges of embezzlement, the brother of the former owner of Rosgosstrakh, Danil Khachaturov, was arrested. Six months before the rehabilitation, FK Otkritie bought Rosgosstrakh. The application submitted a "new leadership" of the "Discovery", told a law enforcement officer and a person close to one of the parties to the dispute. Danil Khachaturov said that the essence of the claims is incomprehensible to him: all obligations under the deal he and his brother fulfilled, "everything was under the control of the Central Bank."