Borrowed life of Uralvagonzavod

Oleg Siyenko forces the defense giant to bankrupt?
As a source told The Moscow Post, «Uralvagonzavod" applied for state guarantees to the government to refinasirovat debt by 21.3 billion rubles. Support will be given only in the event of termination of the bankruptcy case, which stirred up Alfa Bank. "Uralvagonzavod" (DC) applied to the Ministry of Industry of the state guarantees on 14.9 billion rubles., Told the media department. According to her, state corporations need to refinance 21.3 billion rubles. loans that must be repaid before the end of 2016. General obligations of the company in the last year exceeded 200 billion rubles.

"Our debts serious"?

Russian "Uralvagonzavod", at the facilities which do not only produce cars for the best railways in the world, of course, have no analogues, but also invincible miracle T-90 tanks, and renowned platform "Armata" went around the world to hand pull. The plant plans to ask the state for state guarantees in the amount of 16 billion rubles.
For the year 2014, the company showed a net loss of 5.3 billion rubles, and in 2015 was already in the red tank builders to 16.4 billion.

It seems that the situation with its subsidiaries OJSC "Research and Production Corporation" Uralvagonzavod "Dzerzhinsky" ( "Uralvagonzavod"; UVZ) develops critical. Many daughters UVZ were actually insolvent. As a result, their creditors began to massively go to court. So, for example, the State Savings Bank filed with the Arbitration Court of Omsk region a lawsuit to recover from the "Uralvagonzavod" (DC) and "Omsktransmash" (part of the Uralvagonzavod) 2.3 billion rubles. payable in two loan agreements.

Interestingly, in December 2015, the Arbitration Court of Omsk Region has received a petition for bankruptcy of JSC "Omsktransmash" ( "Omsktransmash"). As it turned out, defense company owed 1.3 million rubles OJSC "Kamensk-plant processing non-ferrous metals" from the Sverdlovsk region.

The "Uralvagonzavod" there is no money for "Omsktransmash"?

As it turned out, to "Omsktransmash" filed more than a hundred complaints about debt collection for delivered products or work performed. FROMUmmah claims range from several hundred thousand to several million. However, the first to bankrupt the company decided it Sverdlovsk metal rolling plant. Maybe soon it will demand and Sberbank. The media said that the corporation "Uralvagonzavod" intends to resolve the dispute with the Savings Bank of the debt is 2.3 billion rubles. in the pretrial order. Earlier UVZ acted surety for a subsidiary loan JSC "Omsktransmash". The first hearing on the case took place on 17 March 2016.
Experts believe that "Uralvagonzavod" may try to defer payment or to restructure. In the business community there is an opinion that "Uralvagonzavod" simply no "extra" 2.3 billion rubles., To pay the debts "Omsktransmash".

"Uraltransmash" Bankruptcy

There are serious problems in other "daughters" Uralvagonzavod. For example, not so long ago, construction company "Avangardstroy" (Ekaterinburg) filed in the Arbitration Court of the Sverdlovsk region a claim for bankruptcy of JSC "Ural Plant of Transport Machinesstructure "(" Uraltransmash "is included in SPC" Uralvagonzavod "). "Avangardstroy" demands to collect from "Uraltransmash" 9.72 million rubles, while the company is rumored to be trite not have money to pay the debt. In the end, it came down to the court. Recall "Uraltransmash" specializes in the production of self-propelled guns and tracked mine layers. The company produces and civilian products, in particular trams. 87% "Uraltransmash" products of military equipment, 13% - civil.

It turns out that now because of the "carelessness" Siyenko not able to "restore order" in the "daughter" of Uralvagonzavod, the Russian army could receive less artillery, and the city may be left without part of the tram fleet.

"Tokem" hit UVZ

It should be noted that in the Urals, many companies began to demand bankruptcy of Uralvagonzavod. So, for example, last year the company "Trading house Tokem" filed a lawsuit to the Arbitration Court of the Sverdlovsk region of the bankruptcy of the state, "Research and Production Corporationand "Uralvagonzavod". " According to media reports, the lawsuit says the duty to Uralvagonzavod "TOKEM" in the amount of 1.8 million rubles. Trading House asked the court to approve a temporary administrator of the debtor Galina Tuzikova of NP "Interregional Center of arbitration managers."

Claims "Alfa-Bank"

Things reached the point that the steel to Uralvagonzavod presented their claims, many large banks (Sberbank - is only one of the creditors "Uralvagonzavod" - Ed.). In particular, in May 2015, the court for bankruptcy Corporation "Uralvagonzavod" has decided to address "Alfa-Bank". The decision of the bank to the delay associated with the loan to subsidiary - Chelyabinsk tractor plant ( "Uraltrac" LLC).

Previously, "Alfa-Bank" has filed suit in the Moscow Arbitration Court to recover from the "Uralvagonzavod" 6 billion rubles and 39.7 million dollars loan. Respondent act "Uraltrac" and "Technopark" Traktorozavod "". And with UVZ due loan of $ 100 million pleaded Amsterdam Trade Bank. In addition, in August 2015, the Company"Trade House Tokem" filed in the Arbitration Court of the Sverdlovsk region to recognize the bankruptcy of OJSC "Research and Production Corporation" Uralvagonzavod ".

Luxury life Oleg Siyenko

Against the background of how the big banks and enterprises require the bankruptcy of Uralvagonzavod and its subsidiaries, General Director of NPK "Uralvagonzavod" Oleg Siyenko spends his life in amusements, spending millions of rubles. For example, the head of the Uralvagonzavod Oleg Siyenko February 13, 2016 in Moscow rolled banquet in the great hall of the "European" shopping center, which about 400 people were prigasheno. The cost of the event was 10 million rubles. Among the guests were seen Marina and Valentin Yudashkin, Alika Smekhova and Igor Krutoy. Among the VIP-visitor this "orgy" were Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, who is responsible for the military-industrial complex (MIC), and Industry Minister Denis Manturov.

Earlier Oleg Siyenko already caught that he twice was on vacation on the French Riviera. In the media there is evidence that, as at least two consecutive years the leadership "; Uralvagonzavod "and state company" VTB-Leasing "organized lavish parties in the most expensive piece of the Cote d'Azur in France (in the" Grand Hotel Cap Ferrat "). At these parties on a par with a member of the Board of "VTB-Leasing" Andrew Konoplev all night ran the CEO of Uralvagonzavod Oleg Siyenko. Top managers of "Ural Carriage Works" on the Cote d'Azur to enjoy not only the singing of CCCatch, but also a striptease by Dita Von Teese, and one dance this beauty costs $ 25,000.

It turns out, as the banks require the "daughters" "Uralvagonzavod" return of billions of debt, in itself UVZ request to declare bankruptcy, the head of the "Uralvagonzavod" Oleg Siyenko continues to "live in a big way." The experts seriously believe that after such an "economic failure" Mr. Siyenko it would be nice to think about his own dismissal.

PR instead of money?

Rather than solve the problem of Uralvagonzavod, its leader is spending millions on a variety of PR-projects. For example, the media wrote that the "Uralvagonzavod" began to create their ownYour own media companies, it will include a radio, a partner who will be the station "Humor the FM", very popular in Nizhny Tagil, and the TV channel "Real Tagil" (broadcast on the same frequency with TNT), the newspaper "Machine engineer" and space for outdoor advertising in the city . Uralvagonzavod plans to acquire their own channel in Yekaterinburg.
"Uralvagonzavod" at Siyenko spends millions on various major events. For example, Uralvagonzavod is the general partner of the first national championship of working professions through high-tech industries WorldSkills Hi-Tech, which was completed in November 2015 at the site of the IEC "Ekaterinburg-Expo" in the capital of the Sverdlovsk region.

Workers brought "to handle"?

While Oleg Siyenko resting on the Cote d'Azur and is engaged in PR, working "Uralvagonzavod" we have already begun to enter the protest rallies. Take, for example, a rally in Nizhny Tagil, where February 12, 2016 the workers were protesting against cuts in JSC "NPK Uralvagonzavod." According to the protesters, he has issued an order on the reduction of the enterprise 2500 chelovk.

"Everywhere we speak of import substitution programs. And it is indeed 60% of the car fleet is worn. At the same time in the "Uralvagonzavod" nothing is produced, and also reduces people "- said the organizer of the rally Ilya Korovin. Unfortunately, rallies for Uralvagonzavod and its "daughters" - not uncommon. Thus, in 2015 more than 250 employees of "Uraltrac" threatened a protest rally against non-payment of salaries.

The situation with the payment of salaries to the "Uralvagonzavod" is simply awful. So, it turned out that "Uralvagonzavod" employees for the third time in time not paid their salaries in November 2015. Earlier, the salary to pay factory workers began late in September after an arms exhibition. In September, the money was transferred to 17 the number of workers in October - the 20th.
A December 25, 2015 it became known that "Uralvagonzavod" is the fifth month pays a subsidiary factory, "New Style" Karpinsk for the supply of overalls. Because of this, 65 employees from September 2015 have not been paid.

No better situation with other non-core assets UVZ. Earlier it was reported,that more than half a media structure "Uralvagonzavod" not fulfilled their financial obligations to the largest pool of Ural media. The debts of the companies responsible for this mediasoprovozhdenie Engineering Corporation, ranged from a few hundred thousand to several million in each case. It seems that Oleg Siyenko put "Uralvagonzavod" on the brink of ruin, and this means that the head of Uralvagonzavod is time to retire.