Bosov's widow was left without Bentley, and without "Alltek"

The Odintsovo court disagreed with the assertion of the widow of the billionaire Bosov that he used the money from the sale of her Bentley to maintain control of the business.
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The Odintsovo City Court of the Moscow Region did not recognize Dmitry Bosov's share in the Alltek group as property jointly acquired in marriage, RBC said after reviewing a copy of the reasoning of the court's decision. The court disagreed with the assertion of the businessman's widow that Bosov was able to retain control over the group by selling her personal car, Bentley.

In the motivational part, according to RBC, the court noted that Bosov contributed 8.7 million rubles to Alltek's capital on November 17, 2017, and Katerina transferred the proceeds from the sale of Bentley to Bosov's account on November 30, that is, they “increase the nominal value share of Bosov D.B. were not used in the authorized capital of the company [Alltek]. "

In 2020, Dmitry Bosov entered the Forbes ranking for the first time as a dollar billionaire. Most of his fortune came from Sibanthracite, Russia's largest metallurgical coal producer controlled by Alltek. Bosova's company also owns the Artplay architecture and design center. On May 6, it became known about the death of Bosov.

After that, Forbes wrote, 43% of the company went to Katerina Bosov, and the remaining 43% became hereditary mass, which was supposed to be distributed among the close relatives of the billionaire, including Katerina and her minor daughter. The billionaire's mother and four of his sons from two previous marriages challenged in court the transfer to the widow of half of the businessman's share in Alltek, claiming that Bosov had started creating a business before his marriage to Katerina.

In response, Katerina Bosov filed a counterclaim with the Odintsovo City Court to increase her stake in Alltek from 43.28% to 77%, insisting that her husband was able to retain control of the group thanks to the sale of her personal car. She demanded to exclude 67.8% of Alltek (6.862 million out of 10.128 million rubles) from the common property of the spouses and transfer it to her. In addition, she indicated that she was entitled to receive 50% of Bosov's contribution to the authorized capital of the company (9.4% out of 18.8%) as a joint property. Thus, the lawsuit notes, she is entitled to 77.2% of Alltek.

In November, the court satisfied the claim of other Bosov's heirs against his widow. Katerina Bosov then announced that she intends to challenge the court's decision.